Desperate....its all too much for me

I just posted about the power of God, but today I am desperate…I have so many difficulties in my life, I am a single mom, feeling overwhelmed by all the things I have to do and have to manage. Sometimes I feel this is absolutely too much.

I am compulsive, I have anxieties permanently to do something wrong, to forget important things…

I suffer…:sweat:

Its all too much for one person alone…dont want to be alone anymore…

Please a short prayer

I need Jesus.

And someone who listens…



I will be praying for you. Just cry out to God and give everything in your life to him. When you start thinking about everything, don’t let it spin out of control, I certainly know it’s very easy for my thoughts to spin but it is so crucial to nip it before it gets to that point. God will give you comfort and provide, just trust in him fully. I have been certainly struggling with this myself this week, but I do feel a relief. Satan can definitely get to me at times, but I have to rebuke him in God’s name even if it’s every minute.


Thank you very much. Yes, I have to say “stop” to my anxious thoughts. Just “Stop”, not allow them (or Satan!) to freak me out permanently…

Germany has decided to mandate vaccine for certain jobs…I am not be affected for now, but it could happen soon…

This is getting very serious, I am waiting for Jesus, this isnt normal anymore…this pressure is something of the devil, this vaccine…

This is a time full of distress…its time for Jesus to intervene…


I have done the single mom thing I understand the pressures. And the anxiety. And the deep heartache and distress.

The Lord did see me through those days although I am now past those days I have a new set of anxieties pressures and stresses.

We are all very stressed right now. Praying for you from the United States.


I prayed for you as well, just now…


I will pray for you Ann and @December_Mist

We are Christians, we are there to suffer :pensive:
It’s better to suffer now (a short time) than for eternity! Think at those who are in the same situation and don’t have Jesus in their heart.

Jesus is at the door, he’s never far away. Be courageous! We are in the storm. I hope that will come with a solution in Germany or slow down their plan.

Try to stop your anxiety, God knows our problems. Maybe buy some post-it or Install a Todo list app on your phone, this helps for important things to do.


Ann, I am praying for your peace, sister. I’ve been going through two of the worst years of my life, and I will tell you what usually calms me down. I pray it will work for you. Before I start my day—and anytime I have a few minutes, I pray a small prayer and ask God what He wants to say to me. I then open the Bible and read whatever scripture my eye moves to. So many times, I read some odd story that I think has nothing to do with my situation, but if I ask the Lord, “What are you trying to tell me?” He usually does.

Sometimes, it’s very obvious what He wants me to see. So many of the scriptures these last few months for me have been about suffering and burdens and how the Lord will carry them for me if I only ask. I know He will carry your burdens, Ann.

Many of the scriptures lately for me have been about peace that I will find in Him.

In Me you may have Peace. John 16:33

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3

I was so stressed and full of anxiety, and running faster and getting less done until I let God have my burdens and asked Him to carry me. In the midst of my trouble, I cried out for peace. He provided that, too. I can hardly believe the calm that I have felt in some recent stressful times.

I pray this for you.

In Jesus’ mighty Name,



Praying for you Ann

You have Him and He has You - always.

22 And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: 23 I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.

John 17:22-23


For you dear sister and child of God:


I am praying for you and sending you hugs, I am sorry for all you are going through.


I know, I feel the same-it is getting worse lately. Hang in there, you do NOT want to miss the rapture-it is very, very soon-just hang on and pray, pray,pray!


Hey there Ann,
Sorry this is so long. I’m wrapping my arms around you with words. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

