Dupixent Medication

Hello to my prayer warriors,

I just wanted to reach out to my brothers/sisters in Christ, and ask for prayers regarding a medication I’m taking that is supposed to help my nasal polyps from coming back again. I had sinus surgery in August of 2020 and I started taking dupixent in November of 2020. So almost two years now my wife has been giving me shots in my arms every 2 weeks. I’ve had minimal to no side affects and I don’t have to pay any cost on the medication since I was a candidate for a “trial” type of run, even though this medication had been around since around 2017ish I believe. I’ve never taken any of the Covid vaccines and refuse to take any….lately I’m not sure if it’s the Spirit or my anxiety but I feel as though I dont want to put this dupixent medication into my body, especially since the Covid vaccines were a major deception. Anything from big pharma I feel like it is something I should not be taking these days. What does everyone think? Does anyone else know of anyone taking this medication and if so, what would you suggest? Thank you and I would covet your prayers!

Thanks, Jon


Hey, Jon!
Undoubtedly you will have someone who is in the medical field read your post and respond with some sort of insight. We have a few people with medical understanding and pharmaceutical insight, so I’m sure they’ll chime in at some point for ya. Only thing I read about this drug is the initial dosage is two shots and then as you’re doing one shot of 300mg every other week. Some searches talked about using it in conjunction with other medication but I think that was more geared towards it’s use for eczema.

Anyway, your prayer request…

Heavenly Father

Please bless Jon with Spiritual wisdom and understanding with a ton of discernment over the question resting in his mind over continuing this drug or ceasing. It reads that once you stop taking the dosages, you lose anything you gain as it was an ongoing medical treatment, so there’s that to consider, I guess? I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on tv, but You, Father, you are the Great Physician and You can help Jon on his route to peace and calm in his heart and mind over this dilemma.

Please pluck from him any ailments and afflictions he may have, or is trying to keep out of his body. Father, please also deliver to him upon search results, correct information on the drug and help to guide him to a proper response.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


If you believe or even think the Spirit is guiding you to not take something listen to Him. I recommend you go into earnest prayer and ask Him for confirmation. Then be listening and watching for His response. I’m praying for you.


Thank you so much VP! Much appreciated! :pray::pray:

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You are very welcome!

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Hey there Jonathan @Jesusismysavior,
I agree with Vivian. If you’re feeling iffy, stop the injections and pray about it. There’s no guarantee the medicine doesn’t have any new additions.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for guiding us with Your Holy Spirit. Please pour out Your Spirit upon Jonathan and guide him in this matter. Please protect him against everything that is not of You. Please bless Jonathan and his family in all they do. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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