Does anyone know how to make an app that will work with the rapture?

I am constantly trying to think of ways to “leave behind” information for those I love who will be left behind in the Rapture. Of course, I am doing all I can while I am here on earth right now to spread the Word, but I hang with some stubborn folk who either don’t want to listen to me, think I’m off my rocker, or have heard what I have to say and put it away in their brains for a later time. So this brings me to an idea that I have about leaving behind a “message” that can be sent upon my disappearance. I thought it would be awesome if someone with technical ability to develop an app that would automatically send a message to my text/email list of contacts upon the event of the Rapture. It could sort of act like a last will and testimony. I thought maybe it could be triggered by a mechanism whereby I have to log into the app or put in a password once a day/week/month, etc., and if I don’t do so, it automatically sends a prepared message to my contact list. How awesome would that be? The world will be upsidedown after the Rapture and all of a sudden my friends, co-workers, family receive a message from me about where I am, what it all means, warnings of the lies that will be spun, and what they need to do to save their souls! Do you know, or know of anyone who would know how to develop such an app?? They seem to have apps for everything, why not this??


Yes for sure, but my hope is that in the 24 hours following the rapture, I hope that he hasn’t gotten control just yet. I would hope that there could at least be a day before he gets control, but maybe that won’t happen. I guess we just have to try.

Hmmmmmmm, interesting! How would I schedule something though if I don’t know when I will be raptured. I need this to go out once I’m raptured so it will have the proper impact.

Very amazing!!

I have information stored on my work computer, home computer, in my desk drawer, in my office mailbox, in my glove compartment, and in our house. I keep trying to think of new/different ways I can leave information behind.

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@Talkinhen72 I’ve been doing this (set emails to auto send in G-mail) and have been resetting the timer every Friday at noon, with a send time of the following day at noon. While my method will possibly be a week before the emails go out, it would be easy to change the frequency for how often you update it.

To set it up, just write your email as you normally would. If you’d like you can plagiarize what I’ve written or modify it to your own need. I have a word document of what I’ve written here and the files I have attached to the email, along with a ton of other letters I downloaded from I’ve also included a link to in the email for a database I created with a ton of good info for the Tribulation Saints Questions Answered Database – Google Disk.

Instead of clicking the blue send button, look to the right of that same button; there is a little white arrow. Click it and you will see “Schedule Send”.


After clicking that it will give you an option of days, or you can click “Pick Date & Time” for a custom one.

If you have any questions I’m more than happy to assist. =)


I’m thinking that by the time you know you’re in the process of going, it’s too late to hit a “send” button. Twinkling of an eye is kinda sudden.

I had hoped that if our (adult) kids (with kids of their own) have not believed by the time we’re raptured out of here, that they might end up finding our home and the things in it, along with notes and letters we leave here for them, as well as our Bibles and our encouraging them to read them. They’ll learn that our “crazy ideas” weren’t so crazy after all, maybe there really was something to that “God thing” we kept talking about that they wrote off like Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy stories.

In our case, we feel like it’s in God’s hands. We try to live our lives as an example. We do not hide our beliefs and share our faith as we’re able. But we can’t believe for them, they have to do that for themselves. And we’ve wondered whether it will take us being gone for them to finally wake up.


Hi all!

If you were going to create something like this it would have to be by 100% born again Christian dev team with a big red (digital) button that delays the release of all the emails and messages people have sent via an app.

A timer would count down from 24 hours every day and will be reset back to 24 hours when someone from the development team his the button (at any time they want). As long as there’s 5+ people keeping an eye on the timer they will ensure it will never hit 0 while they are here.

This method would ensure that the emails are released within 24 hours of the rapture.

On the user end, individuals can write messages to anyone they know as long as they specify an email address. There will be a list of messages ready to be sent when the timer hits 0, but in the meantime they can edit the message as much as they want.

That’s how I would do it from a programming and design perspective.



I decided to write down, (not just for my family but anyone who might find them) my prayers, thoughts and feelings as we moved through the process of birthing pains, realising that bibles might be confiscated, banned and probably burned. I’ve written down the Gospel and many passages that might be helpful, as I’ve learned more I’ve added more. I’ve added prophecy about tribulation, printed out what they mean, and maps of the countries that will involved, including biblical and modern names of countries, noting why certain things will happen, or what else to expect, its built up over the months. I’ve written how desperately I tried to make them see, and how I hope they can forgive me if they think I didn’t try hard enough. I feel I did, I hope I have. Again and again I have explained the mark and the consequences of taking it. I’ve stocked up food and barrels of water, I’ve made a home made stove that burns high off only twigs, survival tips, how to get water from trees… there are packets and packets of seeds including fast growing micro greens…I’ve stocked up on medications grown herbs that will help, even stevia plants so they can taste something sweet, when the world is filled with bitterness. I printed out Rapture letters with the ABCs attached … I dont know what else I can do, except pray x


I also wondered about a contact database for people on here willing to offer safe house to others needing to get away… it would calm a lot of minds knowing there was a spare bed, couch, or floor where they could escape to if things get really bad before the rapture…


Yep, exactly my thoughts. We should do everything we can while we ARE here, and leave behind resources for those who aren’t deceived by the delusion sent by God - our loved ones who didn’t listen in the moment but now realise we spoke the truth.

I’ve spent a lot of time developing notes, content, emails and web pages which I hope will bring many to Christ after the rapture. I pray that my social media posts have also had an impact on those I know and they’ll come back to read them afterwards.

On Google, when you haven’t logged in for a while you can set privileges and send a message to someone telling them that now have control of certain features of your Google account. This feature is called ‘Inactive Account Manager’. I’ve set mine (some trivial privileges) to go to a non believing friend in the hopes that he will read the message and look more into the rapture.

The problem is that any activity on your account will reset the timer, and if there’s one thing that will probably happen after the rapture it’s that people will loot most empty houses. This may give them access to your computer, resetting the timer. Not to mention that it’s not hard to hack into a phone these days, especially if you have a pin number.

Because of this I’m doing everything I can to bring him to the Lord now rather than relying on something that might not happen. I’ve actually sent him a printed copy of my rapture guide which he says is stored away.



YOU ARE AWESOME!! Thank you so much for your reply! I’ve been away from my computer for a few days so it took me awhile to catch up!

On a personal server :slight_smile:

The server of pastor JD should be able to do it…

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