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Hey all, I have a question for you!

For years I’ve had different Bible verses as my Facebook cover photo… all my family and friends know that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I often share Scriptures or Worship videos or Pastor JD’s Prophesy Updates.

So with all that’s happening I had been seriously considering deleting my Facebook account. I really, really dont want to support all that the owners of Facebook stand for.

However, with each of Pastor JD’s Prohesy Updates he spends a few minutes at the beginning saying how he wants to be able to stay ON social media for as long as possible in hopes of reaching more of the lost.

This has got me thinking that perhaps he is right?! I know of TONS of people who are blacklisting Facebook and Instagram for their censorship…


What about a Facebook Banner/Cover Photo that has Pastor JD’s ABC’S of Salvation to be used for the sole purpose of bringing that message to our unsaved family and friends??

I’m pretty shy and so bringing this subject up out of the blue with even some of closer family members, well… it can be REALLY awkward. My thought was that if I had that as my cover photo, it could very well open that door for someone to ask me about this and about the hope I have in Jesus.

I have no problem sharing the Good News… no… the GREAT News if asked about it. So what better way to perhaps open that door… even if they dont ask me, it could definitely plant some seeds!!

I did a search for one on the internet to see if one has been made up that I could use, but to no avail. Has anyone made one up yet that they’d be willing to share? Or if not, if I were to see about making one up, would others here be interested in using?
Just curious! Thoughts anyone?

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Hey Susan,
Personally I’m not going to abandon Facebook completely, but leave a salvation image as my profile header so people will hopefully come to know Him when we’re gone.
I could modify one of my billboard designs to be used as a Facebook header if you’d like?

You can find all my designs here:


Hi Chris, I’m thinking of removing all personal pics that I’ve shared through the years and whatnot, but leave all the Bible verses and that sort of thing. I’ll probably leave up shares from my business page I have on there too until I can find another platform to move that over to.

For the Facebook banner/heading, can I just say wow! All of your designs you have for the billboards and also the business cards would make great banners! I love the ABC’s (of course), the Jesus Saves, the Eternal Lives Matter… pretty much all of your designs are something that I would switch my Facebook banner out to! Let me know what I need to do to get something made up!

Thanks so much for letting me know about this opportunity!
God bless you,

Hey Susan,
Oops, I edited my reply above with ‘Not’. I meant to say I’m not abandoning Facebook haha.

Yep, that’s how I’m doing it, leaving a trail of verses and links to JDs website :slight_smile:

I’m glad you like the designs!
Facebook profiles should be 820x360px in size, I just need to know from you which design (s) you would like converted!


No worries! Haha I am super thankful and excited about having a Facebook banner, so a HUGE THANKS for doing this! I’d love to have the ABC’s and if possible the Jesus saves one too would be nice! But if you can only do one, definitely the ABCs!

Hey Susan,
I’ve uploaded 8 new Facebook banners to my Proclaim page, you can find them here:

Below are two examples:


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is awesome!!

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