First Ann, know that you are not alone — even though you feel like you are. Our Father is holding you and your family in His mighty arms. Even when you feel like you’ve been dropped. That’s just the enemy messing with your perception.
You said you need someone who listens… Pour your heart out to your Father. Write Him a letter. Write to me and your other siblings here in this thread. We might all be far from you in miles, but we are together in the Spirit.
We will listen. We’ll pass on things that have worked for us. We’ll pray with you and for you.
So I’ll tell you some things I’ve learned to do to (in addition to talking with God) that helps me calm down when my anxiety rares its ugly head. I take a benadryl. In the US it’s sold over-the-counter (not a prescription). A person can take one pill for every 25 pounds of weight. If you’ve never taken one before, take only one and make sure you don’t have to do anything involving machinery (like driving or even cooking). I weigh about 170 pounds and taking three will give me a good night’s sleep. I usually take one and wait to see if another is needed after 20 minutes or so.
On advice from our vet, I used to give two to our 50 pound dog that was terrified of thunder storms. Even with two pills she was still nervous sometimes. Benadryl is usually used for allergy relief and it will stop itching, but it does so by calming. If you are able to get some, you might get an incredible amount of anxiety relief.
And if you are more calm, your memory will work better. But I do agree that making yourself notes is awesome. I use the timer on my stove to help me stay on task sometimes. Calm is good for your whole body and your family! Being more calm might even help you control your compulsiveness. Did you know that one reason for being compulsive is feeling like you have a lack of control? So I’m sure it’s a battle for you during this challenging time!
Do you have access to vitamins? Most of us are Vitamin D deficient. Dr Ryan Cole describes Vit D as more of a hormone (i think) than a vitamin. He says that it is necessary for all of our body systems to properly function. Your body makes Vit D from sunshine. But Cole says there are only certain times of the year and then only a few hours each day when that happens. He suspects that one of the reasons northern inner city people had more trouble with Covid was due to a Vit D deficiency.
It’s been a long time since I watched his videos but one of them has all this info. I’m giving you the two links I saved. Well only giving one as YT has removed the second. This link title looks like it has info though.

Ann, remember you are NOT alone. You WILL get through this. I hope some/any of this helps. Tell us about your family!
I want to close with a prayer. Shalom.
Father, God: thank You for this dear child of Yours. I’m so glad she has reached out. Please help the members of this forum pour out Your love, so much so that she has extra to share with those she loves. Thank You for Your Son, for His obedience, His sacrifice, His love for Ann to the point of death, and His promise that He will never leave her or forsake her. I thank You for Your Spirit who comforts her and gives her peace. Please keep Ann and her family safe in Your mighty arms. Help her to see Your Light at the end of every tunnel. Thank You for giving Ann strength to endure and overcome her loneliness and other challenges. Help her to find joy in the children/child You have given her. Bring them closer to You as the minutes, hours and days pass. I praise You for Your great love and tender mercy shown them. Father, You know Ann’s every need; please provide her with all those good things that will satisfy her soul. Bless her body, her mind, her soul. Bless Ann’s family, her home and her finances. Help her to lean into You and find comfort in the shelter of Your love. I ask and thank You in the name of Your Son, our Kinsman-Redeemer. Amen.


I will be bless to pray with you, please tell our Lord all that is going on. He is with you ,life can get crazy . And in these last days it has been hard to just believe at times , but we knew the end of days would get hard. Hain and trust God, He is with you, praying now for you Amen.


Hang in there trust Him.


You are not alone. Many of us out there are struggling as well. What I have found that helps me is keeping a journal. I have done this for years. If I am feeling depressed or anxious I will get my Bible and sit down…read, pray…our my heart into those pages. For some reason it helps me to write it all down. Sometimes I just write verses…ones that help me. Sometime prayers.
I have discovered also that taking walks helps. Just getting out of the house in the sunshine with my dog. I listen to music…audio book, or nothing at all. I pray, or just be quite .
This is such a stressful time. I am sorry you are going though this as a single parnet. I know its tough. But God is right there with you.


Dear Ann. I am praying for you. Pour all your anxieties out to the the Lord for He cares for you (1 Pet. 5:7)


I am sorry you are feeling this way. I don’t want you to feel alone. It is an awful feeling. A few decades since I was a single mom but I still remember being lonely and longing for adult conversation. I don’t know the ages of your children or if you have a social network of any sort. There are great people here who really care. If I didn’t have my mom and my brother living with me, I would be by myself a lot. These are difficult times that have totally changed how we socialize. As my family have not taken the jab, we are pretty isolated in our small town, where it appears the rate is like 90% who have. When things get to be too much for me, I call on Jesus and tell him how I am feeling. I tell him that I feel broken, helpless if that is how I am feeling. I tell him I want to be his child, as I was when I was a Iittle girl. I ask him to hold onto my hand. I recite the 91st Psalm and see myself in the secret place of the most high. I sing to Jesus like I did all those years ago. Jesus wants us to enjoy a strong close relationship with Him and the Father and I am aware of the Holy Spirit in my heart. There are some other wonderful Christian pastors and teachers online who like JD encourage and teach us God’s word. I have learned much from the late Chuck Missler who, in my opinion, was impossible to not like, as well as an excellent teacher who loved the Lord. I will end with a prayer for you with love and hugs.

