Discouraged and need prayer

I’ve posted a couple of times of my situation. I’m an RN on disability for spinal and hip problems, waiting on surgery. I’ve gone through my savings and retirement and only have a small amount of disability to live off of. I’m homeless as I can’t find affordable housing and my Cobra insurance runs out this month. I’m battling depression as well. Please pray for Gods grace to carry me and that I would continue the race. Thank you.


You are in my prayers


I’m praying for you too.


Praying for fresh encouragement and peace mind from the Lord, and also for your every need, Kristin. He shall supply, just as He promises. :pray:


Still praying that God makes a way for you and your daughter, Kristin. I’m so sorry that you are battling so hard. Praying for healing for you as well. Lord Jesus, please intervene in a miraculous way for my sister.


It is so hard to know what to say to you. You are in such a difficult place, yet I hear your faith in the Lord-right where is should be. I am praying that the Lord will provide for your every need and show you soon the path that He has for you.

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,“ (Isaiah 30:21 NKJV)

Abba, please🙏


Amen and amen. Father God, You are the God of the impossible. You know our first beginning from our end and everything in between. I am reminded of this; I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their seed begging for bread.
I am sorry you are in such a hard situation. Praying your surgery date will happen soon. God will take care of you. Would your children really let you be homeless? Sad, if that is true.

Praying He will open doors for you; even if it is temporarily at a shelter. He has plans for you. I know you are scared. I would be too; especially if you live in a cold area and winter is coming on. Please Lord, take care of your child, Anchored.


krw, it is a tough situation to find yourself in and I am so sorry. Oh, I pray God will soon rapture the church and you will not have to go through any more hardships.

Father God, I pray for krw. You know her needs better than we do and I pray Father, you will show her where to go and what to do. Grant her Your grace and strength to get through such trying times. Show her where to go. show her what to do. I don’t know what to ask You for her, but the holy Spirit knows what needs be said and is ever interceding on our behalf. Prayers never return void and I pray You help her soon. In the victorious Name of Jesus, I ask. Amen


Hi krw, I pray for your healing and the Lord to give you the strength to endure these difficult times. I pray for you to have peace of mind of the Lords love and grace. In Jesus name , Amen.


@krw ,
I too am an RN, recently fired for not taking the fake vaccine.
I too am feeling desperate.
You said you are homeless,
Where are you.?
What do you need?
Please message me.


Same here. Let me know if I can help.


Father God, I hold Kristin up before you. This daughter of yours, Lord, sees her resources dwindling while she deals with pain and the possibility of being homeless. Provide for her needs, Jesus. Bring those into her life that can help her financially and provide a roof over her head. Help Kristin in her daily struggle with pain and open doors for the surgery she requires. Comfort her and guide her as she navigates the challenges ahead. Bring peace to her soul as You work the miracles needed in her life. Bless her mightily.


Thank you just really need prayer and to hear Gods direction. I know he is able.


Am praying for you, but also happy to help financially.


Thank you so much for your prayer and generous offer financially. God is providing for me daily and at this time I have shelter and what I need. It was truly a blessing to have you offer. May God bless your generous heart :heart:


Where do you live??? Are you in a church that is able to help you? Father God! The One True and Living God!!! We come to You! We seek You for our sister!!! Through the Blood of Your Risen Son, we ask for Your provisions and healing for her! You are Lord of all and have promised to never leave us!!! So right now, we ask You Lord because You are our Father and You thaught us to pray and ask for all our needs!!! Three or more are gathered in the place Lord. We thank You that You hear us! We thank You that You love us! We thank You that Your lovingkindesses are new every morning and Your mercy never fails!!! This situation is nothing for You, as You own the hills and the cattle on them!!! We ask for You to direct and guide our sister to trust You more!!! Oh Father, You are so, so good!!! You Alone can satisfy and we long to see You! You are our Bread of Life, the Living Water and only Way!!! We look to the heavens as we know You will send Your Son soon and in Your perfect timing!!! Thank You, Bless You!!! Praise You, my Father in the Name of Yeshua, my Jesus and Lord!!! Amen!!! :heart:


Thank you so much for that lovely prayer. I currently have shelter and God is supplying my needs. I’m so thankful for brothers and sisters praying for me. God is so good!


You look sweet - wish I could just adopt you!


Nurses helping nurses!!! I have also been suspended from my job without pay and have a huge disadvantage with a hearing deficit. But God… He is sooooooooo good, sooooooo hood to me!!! To Him be the glory forever!!!


Thank you sweet sister, glad we are family in Christ! :heart: