Father glorify your Name!

I was blessed reading this verse this morning. It’s for all believers but I particularly thought of JD. N.A.S.B. JHN 12:27 ,
“ Now my soul has become troubled and what shall I say, Father save me from this hour? But for this purpose I came to this hour. Father glorify Your name”
So comforting that even Jesus could say out loud like JD that His soul was troubled. We have all come to such a time as this. Father glorify your Name!


Welcome to the community, Esme. Thanks for sharing this comment and prayer.

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AMEN to that! May all the nations fall before your feet. May every knee bow and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord of all. Come quickly Lord.


Hello brothers and sisters. I wrote this song in 2011-2012. I hope it will touch your heart and glorify God’s Holy Name!

Lord, I see the beauty in a summer sky as I watch the formations the clouds make.Standing in a field of crops growing warmed by the sun’s rays! I know you are creator. You are creator of all. And with your loving hands you give abundantly.

The world you made was so perfect. It contained everything we need. Still children are hungry because of man’s insatiable need. I know you are the shepherd of all. You’ve given your command. You said, “Feed my lambs.” “Feed my lambs”.

I hear of wars and of killing. Violence explodes in our city streets. Lord, your people are hurting. They don’t know you’re everything we need. I know you are master. You are master of all and with your powerful hand, you calmed the raging seas.

One day, you will be returning. Soon all suffering will cease. The world will be as you attended and there will finally be peace. Every voice will declare you are Lord. You are lord over all. And everyone will fall on their knees. They will know you are lord. You are lord over all. And everyone will fall to their knees,


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