Evening Prayer-May 18, 2022

Evening Prayer

Father, Your favor is life, Your love is eternal life. We still live, because upheld by Your grace. For the many mercies of this day, we thank You. We have enjoyed health, and provision for our needs. We have been protected from harm, from disease, from accident. Our evening is quiet and peaceful, because Your blessings have been about us. We thank You for the shelter we have in our home. We thank You for the love that makes our home mean so much to us. We thank You for the friends who are about us on every side, and who do so much for us. We thank You for Christian books and for the great thoughts which we find in them, which do so much to inspire us to beautiful, noble, and worthy living. We thank You, most of all, for the Bible and the divine words it brings to us.

Help us to profit by all these blessings. May we have grace to improve all these manifold privileges, so that we shall be able to render account to You for them, without shame.

We have many burdens on our hearts tonight. We pray for all schools and colleges, and all institutions of learning. Make them all fountains of good and holy influence, so that the children and youth of the land may be brought up in the fear of God, as well as trained for usefulness. Bless all teachers, and may their lives be pure and clean, and their teaching and example worthy of the lives which are placed in their hands. We pray for all homes. Make them Christlike. May mothers and fathers be made holier in heart and life, so that they may be prepared to give a wise direction to the young lives entrusted to their guidance. We ask these favors in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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