Elderly family member needing urgent care

Pray please for me as I try now to organize respite care for the person I was looking after recently. “Sarah” has become dehydrated again already.

Please pray for “Sarah” to get the appropriate level of care until she can manage more on her own again.

She is confused and angry and not wanting to go into any facility, so we want to try to organize care within her own home if possible.

I have caring responsibilities at my own home as well.

I very much appreciate knowing that others are praying during this hectic process.


Change to prayer request.

Respite care is available but now “Sarah” is digging her heels in and refusing to accept even extra services in the home. A family member will be with her till after her dinner time tonight, then a care worker will come in for one hour only tomorrow morning.

I would appreciate prayer that she has enough to drink and can manage basic self-care in the meantime or that the Lord ‘turns her heart’ to accept any necessary help.

Thank you.


Further update
Well, shortly after office hours, “Sarah” agreed to have the extra 2 services on the Friday and thankfully my call was accepted and that was arranged. But it was my heart that needed turning too, as I had to go back and stay overnight with her on Thursday.
Unfortunately she has gotten the wrong idea that my husband and I are trying to have her admitted into a nursing home permanently.

Other Praise Points: this morning, “Sarah” was able to manage an important, basic self-care task and was also much more confident in her mobility.
And her timid cat allowed me to pat him a few times. :heart_eyes_cat:

Thank you again to those who upheld us in prayer.


Amen, and you are such a blessing @Pax. :pray:


Awww, @Pax …what a giving heart you have…even taking time to pet the cat. God bless you richly and give you strength and endurance to carry the heavy loads with your back straight, your head held high, and your hands lifted in praise to our Father!

Thank you, Jesus, may we all be an imitation of Christ.


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Loving Heavenly Father

We praise You on this day for the miracles of what You provided in “Sarah’s” life as of late. We thank You O Lord for what You have provided in @Pax’s life during this time and we ask that You continue to build in her the bold strength and courage, but also the stamina, endurance and comfort of heart in what she’s doing. Please continue to aide “Sarah” within her plight against the battle of incorrect notions of what Pax and her husband intend for “Sarah”. Please continue to help keep Pax’s armor of God lustrous and undamaged.

Please continue to work upon “Sarah’s” health and please remedy whatever You destined to help produce the fruit within her, and within those around her and vice versa as we continue to occupy till You call us home.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thanks Grace @Gracings, @Cinchacha and Jon @Jon for your kind words and prayers which continued to encourage me in the ensuing days.

Unfortunately “Sarah” became too confident and stopped using a necessary walking aid whilst alone in the house. She had another fall and is now in hospital again.

Due to lockdown, we are unable to visit, and many times, when we phone, the nurses say she is asleep and seem unable to wake her up. We are concerned that she might not be drinking enough fluids again.
Completely out of our control.
We look to the Lord for His interventions and guidance.


Hi Pax,

how’s Sarah doing?

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I’m so glad you’re keeping up with those needing our prayers. You’re such a lovely child of God. I’m following you and making a list of everyone to pray for tonight.


So kind of you to ask, Stacey.
Today it was agreed that “Sarah” can go home next Wednesday. She is now receiving physiotherapy in the hospital and is able to walk quite a distance (using a walker). One concern is that she is still suffering some degree of confusion/disorientation.


Praying that she will improve more in familiar surroundings of home. :pray:t2::heart::sunflower:


Thank you, Cindy. That’s exactly what we are expecting to happen. After all, a month in an institutional environment without seeing a familiar face is a long time. (These lockdown rules are cruel in so many ways.)