Feb 21, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

I used to wonder that as well. That there were “hot loads” of the flu shot. I don’t really believe the whole China narrative. Here’s the thing. Let’s call an unknown A” and vaccine “B”. Maybe A is not so dangerous and B is not so dangerous. But, A and B together become very dangerous.

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Thank you for sharing!! God Bless

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Back again wrote:

So you dont eat geneticly altered fruit or wheat or meat? And nobody donates thier blood or organs ? Iv had the jab as has my mother two sisters two brothers and loads of others yet my mate missed his jab and died from the virus. All this nonsence about the evil jab is hysteria

Well, you I guess, are assuming I flagged your post. I didn’t. And I wouldn’t say you are evil, you apparently took that from others, not me. I would welcome you to this forum but, your name states you’ve been here before and therefore had reason to leave previously. Whether through your own volition or were banned. Doesn’t matter.

It is a real shame that someone flagged your post as it needs to be read by everyone. I guess you may have missed the part where I did agree some things look like they faced the direction of hysteria. Perhaps in your rebuttal you didn’t read or missed the part where I also stated, ” While thankful that you and so many you know are feeling safe now and are healthy, and we pray the Lord keeps you that way, you cannot deny the amount of evidence that goes against this situation and product are questionable at least. Very sorry to hear the loss of your friend.”

What’s funny is you came after me and no one else who actually said more to you than I did. Perhaps there are seats for both of us to sit face-to-face and explain ourselves to God? We won’t go down this road a second time, sir. No need to. I believe you had some interesting information but, you did say inject a mood over what we have shared, and what the Pastor of this church has shared as being nonsense (I.e. hysteria). You had good intentions, I’m sure of that. Explaining how you, your mom, two sisters and two brothers got the shot and were fine. Your mate missed his chance and died. Then…we needed to stop with the hysteria. That post should have remained so people understood what was being talked about…or, perhaps the forum team flagged the post? You know what happens when you assume things. And I was the one who was rather genuine to you in stating perspective is everything…

This is FARAG’s site and his forum. People listen to him but what you fail to address is there are those who are not knuckle-dragging mindless followers of someone. Many are critical thinkers and do so through their own research. It’s a shame your second experience here was as sour as your first. Perhaps instead of me changing my attitude and seeking repentance to God, you need to look at the four fingers pointing back to you as you direct your anger towards me? I have yet to mind an alternative thought process or perspective that I read or engage with. But you were here for a New York minute and had everyone figured out. That’s talent and should be shared with the rest here so we can better expand our ability to know everyone who says something we disagree with…just as you have.

Thank you for the blessing and may God shine His light ablaze to your heart and comfort you in times of distress.


I’ll try to explain. at least one other person on this forum has had the vaccine, due to pressure from family members that she otherwise won’t be allowed to see. something like that. she didn’t get flagged. so it’s not about the fact that you took the vaccine. also many clashes of beliefs happen here that don’t result in flags. it’s the fact that your comment was SO far away from JD’s message. the covid “vaccines” are such a huge part of what he’s been preaching lately, that I personally don’t see why someone would bother listening to him and join his forum if they so greatly disagree with that message. but I can think of one other member that has gained my trust despite them thinking the covid vaccines aren’t necessarily bad. I still just don’t understand the interest from someone who disagrees with JD’s message on this stuff. just like this other member I mentioned, I won’t rule you out as a genuine visitor here. but it’s suspicious to me. I don’t want to react strongly and then realize I’m wrong somehow. I’ll see where this goes since you say you are being honest and genuine.

I did flag your post and I don’t know if others did. I basically was just making the moderators aware that this was suspicious. I’ll be slower in the future to flag posts. if you are a true problem, it will become apparent in the end anyway. so I am sorry, if I have been wrong about you. I was trying to do the right thing for the community here and was not intending to silence a genuine voice or even cause your post to be hidden. I may have been the first flag, because it was still visible afterward. but thats sort of irrelevant. I’m sorry if I have been a problem here.


See that @Backagain, it wasn’t me after all. No need to apologize for wrongfully accusing me of what I didn’t do. We understand how you feel. And I understand how @alllllz feels and why she did that too.

And check it out, we all learned lessons out of this moment too. You, Kenneth not to jump the gun on accusations, @alllllz to not jump the gun on flagging and me not jumping the alarm to come see this forum after a Thursday Bible lesson. Kinda ironic in a sense that this kinda ties into the study for tonight of Isaiah 5.

Btw, Kenneth, while I can see how my response to you sounds contrived or at worst condescending, it is genuine and lighthearted at the end. No need to carry anger into a place where none is needed. Hilarity not hysteria is needed more,often than not.

Now, back to the prophecy discussion no longer in progress…


@Backagain , I suggest you read and edit your posts before posting up in this forum. Sorry for saying this, I have hard time understanding what you wrote in your posts. This will invite misunderstandings and miscommunication from readers.

English is not my mother tongue, as such you need to consider international audiences in this forum. In spite of this, I took online English courses to improve my communication skills. This is what I learnt today for writing correctly:

As for flagging concerns, maybe you just joined this JD Forum recently from your user profile which gives some here red flags.

We have troublemakers trying to divide Christians and get us arguing each other. That’s why the forum topics and rights to post were cut down recently.

I do not wish Admins to delete whatever posts people share which gives relevant info. This will be such a waste if admins has to resort to drastic measures.


I came late… :slight_smile:

seems someone was backagain, and is no longer back again… :smiley:

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I must be going.


Seems mRNA vaccines will win in long term:



Oh yeah? Take this! :smiley:


I guess @Jon , we could say there and “backagain”…

runs away before being tarred and feathered…

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I think it was the Genesis11 guy.
And it wasn’t even that interesting of an argument. Just attacked saying I called him the son of Satan because he disagrees with everyone and how we are all blindly following Farag because we agree with what he says. Seems like deja vu.

Well several posts above were tagging @Backagain, who doesn’t seem to be here anymore so… :slight_smile: I was seguing into some humor by it. :smiley:

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Lol sorry, what I meant was “backagain”, I think, was really the Genesis11 guy who attacked the forum back in December.

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Ah… Got it! :slight_smile: I’m slow sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah, I should have been clear on what I meant lol.

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I wanted to show my husband this video…And there´s no sound…Any idea as to why? I can watch it on my phone. I only watch it from jdfarag.Org.
On a side note keep up the good work jd. I have been keeping up on these updates. Sometimes I`ll hear an update and think “no way, not possible” and then I will hear it in passing, or a news station will mention it a few days later. I live in Montana and we´re behind on most things then the rest of this country. I feel like there is more truth in what you say then even newsmax or fox news even does. Thank you again.


Hey Twi, yes I have tried restarting the firestick and also attempted to watch the video on firefox, but neither worked for me.
Sure do miss watching JD’s updates.



** Transhumanism is the new religion of the technocratic elite**

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Try using the Dissenter browser from GAB. I dropped using Firefox because of multiple problems that started restricting my ability to download and even “burn” videos on DVD.

If you choose to use Dissenter, make sure to set the browser to never store data and delete all cookies when the browser closes. I found that after time the browser stopped working and the solution was to clear all cache in the options along with making sure that the browser clears cache, cookies, user data, passwords,etc when closing.

Hope this helps and God Bless

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