EMS/Witnessing Experience

The ambulance just left here. Had another episode this am unfortunately.

but God…

I have to tell you. Sometimes I think God ordained these ambulance events for a witnessing tool because I had my Jesus suffered for our sins T-shirt on. Planting seeds wherever it counts. I pray it lands on fertile soil. My prayer is for His glory and for them to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.



That’s so powerful, Lya! All glory goes to God in how He uses you even in the weakest moments to spread the Good News about Jesus. Continuing to pray for your healing and strength, sis.

@GR, the Crown of Peace is such an amazing depiction of how our Lord suffered for the best reason - our eternal salvation.

You can almost feel some pain by looking at those thorns. What an awesome gift the Lord gave you.


Bless our wonderful Lord! He does use us for our good and His glory! I’m still praying for you @Lya, every morning and night. Love the shirt, and Sully looks like such a comfort to you. Thank God for him.


What a witness when they come to see you stand in faith in Jesus despite the struggles you deal with!!
It’s hard to say just how influential your attire, attitude and strength may have in any unsaved people that come to your aid.
I’m sure they deal with many in life situations that do not emit the hope you have because of Jesus Christ in your life.
So inspirational @Lya❤️


Broken willing vessel. Less of me. More of You as everyone prays. I must decrease and He must increase.


Morning Kate @Lya,
I’m sorry you had such problems this morning. Thankful and glad you’re still at home. I gotta say, I love the way you look at things. And I’m thankful for your powerful witness! Really like that shirt…. first time I’ve ever seen it in “real” life. You make me wanna get one and I don’t wear tees, lol.

Morning Amela @Amela,
I just wanna cry to see someone using this gift. I kept this crown hidden for years. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t want to show anyone; I was afraid someone would “steal my (rofl) idea.” I can be so selfish and small minded sometimes! Now though, I wish it would go viral— for God’s glory. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to have met you Amela, and that you would take His crown and make it available to everyone in such a tangible way. May you be richly blessed for your mighty witness!

I wanna be like you guys when I grow up. I want everybody to be like you two! You are both a huge blessing to us all. Thank you.


Good morning GR @GR,

The Lord knows your heart, sis. We all struggle with our mixed emotions. I have to fight my daily spiritual battles too but praise be to Jesus that He has already triumphed mightily on the Cross for us!

I want you to know that your words of encouragement and partnership, as well as the support of others on this forum have spelled the difference in my online store continuing to remain open in pursuit of what I know is God’s assignment for us in these last days.

The enemy and his minions are relentless in their attacks of lies and accusations to sow confusion and doubts in our minds as we walk with the Lord. Hence we beat ourselves up over things that were always part of God’s overall plan. His timing is infinitely perfect, and I believe He preserved your anointed artwork for such a time as this - the unprecedented days in which we now live.

I seek your prayers for a potential opportunity to shift my store registration to that of a Faith-Based Organization (FBO), which is a non-profit category that encompasses any type of religious ministry. This opportunity was relayed to me by one of the Bible study participants of a couple I met at Pastor JD’s church in Kaneohe as something I should look into, since my store operates more as a ministry rather than a for-profit business. Almost like advice from a friend of a friend.

My career background is more in business operations, so a non-profit organization would be foreign territory to me. BUT GOD shows no partiality, and I seek His direction and guidance every minute of the day in all things.

With evil happening in the whole world at a frenzied pace, I’ve been getting a prompting in my spirit that our assignments from the Lord may become broader. The couple I’m partnering with in Kaneohe want to distribute items to the homeless in their area that will help lead them to Jesus. I too have a compassion for the growing homeless population in my own community and am seeking the Lord for His leading on how best we can help make an impact in their lives for Jesus.

The time is coming when we will be facing all types of persecution and hardships for our faith, and I believe we need to be positioning ourselves in such a way that we can be ready for the spiritual battle of our lives before we’re caught up in the air to finally meet our Lord face to face.

Bottom line is that I have no idea what I’m supposed to do by becoming a FBO beyond my current scope, but the wonderful thing about being in the Heavenly Father’s presence, putting our faith and trust in Jesus with reckless abandon, and following the Holy Spirit’s counsel is that we’re in the hands of the Almighty Creator and Master of the universe. No one else I’d rather trust and obey!

Will be speaking soon with some legal and business consultants to get their input too. Thank you so very much to you and others who may want to help me in prayer for this potential change. I dare not make any changes unless it is of the Lord’s bidding. :latin_cross::heart::pray:t3:

Love in Jesus,


How exciting @Amela! God be glory. I have no words. Just excitement and praising God for your obedience, love and dedication to the gospel and to Jesus.


Morning Amela @Amela,
Quick question before I pray with you…
Do you pronounce your name like Pamela w/o the P or Uh-mel-uh? Or a totally different way?
I want to say it correctly. Thanks

Now onto your business.
How exciting—and probably a bit nerve racking to go into unfamiliar territory! You are wise in your thoughts. Our God alone can secure our future, on earth and in eternity. I am confident you will make the right decisions because you will follow our Lord’s lead. Go with God, my friend. Go with God!

Abba, LORD God Almighty,
Thank You for Who You are and for loving us and blessing us with Your Son’s gift of Salvation. We praise You for it!

Thank You for the work You are doing in the lives of Your people Father, especially in Amela’s life and her friends from Kaneohe. Please bless their efforts to walk in Your way and to take the Good News to those in need. Please bless JD Farag and his ministry as well Father. Keep them all safe in Your will until You call us home.

