Encouragement needed

Pastor JD I am writing to you from South Africa.
We are often made to look foolish as few of us (that is how it feels) do not want to take the vaccine. We did research and listened to many talks about the subject and as children of God we believe this is part of an evil plot. However, it seems most people we meet are saying to take the vaccine is fine and they actually look at us as if we are weird.
My prayer request is that we will not be deceived or that we will not buckle under pressure to take it. At my work it is ever getting closer to being mandatory. We need to pray for each other to stick to our beliefs. The world is a crazy place now and now more than ever we need to support and pray for each other. Please pray for us down here in South Africa to stay standing tall for Jesus Christ and may
He soon come to fetch us.


Praying the Holy Spirit strengthen you in your decision!

Ever Loving, Longsuffering, and Merciful Heavenly Father

As the nations of this world begin to show their true colors, individuals just like governments, are showing theirs. People are showing their fear and worry. Their doubts and concerns are piling up like the numbers tolling for people suffering from just about everything. Right now, we petition You Father for those in South Africa who are beginning to worry and fear in the face of tyranny and subjugation.

Please bless those in South Africa, such as Linda, with a heavenly calm and peace within their hearts and minds as we ask You bless them with guidance to the answers and solutions they need. Bless them with understanding for those answers and solutions at the time delivered to them. Comfort them in times of peril and turmoil, we ask of You O Lord.

All of this over shots that no one should be forced to accept under any circumstance. And please remind people, such as Linda of the overtaking of the Holy Spirit upon them when faced with having to answer for their decisions. Not to pre-plan their response, but to allow the Holy Spirit to speak for them, as He does with our prayers to You O Lord.

Blanket those of South Africa with discernment. Wash over their hearts and mind with a cleansing, refreshing blessing of an order of magnitude that surpasses all understanding even towards those that challenge their arguments of not taking the shots. May their knowledge and wisdom overpower any counterargument given them so that opposition to them refusing the shots cannot come to any rebuttal and accept their terms. May this same measure by You O Lord be blessed to all those around the globe whom believe in You and lean upon You as we follow You from here to eternity.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Dear Linda,

Daily, I pray for an intervention in this matter from the aching depths of my soul. God hears and God sees. The incense of our sincere prayers rises up to Him. He is Holy. Excellent. Incredible. Omnipotent. Omnipresent. Omniscient. Infallible. Trustworthy.

Because you are a child of God and because you are watching and know the signs are visible, you can’t escape the reality of what is coming. And because we don’t know the exact moment, our hearts flutter with anxiety from time to time. I heard a young watchman refer to this time as our “Red Sea Moment.” I’m sure you can pick up on the analogy.

We are with you in prayer. You are with us in prayer. I cannot forget you in South Africa. It’s surreal that we are a world apart and have the same crisis, as so many others do.

Praying for Linda and family in South Africa :pray:t4:


“However, it seems most people we meet are saying to take the vaccine is fine and they actually look at us as if we are weird.”

When I had 12 or 14, I remembered that several young found the great idea to go on top of the arch of a bridge over the water, at maybe 6 or 10 meters of the road. I never go there because I found the idea stupid and dangerous.