Desperate For Healing & Provision

Would you please pray for my needs??
My name is Paulette Jackson.

I have declining kidney function that is very scary as well as other health issues with chronic back pain, osteoporosis, autoimmune disorder, migraines, PSVT (heart beat abnormality) and depression.

We are also in much need of a vehicle. I have established a fundraiser campaign though GoFundMe and Spotfund and am praying that God would touch the hearts of people to help us. I am 72 and my husband is 71 and he also has been in poor health and we have a very old car that is in need of very extensive repairs. Also because of my back condition I need a vehicle with good suspension as our current vehicle is very poor and very hard for me to ride in with not any support.

I am very depressed about our situation and health and just desperately praying for the Rapture every day!! I just want to be with the LORD so badly and feel like I can’t hang on any longer. :sob:

I greatly appreciate your prayers. God bless you abundantly :heart:*


Father we pray in The Name of Jesus that you would send relief to these saints both in their bodies and for provision until Your coming. So many of us are on our last breath and hanging on by a string. Please remember those suffering as they wait for The Promise of Your coming.

I know you will answer this prayer because of who You are and because of The Love You have for us. Thank You for Your Grace and Mercy.!. May it be so Lord Jesus…


Thank you so much and May God abundantly bless you!


You may feel you can’t hang on, Paulette, but you will. Till He calls you home. You are going through a bit of Hell on Earth, but God is giving you a reminder of how much Heaven will be a sweet release and abundant joy for the rest of your eternal life. I suffer with you on various issues of health as well. It’s hard to remind myself of what I just wrote you, yet it is true.

Let’s get this prayer started though, shall we?

Ever Loving And Merciful Heavenly Father

Paulette has gone through torment much like others in your flock. She is staying strong through You O Lord and even through her pain, is a beacon of testimony to those around her just by her praying and asking for prayer.

Please pluck from Paulette and her husband, that which torments them via their health. The ailments, afflictions, diseases, illnesses, and infections that riddle their bodies and their life, we beg You to pluck them away from Paulette and her husband. Paulette’s heart is stressed O Lord and we beg of You to mend that heart and guide her to the answers and solutions she needs day to day.

Lord willing, You will provide forth a miracle of help for them regarding transportation. A friend, neighbor, family member, or a service that can help them. Perhaps a miracle of a person deeply interested in fixing vehicles and wants and needs the educational instruction to help this couple improve what they already have. Or You know what? Creator’s choice! I am of no understanding of Your ways O Lord, so no instruction through me!

Please bless Paulette and her husband with comfort and a peace and calm blanketing their hearts and minds as we pray they will hear You say, “just a little while longer. You can hold out till then.”

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Yessss… Amen!! This is s wonderful reminder in my pain of the joy that will be coming in an eternal body with no sin, sickness, sorrow, pain in a perfect sinless environment! This is something i will save and read often to remind myself that the “best is yet to come!”

And thank you so much for that wonderful prayer that touched my heart and hopefully touched the heart of God! :heart:

May God abundantly bless you.
Love in Christ ~ Paulette


Paulette, while I don’t know where you reside, I was guided to an amazing story of a South Carolina man who I believe God gave a wonderful gift to the world with. I’ll post the story I found tonight via Instagram with a headline image.

" A #SouthCarolina mechanic who fixes old vehicles and gives them to people in need of a ride recently made it into the news.

However, the response to the CBS News story was overwhelming and citizens have since offered to donate approximately 800 cars to his mission, the outlet reported Thursday.

“My phone started exploding from all over the place,” mechanic Eliot Middleton said. “Whatever glowing feeling is inside me, it just transferred from that TV screen and went inside them,” he added and described the massive response as “soul-soothing.”

In a social media post on Thursday, CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell thanked viewers for their generosity and said “nearly 800 used cars are on their way to Eliot Middleton’s lot, where he fixes and then donates them to people in need”

CBS initially reported that Middleton’s yard is full of used cars he works on to help the residents of South Carolina’s low country.

“There’s no public transportation,” Middleton told the outlet in June. “There’s no Ubers, there’s no taxis or nothing like that.”

Some of the recipients are single mothers, job seekers, and elderly people with doctor’s appointments. During Christmas, he gifted a 2004 Suzuki to a single mom named Jessica Litchfield, who said his work was a “lifesaver.”

“Some folks don’t believe it,” Middleton explained. “It’s like, ‘No, that’s not my car.’”

On the Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation page, the mechanic shared a photo of himself Thursday with a friend and cars on a trailer.

When asked if it made him feel good to help other people, Middleton replied, “It’s beyond anything in this world.”

His sister has been helping organize the massive response to his generous actions, which also included over $100,000 in cash donations.

Middleton said “never in this lifetime” could he have imagined such a huge response to his work.

As of Friday afternoon, a GoFundMe page created to help continue his mission has raised $127,351 of its $150,000 goal."

I find it interesting how the Lord works. Like I said, I don’t know where you live, but if this works somehow in someway for you, then Praise God!


Praying for you Paulette… :heart: :pray:

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