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Dear GR,
This tract is not biblical. It is presumed all are children of God…. When I first read it a few years back I was quite troubled by it. I shared that with others in my group who didn’t quite see it yet. Then a brother in Christ found an article about the author of it and it’s intent and everyone then agreed it is not a good tract to share.
If I find the article I will send.
But overall if you read this tract again I think you will see the problems with it.


What a sad thought! I look forward to the article you referenced.

I just re-read the letter. Some of the letter just speaks of God’s omniscience; He does know everything… about those who will not be saved as much as about those who will. I didn’t go to the Scriptures to see the context of each verse, but I do see that the letter is written to a ‘child of God’ which would explain its POV. My reasoning is that a letter from the Father presupposes the letter is to a child of His. (Which is I think, part of your trouble with the letter— not everyone reading IS a child of God.)

I’ve always seen the letter as words of encouragement, as in:

This is what it’s like to be My child. Would you like to be Mine? I would like for you to be Mine; wanted that so much that I sent My only begotten Son to die in your place and make it possible.

Anyways, I look forward to reading the article.


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Greetings, I cannot find the article but I don’t think it’s needed. This tract takes Scripture out of context throughout and implies things that should not be implied without full context. Its very misleading.

The Gospel is not presented clearly.

I threw all these tracts out that a ministry gave me and then they finally saw it was wrong too and they don’t use them anymore praise God.