Earthquake today

I am not sure if this is true. I saw that there was a earthquake in Hawaii today. If this is true I hope and pray everyone is safe. Please pray for everyone.


I thought I saw that one hit Alaska. Lots of them happening. There’s a guy on YouTube that follows them and posts every few days. Quite interesting how they seem to travel in “waves”.


Nothing shows up for Hawaii in the past 24 hours.,-47.8125&extent=87.35217,447.1875


This is what I saw and it was on, I’m just making sure everyone is ok and if prayer is needed. I am not very good on Facebook or computer. I will just pray regardless. :pray::pray::pray:


Well that was my mistake it was Alaska not Hawaii, sorry everyone but either way prayer is needed regardless of where they are. I need new glasses and medical assistance. Please pray for everyone.!!!:pray::pray::pray::heart::heart::heart::heart:


There are daily quakes in Hawaii. What you are probably referring to is the strong quake of 8.2 that hit of the south coast of Alaska late last night at 11:15 PDT which was 10:15 ADT at the epicenter. It has been followed by a swarm of after shocks over and ever widening area with one in the 6 range and the rest mostly in the 4 and 5 range. It did produce a very minimal tsunami of no more than 6 inches. I am guessing that meant movement was mostly lateral as in plates sliding horizontally against each other as opposed to a big slip typle like the one in Japan back in 2011. That one was what they consider a big slip because the coast line dropped a number of inches and move over 8 inches permanently.

This one was on the north side of the Pacific Rim plate line in that area and far enough away that it is probably a prelude to a big slip but that could be decades or longer away.

More than likely it was just a large scale energy release and further activity related to it will be some where else along the ring of fire. I suspect Dutchsinse will say some where along the west coast of the Canada or the US. Only time will tell if he is right. I am of the mind if there is any other strong quake in the near future we are likely to see it some where in the SW to south Pacific area between the Philippines and New Zealand inclusive.


Thank you so much for clarifying things for me. I was so upset. I just feel so helpless when things like this happen. I thank you again. GOD bless


No problem I am a quake watcher for over 40 year now. Having been through a number of them with the worst being 6.8 close by and shallow in both cases and living in one of the more dangerous places of the US for very strong quakes in the 9 range, I watch them closely. Drive people crazy with the phone app that pops off every so often with a voice alert of quakes in a few chosen areas of the world.

Primarily I watch them like a hawk because my son lives and works in Tokyo and quakes in Japan are a common occurence like storms in the midwest and hurricanes in the Gulf and Atlantic all of which I also watch as I have family in both of those places.

Even so given the information Jesus listed in Mathew 24 and Luke 21 as well as the list of events mentioned in Revelation I find it prudent to be watchful if I am to take care of my family.


No need to apologize. I am sure there was for a time a tsunami warning for Hawaii, but from what I had heard it was canceled at some point shortly after being announced.

Gave me something to look up at least. And yeah, quakes happen all the time, everywhere, the significant ones I didn’t see registered on the islands. No big deal though.

Don’t forget, we weren’t given a spirit of fear. It sounds trite, but God is still in control and He is taking care of all. You feel your hands are tied and you’re forced to watch from afar when bad things happen you can’t help with. I get that. But never feel helpless when the power of prayer is one of our strongest weapons against the spiritual darkness we see daily.

Keep your eyes open, brethren and keep us posted because you never know…there could be a quake that rocks Hawaii soon. And that will be a moment to pray about for sure. One last thing, Lori, if I came off as confrontational with my post towards you, it wasn’t my intent. Was just sharing what one of the sites I go to was showing at the time.

May the Lord enhance your peace and calm in your heart and mind as you traverse the day with Him today. May He bless you abundantly with joy overflowing and a refilling of the Holy Spirit in you so as to touch every soul you encounter today.

I pray this in Jesus’ name


No you didnt come off that way :innocent: I appreciate you and all the information you gave. I am glad to have a place to be myself and feel free to express things even though this time it was the wrong state :smiley: God bless my friend and have a wonderful day.


Wow! I understand why you would watch out for earthquakes especially if you have family in those areas. Thank you for reminding me that yes physically my hands are tied, but putting them together for prayer is much stronger. I will continue to keep my eyes open as well. God bless and have a blessed day. :innocent::pray::pray:


Yes another fellow Brother in Christ also follows the solar storms and their affect on our bodies. BPearthwatch is his name

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Quakes are just a part of it. God told us the world itself will be in turmoil as much as the humans who occupy it. There is much to watch, catastrophes come in all shapes and sizes and kinds, meteorological, geological, astronomical as well as what horrors man can do to fellow man. They all bear watching as all of them are growing more intense and more frequent like a woman about to give birth. After all that is how Jesus described it and we see it happening now.

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When was the last time Israel had an 11.2 Earthquake? Not saying they have had one but it’s more one that I am expecting to read about somewhere very soon.

Not in recorded history that I know of. I would assume that the quake that hit on the day Jesus was crucified was a very significant one but what magnitude would be hard to estimate. There is as far as I know no evidence to look at to guess at what it might have been. Unlike the Pacific Northwest where geological and other physical historical records along with native stories and the records in Japan of an orphan tsunami which give us a good picture of the January, 1700 quake which is estimated to have been at least 9.5 or maybe higher no such information exist for a quake of any significant magnitude in Isreal.

There is a major fault line that run north to south along the east side of Israel but most of the activity seems to be at the north end in Turkey. It cuts back southwest sharply and curls our into the Mediterranean Sea where there is a history of volcanic island eruptions verified by geological and historical records. So chances are good that the records exist just not yet explored. Now like the Pacific Northwest which does have rare but large quakes, Israel may be of a similar nature. They happen but over long periods and when they do they are large and then quiet again for another long period.

We do know that when Jesus comes again to physically step foot on the planet at the end of the Tribulation the mount will split so my guess that is the truly next big one.


I hope you are feeling better, Lori. I am waiting for the ground to shake any time her in SoCal, but am not afraid. God knows the number of my days and Jon said it so well; God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound (disciplined) mind. When you are feeling anxious just open the Word and let the Lord speak peace to your mind. Praying for you dear sis.

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Have you asked the Jewish Historical Society in Israel for information? They have always kept meticulous records of their own history and have kept many many secret and hidden records.

In a Society that is accustomed to persecution learns very quickly to cover its history in song, legend and “plays”. If there’s history of anything God did, Israel will know and have a record of it too.

Have you checked the records of the Jubilees? Or perhaps the writings Philo, Josephus, Ignatius, or even some of the extra Biblical historical documents found in the dead seas scrolls? Have you merely looked online where deception lives? This is the time for physical documentation, not internet lies and half truths.
We must always remember that when it comes to Israel the world does not want the truth spoken because it would mean admitting that GOD exists and that JESUS is the one and only SON OF GOD. Never ever forget that important aspect of all that is being shown to us by the world.

Just because it doesn’t exist online doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Ask one of the Elders of Jewish Society. Dare I say even talk to their former leaders for truth. When it comes to Jewish history it is always a very good idea to spend time conversing with a real Jewish person. Some of them are actually very funny and beautiful people. Just guard your faith diligently because they really don’t want to admit they killed Jesus out of jealousy.

If that all sounds like I’m upset or challenging you, I’m sorry. I’m just done being lied to by the world when they that this or that in Jewish history is untrue. Kinda irritating but understandable in today’s world, culture and society.

Have a blessed day and thank you for the research you have done. God bless you real good.

I am feeling much better now. I have been in the word. I love all the comfort that everyone has given and love being able to share our faith with one another. I will be watching JD from Oregon. I will continue to hold true to God word any time I feel anxious. Thank you and God bless :pray::pray:


The Word is ALWAYS the best place to go for everything. :smiley: <3

No I have not done any of those searches. For one I never thought of it. I hope that some time down the road I may get a chance. At this point in time and with the speed of events coming at us, I am not sure I will get that opportunity. I will store the look ups for the future though because you just never know when an opportunity may present itself.