Don't know what to do

Hello everyone. I need prayer for guidance. I work for a very well known Christian disaster relief organization that deploys emergency field hospitals, as well as sending doctors and medical staff into third world countries. We have many other outreaches too that are not medical related. Our medical teams are taking the vaccine and all employees are being encouraged to take the vaccine. It isn’t mandated for now fortunately, and I do not wish to take it, but am already receiving a little ridicule about my stance.

There is so much misinformation out there, from vaccines to doctrine and everything in between. I am really confused about many things and don’t know what to believe anymore. I need to just completely shut off all the voices.


Dear Heavenly Father
Please settle John’s mind and soul from the death metal screams of Satan’s confusion. Enhance John’s calm, please, so he can focus on that still quiet voice You speak to us with. Bless John with the discernment towards his boggle regarding these shots and please place in him the guidance towards responses needed towards the judgment placed on him.

I pray this in Jesus’ name

Btw, welcome to the forum, John!


I’m praying for you, John! I understand because I’m also feeling perplexed and having anxiety over this vaccine.
Someone said that to orchestrate all of the details, lies and deception from the ones pushing this vaccine would be more difficult than herding cats. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I am praying for peace and wisdom that only comes from our savior.


Dear Lord ,
we pray for john to hear from you and lead him
to make the decision . We are confused and scared please give John peace that surpasses
all understanding . We know your a loving
God and want no harm to john . We pray for a hedge of protection . we pray your for your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven .
In Jesus Christ name we pray amen


Thank you Teri! Keeping you in my prayers too!


Thank you Jon!


No problem, man. Jon/Johns have to stick together. :rofl:


Welcome here, John :blush: @John1109

Praying that the Lord will provide you with knowledge, wisdom and continued courage as you navigate this decision.


If I may;

I have a perfectly logical & even remotely scientific response.

“It is my opinion that there has been insufficient documented evidence of sufficient testing to warrant my agreement to this particular vaccine. It’s speed & unproveness are suspect & therefore I am not inclined to jeopardize my own life until further scientific & and medical evidence is available. Please check back with me in 10 years. Thank you for your time, patience & understanding.” The great granddaughter of a doctor who refused to give vaccinations to children in the late 1910’s to early 1920’.

Thank you
That is all


Amen & Amen

Doctor Tenpenny, mentioned by pastor J D Farag. She is the best person that I have found that breaks down what this vaccine is all about. The best and most straightforward. She is great and easy on the ears and comes with 20 years of research on vaccines.


We know that confusion and fear is not from you Father , so we come to you with agreement in boldness knowing you the creator of life and death. You are on the throne. I pray you will give John peace in his Decision not to be forced to take a vaccine. Father I pray all fear is gone that John would have the boldness to be firm when he comes up to anyone asking why. He will be able to give them a calm loving reason of why he believes the way he does. Thank you Father. You are always with us. You never leave or forsake us. Welcome to the forum. John


I agree with you. And most importantly I agree with the WORD OF THE LORD,… 1) Matthew 24:4 ~ “Jesus answered: “WATCH OUT THAT NO ONE DECEIVES YOU;” 2) Philippians 1:21 ~ “FOR TO ME,… TO LIVE IS CHRIST,… but to die is GAIN;” 3) & Even if we DIE without this EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE WHICH is seeming to KILL more people than the Virus itself,… I believe in : ISAIAH 57:1 ~ " THE RIGHTEOUS PERISH, and no one takes it to heart; THE DEVOUT ARE TAKEN AWAY, and no one understands,… THAT THE RIGHTEOUS ARE TAKEN AWAY,… to be spared from evil,…!!”


@John1109 though I’m unable to fully empathise because I’ve not been placed in your position I can join others in humbly asking for God’s guidance for you in this.