Heavenly Father, I know you know this dear young mom and her children and you love them more than they can know. I pray that you will make your presence known to her and help her to find her way through these troubled times. Please bring Godly people into her life to give her support and encouragement. We all long to see you face to face Lord. This world is not our home and we don’t feel welcome here. Please help us to live our lives as you would have us live them until the day we are all together with you. We love you and thank you for our blessings. In your Holy name. Jesus. MARANATHA, Amen.


@Ann1 shalom sweet sister

in the Spring of 2020, i started to partake in communion almost everyday to help with getting rid of all my fears, anxieties and worries… there’s healing power in partaking in communion. i would watch many of Pastor JD’s videos that had communion. First, i would ask God to bless and sanctify the bread and grape juice, then i would spend time in prayer by releasing everything i wanted out of me and i placed them in Jesus’s hands spiritually, i would confess all my sins knowingly and unknowingly that i did wrong. I would talk to Jesus like i was in therapy in the room and just imagine Him sitting across from me as my counselor and just talk to him about everything that’s running thru my mind, to get it all out. When i was finally at peace, i would watch one of Pastor JD’s videos with the communion in it… usually you slide it all the way to the end just 10 or 15 minutes before the end is when he begins the communion… i would just listen and follow along to partake communion. I still take communion every week and sometimes a few times a week. I have the peace of Christ like never before when i do this. I hope this blesses you.

Blessings and Maranatha


@Ann1 I have had those worries in my life as well. I worked for two cinemas in my life and both I continually worried about had I locked the doors at night, had I threaded the projectors right and sometimes I screwed up. Even with all I did to maintain calm and with all I did on very little sleep, I worried for nothing (mainly because I got fired eventually from both but that’s beside the point). There was one night I worked at my [family’s] photography studio and I fell asleep and left the door unlocked. I heard the door at about 2 am open and then shut and heard a whistle. I came out of the shooting room and stood in front of the door silently, looking at the guy waiting for a friend to come and enter. At least I was able to fix that mistake.

Y’know, we go through life like that and we begin to lose sight of the beauty of it and certainly the relaxation that is lost in the worry. The big things and little things. We are doing it on our own steam a lot of times and you know what? It’s silly in retrospect. You have a number of obligations I do not and in those hats you have to wear, I can see why you feel the way you do. There’s no amount of prep that feels sufficient to even remotely allow you a “Calgon moment”. But what was it that the Lord said?

Matthew 6:34
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

You know that by heart I’m sure. It’s easy to say and hard to do when you’re alone and doing the work of two (or more). Lest not forget the need for someone to talk to. Not always talk with, but talk to. You may find that last part hard, especially on this forum as many of us who sit and read, then always have something to say lol. There are those who just sit quiet and read and “like” a post so you know they “hear” ya. Not the same as audibly talking though.
While I do have my mom and reluctantly, my sister who actually do talk, I have my pets who ignore me, I have myself who preaches to the choir, but as you know, we have the Lord. But you’re talking a physical person who will show they are listening. I think anyway. Keep your head up, sister-in-Christ. You’re gonna get through this with flying colors.

Longsuffering and Always Loving Heavenly Father

We place at Your throne a trouble that overwhelms Ann which has taken over her entire life. We ask that while You mend her broken heart, that also she be blessed with a heavenly calm and peace in her heart and mind as she is also blessed with a galvanizing protection for those not of You. We ask in her place, You would kindly provide an ear to hear her and a heart who listens with that ear. Please calm her soul and place a sense of anxiety that dwells in her to leave her and go back to where it came, in Jesus’ name.

Please deliver her from the affliction of being “compulsive” as she is and fill her heart with an overabundance of joy and deliver her to the answers and solutions to snare anxiety out of her life when it begins popping up. She’s a single mom, as You know and in that derives her need for doing many things at the same time. Please aide her with assistance so she doesn’t have to “do it all herself”.

Please bring forth an angel within her midst to aide her in times of necessity and offer her an ear in times of needing to share. Help her and guide her; deliver her to overcome the anxieties, the worries, the compulsiveness, and the loneliness through her struggles and show her an extended moment of peace around her, please?

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Dear Jon, I feel I am not able to thank you in an appropriate manner. I have to buy some food now, but when I go to bed, I will write more and will use a programm to translate because its sometimes difficult for me to express things properly…