Family Salvation

There are a lot of things being revealed on my home at this time, that are rather disturbing. Please pray for my husband and children’s salvation. 2 out of 6 are saved and baptized. My husband says he is saved but…God only knows. I need prayer, as it is becoming increasingly more challenging physically, mentally, and emotionally. Praise be to God, I am becoming strong in my faith with Jesus. Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Guidance (Isaiah 9:6) protection (Ephesians6:10-18), provision, and encouragement are needed. I thank and praise Him in advance for what He has done, will do, and is doing now. For He is loving, good, patient, and faithful. Thank you if you are willing to pray.



I pray in Jesus’ name He blesses you with His favor over you and presents your plea with His message fitly spoken to them and that the demons who present temptation to those around you that in Jesus’ name, they depart from your household and those of your family and that He galvanizes you and your family with protection from evil and those not of Him.



Prayers going up sister! May God in His infinite wisdom and power bless you and your whole family and touch those who are on the fence or just don’t understand how truly important Jesus is in their life. In the name of our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus, Amen!


Hey there Leslie,

Family is always a challenge, but as you know personally, these days make everything more difficult. Evil influences in general, focused attacks; the destruction and division feels ubiquitous and deeply personal. Our enemy gets bolder with each victory :butgod: his victories will be few and short lived. And as we fight with the tools our Father has given us, we WILL limit the scope of those wins. Light cannot be overcome by darkness!

I will bow myheart and join you in prayer, Leslie. And I will add the Green family to our daily prayers. Stay immersed in God’s Word, Leslie. Stay strong. Your Father is holding you in His everlasting embrace and will give you your heart’s desire. He is a good Father and He is not willing that any should perish. So speak His Name over those you love and over your trials; His Word will not return void!

Here is one of my favorite prayers in song. I hope it brings you comfort and that you will pray it over each of your loved ones.


I don’t remember who sent me these lines, but I have kept them because they have been a great comfort to me in dark hours. Perhaps they can comfort you too, dear sister!

If my God’s ways seem strange, mysterious and difficult to me, and if wishes that I cherish are silently drowned in the sea of sorrows: If the day that has brought me only pain and agony will pass dull and heavy, then I may remember one thing: that God never makes a mistake! - When the thoughts of the Lord are too high for me, the wells of his grace too deep, when all my supports totter without support, when I lack strength and patience, when my gaze can no longer find a goal, in an anxious, tearful night - a little spark of faith nevertheless proclaims: that God never makes a mistake! - When my heart trembles in despair over unresolved questions, when I want to despair of God’s love because my lack of understanding rises up, then I may place all my weary longing in God’s hands and speak gently and quietly with tears: that God never makes a mistake! Therefore be still my heart and let pass what is earthly and transitory, in the light above you will see that the ways He shows are good. And if you had to miss your loved one, even if you had to go through a cold, dark night, hold on to this blessed knowledge: that God never makes a mistake!


Lgreen, I can so understand and have compassion for what you are enduring. I am dealing with the exact same thing in life right now. Everything feels so heavy and dark. Does anyone else feel this? Is it just my imagination?

I have been under attack from my unbelieving brother and SIL, and we live in the same small city; I finally had to eliminate them from my life to protect myself. Now, my reputation within my own family is being harmed by them. It’s a nightmare - we were once so close! It all started with my brother’s deep anger at me for not getting vaxxed, and she’s always been critical of me - I can do no right in their eyes. BUT I am praying daily for them, and God’s will be done!

Life is just getting harder and harder! God be with us please and guide us in these dark days.


Praying for your family and especially you, Leslie. I can imagine your concern for your family. You want to see them in heaven. You are not alone in this trial dear sister. Just think about the incense going up before the throne room right now for your family. Even just one prayer for their sake is a sweet aroma before the Lord and I know He is watching, working, in and through you to encourage you to stay the course. The struggle is real, and it is moment by moment and I am there with you going through it too. Here is a spiritual hug from me to let you know I am praying and believing in the work God is doing and will complete it. Don’t let doubt take hold of you but keep seeing them saved…and soon. I have this scripture on my wall in my living room which reminds me daily to go boldly before the throne.