Exemption letter thanks

I’m just so thankful for Pastor JD’s sermons and prophecy updates. They are so encouraging and helpful to me as I try to deal with what’s going on in the world and knowing what’s to come ( both good- rapture and bad- the Tribulation). Some days I really struggle with anxiety, irritability and a sense of helplessness so I absolutely appreciate it.
I am extremely thankful for the exemption letter being offered by the church to believers especially online members.
Thank you for putting the time and sacrifice in to get us this critical information.


I have been following Pastor JD since I discovered him in “Before the Wrath”. (Wish I had know him when I lived in Hawaii, but that’s another story). As soon as the letter was available I put it in my work clip board waiting for the day. Imagine my surprise when I found out that 5 other people in this nursing facility in this little mountain town (Maggie Valley NC) have Pastor JD’s letter! The word is spreading far & wide!! And quickly too! COVID is opening people up to hearing the gospel because they can sense that something is “off”, evil even. Thank you CC Kaneohe & Pastor JD for standing firm & leading the way as we wait for our Lord’s imminent return!


I’m also grateful for the letter I received from CC this past weekend. I sent off for it two weeks ago, not yet needing it, but things have escalated. So, I’ll include it with whatever documents they’ll require of me.

Sincere gratitude for CC’s efforts in getting this to me.


I just found out my work is mandating the jab by mid November. I got my letter within 24 hours in my email. I pray that Gods will is done. I pray he puts me where he wants me but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.

I am beyond grateful for pastor JD and his church. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last year without his encouragement through the Holy Spirit.

I’m ready to fly!


dear Lord ,
We place lisap in your care . We pray
and ask you give her peace and take
her fear away . You know the beginning
to the end . You told us what will take
place and to look up for our redemption
is nigh . dear Lord we ask her letter
will be accepted . We ask you give
lisap confidence and pour the holy
spirit on her . We pray in Your Holy
name Jesus Christ amen