Evening Prayer-July 6, 2022

Evening Prayer-July 6, 2022

Our heavenly Father, You have brought us to the close of another day. We know not through what perils we have come safely, because You have watched over us. We know not how near we were to death, and how Your hand led us along the narrow ledge. We know not among what enemies we have passed unharmed, because You shut the lions’ mouths. We know not from what fatal paths we were kept, because You led us by the right way, past the ways that opened to the gates of death. We thank You, not only for the narrow escapes which we made — but also for the safe paths in which there were no perils. It has been a profitable day for us, because Your hand has marked out the way for us.

Now we leave the day with You — its work, its duty, its mistakes, its sins.

All that we have stained — will You cleanse?

All that we have done wrong — will You set right?

All that we have broken — will You restore?

The poor fragments of obediences, lying scattered on our path — may You gather up and form into something beautiful even yet. You are able to use our broken things. You are building up the walls of Your temple, with the broken things of earth. So receive our day with all in it that is marred, broken, and spoiled — and make it a profitable day, a day of grace and beauty.

Sanctify our influence to every life which we have touched. Let no hurt go to anyone, from word or example of ours. Bless to us the impressions we have received from others.

Take us now into Your care for the night. We cannot keep ourselves, and therefore we put all in Your keeping. We will lie down in peace, because You are guarding us. Keep us in safety, we ask in Jesus’ precious name. Amen.


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