Do You Speak Persian/Farsi? Can I get a hand with an ABC Translation

Great to hear/read from you Chris / @fluidicice - ACL rings a bell - Martyn Isles?

@Tina - I’m saddened (but not necessarily surprised) by that initial Swiss vote and reluctantly share your pessimism for the second as the world globally warms up for 2 Thess 2:9-12.

As for the propaganda piece you posted…

Maybe not exhaustive but certainly exhausting.

In Christ


Hello Jason from Acts!

Martyn Iles, yep that’s him. It’s great that you’ve heard of him outside of his own country! He’s certainly spectacular with his words although I’m disappointed he falls on the side of “make your own decision” on the Vax without him presenting the data on both sides. (particularly the side effects and deaths that have occurred from it)


Hey Tina,
For this image, are you able to make the text bigger and stretch it closer to the left edge and export it in higher quality?

Only if you have a free moment :slight_smile:



Dear Chris, I apologize for the delay. I hope that I’ll be able to send you the adjusted version soon. Thank you for your patience. Warmest greetings :wave:

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