Do You Speak Persian/Farsi? Can I get a hand with an ABC Translation

Hi Online Church!

I’m looking for anyone who can read/speak Persian/Farsi to read over the ABCs below.
I would like to know if it’s legible and makes sense (because I don’t speak it and I don’t trust translation programs for accurate interpretations)

I’m not sure if all of those squiggles above the text are necessary or not?
Also is the “C” correct? Google Translate says that’s the letter “T” instead of C.



Hi Chris, this isn’t Persian at all - sorry :grimacing::sweat_smile:.
Can you send me the original document and then give me some time please? I’ll try to provide a translation. Greetings and blessings to you.


Yay Tina!


Oh nooo, it must be Arabic!

Amazing, that would be so good, thanks Tina!

The original text is:

Currently the title is different: “Salvation as simple as A-B-C” what would that be translated to?

Thank you!!


You’re most welcome dear Chris. :blush: I don’t speak Arabic so I can’t tell. Could be… In certain parts there is a problem with the letters: They aren’t connected to each other as they should be. Regarding the accents: Both in Persian and Arabic (as far as I know) they usually aren’t written.

Btw ABC in Persian is aleph - be - pe.

I’ll get back to you soon. Thank you for the original.


Dear Chris
Here is the translation. I just couldn’t find a way to base it on the ABC - it doesn’t work in Persian. So I simply chose 1-2-3. Hence the title reads : Salvation simple as 1-2-3.

Here is the text. Can you paste it into the background?

نجات آسان مثله ۱-۲-۳

۱. اعتراف کنید که شما یک گناهکار هستید
“زیرا همه گناه کرده‌اند و از جلال خدا کوتاه می‌آیند.”
رومیان ۲۳:۳

۲. باور کنید عیسی خداوند است
“عیسی به او گفت: «من راه و راستی و حیات هستم؛ هیچ‌کس جز به واسطۀ من، نزد پدر نمی‌آید.” یوحنا ۶:۱۴

۳. نام او را بخوانید
“زیرا هر که نام خداوند را بخواند، نجات خواهد یافت.”
رومیان ۱۳:۱۰


Oh wait there is a problem with the layout, the direction of the text. Let me see if I can solve it…


It should read from right to left:

Unfortunately the system here changes the direction back to left to right…


The four parts:

And then
A - B - C (۱ - ۲ - ۳)


Hmmm, I tried but I can’t seem to get the letters to link together like yours (even after changing the photoshop text engine), here is the best I can get:

Is it readable or do they need to link?
Is there a font you recommend I use?


Hi there :relaxed:
Thank you but no, they have to link.
Could you send me the background please? I’m going to ask some people I know in Iran if they can help us.


Thanks so much Tina for all your assistance! :heart:
You don’t have to worry if it’s too much trouble.

Here is the background without any text:

God Bless!


Not at all, Chris. :relaxed:
Great, thank you very much! It’ll work.
In fact, I had thought about translating the ABC into Persian before but never did it. So, I’m grateful to you, you had an excellent idea. :hugs: May this lead people to Christ. :pray:

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It’s already being done. :relaxed::hugs:

While waiting, here is a Persian worship song. I hope you’ll enjoy it.


Here we are :smiley:
Blessings to you


Ooh I love it! I’ll have to watch the others on their channel as well.

This is a great Messianic Jewish song in the same kind of style if you’re ever waiting for something:

Thank you for the ABCs! And taking the time to translate and even edit them!

May God richly bless you!


Hey Chris, dear brother. How are you doing? I just discovered your website. I love it. :heart::clap:

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Hiya @Tina
We’re surviving here in Australia. Not looking forward to Nov 17th (or maybe Dec 17th) when the unvaxxed are banned from nearly everything except food shopping.

But I’m doing what I can to spread the gospel!

Thank you, I’m glad you love it, it’s all for the glory of God. I work on it when I can and try to keep it all up to date.

Have you seen my rapture guide TRSG? There’s a heading for it and you might find it interesting to read :slight_smile:

What’s happening in your part of the world? How are you?

God Bless,

(Reply as a private message if you want)


Hi hi dear Chris

I know that the tyranny is particularly inhuman in Australia and I’m so sad for you all. :pensive::cry: I’m in Switzerland, the situation is not as horrible as in your country but it’s very bad also. This is our situation since September 13:

The worst thing is the Swiss mentality. Governmentally spoken life is even harder in Italy and France for example but there the people themselves seem to be much more relaxed in regards to each other. Swiss people who’ve travelled to Italy or France have told me that. Here, many people have become private police agents and certificate are checked meticulously. Swiss people are very submissive to their government - they just can’t imagine that those seven at the head of the state could not have their best in mind. And know try to fathom out this: On November 28 the Swiss get a second chance to accept a people’s initiative (referendum) against the government’s Covid-law. The first time they rejected this initiative by 60.2% and because they are how they are I fear that they will reject it again. I mean, probably they are the only people in this world to get such a chance and they don’t seize it. :woman_facepalming:t2:

God bless you, you’re His courageous soldier! Thank you for your commitment. You’re doing a great job.

Yes, I have. I’m still discovering it and the rest of your wonderful work. Wow, it’s really very impressive. I also appreciate a lot your blog. You’re a very professional and talented person. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :relaxed:

May the Lord bless and protect you. :hugs:



It’s bad but mostly in Victoria and New South Wales. Outside of the big cities (which are pumped up with fear) it’s probably similar to the U.S. - people just don’t follow mask mandates in the small towns.

Oh that picture looks exactly like something they would put out here… Another sign that it’s all connected.

Ugh, I would be doing the same emoji. Fear is a perfect motivator for all of this, even though there’s nothing to worry about people would rather let their freedoms go and let someone else deal with the problems.

I feel that they will specifically target Christians very soon due to the massive amount of tracts, advertising and mailbox drops going on around the world - especially on the ramp up to Christmas. I know the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) in Australia are doing a “gospel of Luke in every letterbox” campaign which is underway now.

Aww thanks! I’ll have to remember to keep updating my blog in my free time, it’s been on my list as well as updating my documents.

Stay safe out there and God Bless you too!