Evening Prayer-May 16, 2022

Evening Prayer

We are little children, our Father, in this great world — and cannot take care of ourselves. But we are so glad that we are Your little children, that we have You for our Father. We are sure of Your eternal keeping. You will never allow us to fall out of Your love and care. We creep near to You tonight, as the darkness comes again over us. We hide ourselves in the secret place of Your love and protection.

We beseech You to forgive all the sins we have committed against You this day. Renew our hearts more and more deeply and thoroughly, that we may keep Your laws and walk in the way of Your commandments, that our thoughts and feelings, as well as our outward life, may be in harmony with Your will.

This evening, our Father, we remember Your other children who are about us. Some of them are happy; in their happiness may they not forget You. Sanctify all pure gladness, and let a blessing rest on all young lives that are bright with human joy. Bless all true and pure friendship, and may they lead to closer friendship with You. Some of Your children around us, are in care and trial. Some are poor, having difficulty in obtaining daily bread. Some have sickness in their homes. Some have loved ones who are not living as they should live, who do not love You nor walk in Your ways — and their hearts are burdened on account of these. Some have sorrows. They have lost dear friends, and their hearts are in sore grief. For all of these our neighbors, we make our prayer tonight. Bless them all. Give them the grace they need. Send relief and comfort in Your own best way. And give us grace to do our part in helping them in Your name, through Jesus Christ. Amen.