Irrespective of your decision, or any decision ‘unavoidably coerced’ upon you, I would encourage comfort in Psalm 46, especially verse 10:

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”

Our God, the Great IAM has always delivered His people through every plague, every trial and every tribulation. As we approach the final tribulation there’s even more reason to hold firm in the Faith that He will work all things for good for those who love Him.

[edit] neglected to add that we shall be ejected before the final tribulation, regardless of injections! [/edit]

In Christ.


Did you see them make up that vaccine for Mr and Mrs Trump? Ummm nope anyone can get a saline injection and say it was the vaccine. If you think all these elites and people with serious money are truly taking this poisen you are quite deceived I Worked in ICU during covid its no lie its people dying on vents all alone cause family cant be there, I get it completely, but again WHY? Why did this happen, why cant we at least try pills like invermectin or hydrochloraquine first!! CAUSE ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY!!! Dont be so gullible with who is taking vaccine and showing it on TV Critical thinking and prayer time is more necessary now more then ever Do that before telling others the vaccine is ok Ill take an ICU bed for covid then an ICU bed for believing this is actually a real vaccine Cause its NOT


“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27

Read this whole Psalm slowly and absorb it. Relax. HE has you in the palm of His hand.

As to “THE” vaccine, make sure you know the basic facts clearly. There are multiple vaccine types. The individual types are very, very different. I am neither an advocate nor anti-advocate of C-19 vaccines. I can make reasoned arguments either for or against. The Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines and so far have been remarkably safe in the short term. These are NOT produced via fetal cell lines, but, they were tested against them. AstraZenaca & Johnson/Johnson are adenovector vaccines. They use a ‘harmless’ virus to infect your cells to produce a part of the C-19 virus. These vaccines probably have a greater chance of side reaction complications because your immune system is reacting to TWO antigenic effects at the same time. These two vaccines ARE produced using fetal cell lines so there may be some fetal ‘contamination’ as well in the vaccine. Novavax uses an entirely different approach where they artificially build the C-19 protein and then attach it to a nanoparticle for transport. This vaccine is probably the ‘purest’ of the bunch. Lastly, there will be some DNA based vaccines which do alter your DNA. (I consider the last to be evil and to be avoided at all costs.) I have greatly oversimplified this list and I have ignored the Indian based weakened live vaccine because it probably won’t be available in the USA. To deflect issues at work, just say you are evaluating the unique Novavax vaccine and would prefer that one over the others and are awaiting large scale outcomes. It will make you sound educated and thoughtful.


They are ALL rabbit holes Which one to fall down is a personal choice. I will wait out the long term effects of these vaccines and again will continue to question WHY this happened. Many people are getting vaccine and doing fine and there are others who are dying, I guess thats just ok that they die cause its fir the greater good and more would die without vaccine so they say …and pharm companies since 1986 have had ZERO responsibilities on ANY vaccines Just think about that Please dont tell me your fine just because your fine now Get back to me in a year or two or five. And also many people ARE being admitted to hospitals AFTER vaccines (2 weeksor more) with all sorts of strange issues. Leg clots, hypoxia, gi bleeds. Things that make you wonder But dont see that on the news So Lord I give this to you Please help all of us who arent sure which rabbit hole to go for but I pray you catch all of us that believe in You and believe You will take us out of here soon MARANATHA :pray:t2::pray:t2:


Hopefully the vaccines can help. As for HCQ, India, COVID stats, and MSM…I would not take sponsored results from them. Not the best track record. Blessings.

yeah like the clip of Kamala Harris getting the shot… with her arm raised… no one rcvs a shot in their arm while keeping it up in the air. even if they did, it would hurt (I know from experience, when I was too tensed up during an injection in my butt cheek), and she claims she “just barely felt it.” liesss. here’s the link. it’s the best example I have that proves this is all such a farce!


I can understand wanting to respond again after all. and you have every right to speak your mind, we welcome it.

but to say, “get a grip” ? Boregan might disagree with you but he/she was still civil in telling you their thoughts. there was no need to end your message in that unkind manner. <3