We ask for wisdom for Amela as she navigates unfamiliar territory. Thank You for guiding her decisions. If it be Your will that her business switch to an FBO, I thank You for the avenues You will open to make it so. And please thwart all attempts the enemy makes to keep these people from achieving Your goals. Please prepare the hearts of those Amela and her friends will minister to, that they will receive the good things You have planned for them.

Please pour out Your blessings upon your people Father; give us what we need to prepare for the coming days so that we might be a strong and bold witness for You. Please protect Your people in Israel.

Father, You have the words of eternal life and we are grateful that You first loved us. We are grateful for Your Son Who gave Himself so that we might be able to stand in Your presence once more. You are so good to us! Thank You! In the Name above all names, Yeshua Ha’Mashiac, our Kinsman-Redeemer, amen.


Hi @GR

You can pronounce my name either way, but I like to introduce myself as the latter. :grinning:

Thank you so much for the lovely prayer! I’m so touched by the words that the Holy Spirit gave you as you prayed. How amazing it is that God brought all us together on this forum through Pastor JD’s ministry.

@Lya, I praise God for the kinship we have in Jesus, and how you’ve always rooted for my work. Thank you for modeling the shirts with such depth and for being a mighty warrior for our Lord!

Heavenly Father, we’re eternally grateful for your presence in our lives! Grateful that we can come to you with all our needs, big and small, and know you only have the best outcomes for us as we trust wholeheartedly in you.

I pray for your abundant blessings upon my loving sisters in Christ, @GR and @Lya. For allowing our paths to cross for your divine purposes. Draw us closer to you, as nothing is more important than being tethered to you in everything we do, say, think and feel. We love you with every fiber of our being and are extremely grateful for your perfect love.

We praise you, we worship you, we honor and adore you, King of Kings and Lord of Lords! In your precious and holy name, dear Jesus the Christ, we pray. Amen!


Morning Amela @Amela,
Thank you for your kind words and compassion.

I will join you in your beautiful prayer! I’m thankful for you and Kate. And I wonder if we will team up to do something special after we leave here. I heard someone say, might have been Tom Hughes, that this life could be a type of training for our next assignment. It’s definitely a honing ground, imho. Whoever said it, they got me to thinking.

Honing ground— threshing floor. Wow. Just connected this.
The other day I heard that the word ‘tribulation’ comes from an ancient tool used to separate grain heads from the plant. So I had to look that up. Check out these pictures and explanations.

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Isn’t it amazing how He guides our steps and words to the very ones He wants to hear them? Praying you are feeling better. You have taken the hardships of your life and turned them into a beautiful testimony of God’s love and faithfulness sustaining us through really hard times. God bless you, Amela.

Question, is the tee shirt fabric stretchy at all and how does one find your online store?
God bless you for the faithful witness and inspiration you are to all of us on htis forum.


So thankful that God brought you thru this episode. He took our weaknesses and carried them to the cross so that we may live a victorious life. It may not seem like it at times but just think, Lya what it would be like without Him…oh, I shudder to think!!


Hi Linda @Jesuslover1985,

Thank you so much for your kind words!

@Lya aka Kate is the lady in the photos who witnessed to the paramedics in the midst of a difficult medical episode, using a T-shirt I created that has @GR’s original drawing of the crown of thorns.

So what you see here is a divine collaboration for God’s glory and for the good of those who need to hear the gospel of salvation in Jesus. Praise God! :latin_cross::pray:t3:

The shirt is 100% cotton for solid colors, and a polyester/cotton blend for heather colors. It isn’t as stretchy as a spandex shirt but it is a soft comfy cotton fabric that does stretch a little. @Lya has some of my shirts and can attest to their good quality. @HPeck is also one of our best supporters and has given our store glowing reviews. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a link to my online store:
Amela’s Chamber

Please DM me for any questions you may have on any of our products. God bless you too!

In Jesus’ love & service,


post deleted by author
Amela saw it.

Fascinating bit of info about the origin of the word Tribulation!

I totally believe that what we do in obedience to God’s assignments will serve as a precursor for our assignments during Jesus’ reign in the millennium.

I did a search and found this article filled with verses from Scripture that support this.


It’s all so exciting! Maranatha!!

In Jesus’ love,



Bought one of your A,B,C shirts for my truck. I place them on the seat as a cover for anyone who may get a ride from me. Great ice breaker and topic of conversation, plus it looks good!


Hi Carole,

So that was you! What a fabulous creative idea! Thank you so much!

May I ask a favor from you (only if you can spare the time) to share a photo with us of how it looks. I’d like to then use the photo on my store’s social media accounts to inspire others to do the same thing or come up with their own creative ways of sharing the gospel.

The shirts are definitely a great ice-breaker, we were shopping at Home Depot last weekend and a guy stopped my hubby who was wearing one of my shirts to read the complete message. They had a brief conversation before he walked away with a thumbs up. Praying the seed was planted!

I would appreciate your continued prayers as I work with a group of Pastor JD’s church members in Kaneohe. They purchased a good amount of my shirts and tote bags for evangelism as “human billboards for Jesus”. Billboards are not allowed in Hawaii.

They are also looking to potentially work with me on some products to use for their homeless outreach. I’m looking into some small insulated cooler bags that they can fill with water bottles and healthy snacks, or travel blankets that can be rolled up to use as a small pillow, or placed in a pouch . All will have the ABC’s on them.

All glory goes to God for His guidance and direction upon us all!

In Jesus’ love & service,


I would be happy to provide photos. Dont know how good they will turn out. Will take them tomorrow and post here.


Many thanks, Carole! God bless you for your kind support! :latin_cross::two_hearts::pray:t3: