February 16, 2023: Lamentations 1 – What My Sin Causes

:bible2: Lamentations 1 – What My Sin Causes

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: talks about what our sin causes us, others, and more importantly the Lord.

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Should be a helpful instruction manual for those having trouble understanding sin. Between forgiveness and consequences - it’s a grounded study.


An incredible sermon, thank you Pastor JD. I was in stitches when he described the food calling to him i have that problem too! But also when he said about how our children can cause us such agony, if we knew before what all it wd entail we wouldn’t have them /but then we love them so much. I was thinking that a lot…if i cd go back i would not have had my daughter. Shes caused me more heartache than any one or thing. I love her, but its totally unrecipricated. I wish she had been born to someone wealthy. Or just flat out, not to me. I pray earnestly for her salvation . I dont ill wish her i just dont want to hurt anymore. Just this morning before listening to jd i had asked the Lord to forgive me for the numerous times i have and do hurt him and to help me be grateful to.him. and it struck me that maybe i hurt him as she has hurt me? (I hope not )


Oh how powerful! This passage touched deeply into my heart and really stirred it up. I have broken the Lord’s heart so many times. I am so so sorry I have hurt Him. I absolutely do not want to cause Him any more grief…I am sure I will but I want to be more conscious of my sins and to say to myself, no don’t do this, I do not want to hurt my Lord.
Please forgive me Lord.


Excellent teaching! I am the worst sinner of all… i tend to be judgemental at times and i know i need to repent every time but i am also grateful that when i don’t wear my hearing aids… it’s pure silent in some crowded places and God has given the deaf the gift of understanding body languages… we see things that hearing people can’t… but i have to confess my sins when i judge people too much. Father forgive me of all my sins in Jesus name! Amen!


Oh Margaret! What a burden you must carry. I’m so sorry. I applaud your courage to be honest and face your giant. And I join you in regret over just how much pain I have caused our God.

Hubbydude and I pray for your daughter, and all the lost and rebellious, each morning. And I’m sure he also lifts up the unsaved throughout the day… just as I, you and countless others do. May our Lord hear our prayers.

It will be good to have sin destroyed and removed! Maranatha, LORD, maranatha!


Thank you very much Georgia Rose, i really value your prayers for Norah, thank you. Yes its like the parable of the unforgiving servant, we have to forgive because we are forgiven…and we all tend to forget just how much we were forgiven.
One of the commentators said in our money it was billions he owed, and was forgiven but then he threw his fello servant into drbtors prison for a few months of pay. It was a lot to just forget but he had been forgiven immeasurably more.
Thank you dear friend.