Domestic Abuse and nowhere to go, I just want prayer for strength

Please pray. I live in a domestic abuse situation.

That is all I care to write about.

Please don’t tell me to leave as there is no where to go with Covid 19. I hope you understand. More than anything I just want strength and peace to get through these hard times.



My prayers are with you Cynthia, that God keep you safe, give you supernatural
peace, and make a way for yoiu to permanently escape a situation of domestic abuse…


I am so sorry you are going through that hell.

I grew up with an alcoholic father who used to beat my mother and I when he came home drunk.

The HAPPIEST day of my life was when at 11 years old they divorced.

It didn’t stop him from breaking in on a regular basis and stealing everything we had though.

It took my older brother going to his house after coming home from Vietnam and putting a knife to his throat and telling him he was dead if he ever messed with us again.

When I worked with law enforcement ( not a police officer) I would often have to be at the jail for 1st Appearance, when the charges would go before the judge.

It was heartbreaking that so many women thought they had no other choice but to stay and be abused.

There are services out there that specifically help battered women escape the abuse.

I am praying for you!


Praying for you, Cynthia.:heartpulse:


:pray: for you Cynthia … I echo what Saved-by-Grace said above:

There are services out there that specifically help battered women escape the abuse.

Do you have the ability to access said services?

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Beautiful one brother Ed :slight_smile: Amen.


Dear Lord we hold up to you this dear woman, Cynthia. We ask first Lord for you to calm her heart. For you to bring her peace and protection. That you would also grant her wisdom in her situation. We ask that you might provide contacts or friends or however you see fit Lord to bring into her life moments of healing and help. We pray for the abuser that He might come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ and be transformed in his heart. That you might open his eyes as to what he is doing that is wrong and hurtful. The heart so easily blinds us Lord. Please remove the scales from his eyes that He might see and live. And as Brother Ed has so kindly shared from his own experiences, bring to Cynthia ways in which she might move her situation deeper into your hands of care toward her, and perhaps consider other ways you may bring her help as a God with unlimited resources. We pray in Jesus name.




Hang on in there, stay out of his way, keep your head down… watch out for those trigger moments… it’s an impossible situation, you cant do right for doing wrong… creeping round his emotions, when no one is looking after you… x …sweetheart
there is help, … but stepping out is hard on your own,… does anyone know about your situation?.. who could possibly just step up for you? Put you up, and keep him away?.. someone who could act as a barrier? Someone who isnt afraid of him?.. I bet everyone thinks hes a great guy, huh… he’s a bully… and your worth so much more than this, no one should have to live through the feelings you have… but you need help… when your in that situation you dont feel like your strong enough, and worry about if he finds out … he cant read your mind… and you are strong enough… have a good think, who dosent like him, enough to help you?..
Dear Lord and Father our sister needs you, please, please, help her out of there… send her the help and support that she needs… we put our hope and faith onto you Lord, in Jesus name, amen.
Have a really good think, if you were near me you could come here… there must be someone… I’m praying for you, I hope things improve, you’ve taken a big step just sharing this… think about the next step… I love you, and care about you… :heart:


Praying for you, Cynthia, that God strengthens you and supernaturally encourages you through His word, prayer, and the love of other believers.

Of anything I could say to you on this matter, I can tell you from my own personal experience that God is faithful in His promises, and He promises never to leave you nor forsake you. :heart: When the battle is raging, regardless of how things may appear… You are never alone. God has not forsaken you.

May God grant you His wisdom and peace which truly surpasses our understanding. @Fireflies


There was a time in my life when I too was in an extremely abusive relationship, so I thoroughly understand how intense fear can effect every aspect of your very being when going through unspeakable horrors.
Try to remember that God sees and knows everything that is happening so above all else in spite of satan hold on to all things good and true within you. LET JESUS BE YOUR ROCK and call upon our gentle Holy Spirit to supply you with the peace that will surpass all understanding…no matter the storms that seem to surround you.

You are not alone…YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


Praying for you, Cynthia~I am here for you too, girl! I’m in Indiana and I’ll be your advocate if near me. I know someone will step forward for you…Jesus will make sure of that. Lean into Jesus!


Hi Nancy, welcome, this is your first posting on the site… :hugs: hope to see more of your comments on here xx


I understand. I’ve been there. When I felt I couldn’t leave, God opened a door. I will pray for you for safety and that you hear God clearly. He loves you so very much. It may not seem that way right now, so just believe and pray.


Not sure what state you live in, but if you are serious about getting out, there are places to go. Even in a pandemic. Don’t think for a moment that God won’t make a way for you. Hope. I’m here in Pa and we have a Women’s shelter in my hometown. They would help you. Contact if you would be willing to travel. Not sure how far away you are, but God will make a way! May he bless you and keep you.


I have two friends who were in abusive relationships. Find someone who will listen to you. They came to me I didn’t ask them how they were and they spoke to me about their situations. I personally helped one get out and managed to support the other to make the decision to leave.

I am just a man, but God is the one who WILL make a way for you. Prayer for escape and HE WILL give you a way. Ask for His help too.

I can imagine what is happening because I have seen it but how much more can God do if He sees all constantly. You are a child of God and are of incalculable value to Him.

God WILL do it because HE IS.

I will ask OUR Father to help my sister.


Hi Fireflies,
I understand how you feel as I was also in abusive relationship and my husband was a police officer who told me no one would believe anything I said, and there were children to consider. It was not easy, but I was finally able to get myself and the children away safely and permanently, with no visitation with the children. Its it scary, a lot of availble help is very temporary and there isnt much security in it. In my case I was able to make a deal with his mother because she held the purse strings, it just so happen to work for me that I asked her if we could get divorced and be free of him I would not ask for child support or for him to pay any medical bills. She told him to do that. What I have learned in the mean time that if you need to get out of a situation, take small steps to prepare for that day. Make copies of all important papers and documents, birth certificates, insurance cards, drivers license and ss card, anything you may need and put them in a safe place that you can get to them later, if you are able to get a safe deposit box, or a trusted friend or relative can hold them for you. Get a suitcase of needed clothing for your self and if children for them too and let a trusted friend or relative keep it for you. Put aside any money you can in a safe place as well, no matter how little you can get keep saving. These are steps you can do now. Then think about how you can have an income, do you have a job, can you get training to get a better job? I was a certified nurse assistant when I went thru my situation. It only takes a short time to get that certificate to have a job, it only takes a year to get an LPN license. My prayers are with you that you can find a way to escape this situation.


Very good practical advice. I also had friends in this situation it is very difficult as I advised one of them to slowly start packing small things at a time and bring them to me so that when she did leave, during his night shift, it would be quick and she wouldn’t have too many things to take with her.


Cynthia, I’m praying for you, your safety and well being. Please reach out to someone you can trust. There must be a safety shelter where you can go. My daughter went through the same thing with 2 babies in her arms, she left with nothing but the clothes on her back to start a new life, if she didn’t leave, we would of buried her and the boys.


If you live in Indiana, my family and I can help you. There are places to go to get help in a pandemic. Start with a local Bible-believing church. And if we can help you we will. Just ask.

Praying for you.