Fast and easy postcard / business card sized print creation

I’ve had little business card sized ABCs of salvation made in a few designs, and am contemplating a postcard mailing for my neighborhood. I’ve used for my own business needs, and have found that it’s a platform that makes this very easy.

You can easily choose what you want to make, select from great graphics and clip art, and then, right from their system, pay for a professionally printed product. I’m quite pleased with the process and think it would be a real option for those of you who might not have graphic design software or know how to go about getting printed items. They have a variety of quantities.

I’ve been leaving my business cards around places as I go (restaurants, stores, inside books at the library, etc.)

I know Canva is Big Tech, but if you’d like to make your own printed items to hand out, it’s the easiest entry to the process, I think.


I printed this as a sticker not knowing that the owner of the print shop is a Muslim!

I’m going to give this away.

Maranatha! from the Philippines