February 20, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update

Now that clears up everything for me. Even took notes. Thank you, and God bless you!


Amen. I pray dear Lord that JD will continue to deliver your word with, boldness, and clarity. Thank you Lord for this brave, God-fearing man that you have sent to us, his flock, to teach, exhort and encourage. I pray for continued strength, courage and protection for JD, his family and the church that he leads at home in Hawaii and those us who follow his teachings online.


Great update as usual and I look forward to them every week. It is unfortunate that people are so virulent about Pastor J.D.'s remarks about President Trump. I may not agree with everything he said, but that is no reason to divide. I question whether people are genuine Christians when they have such little self control and become so hostile. I was so glad when I found Pastor J.D. on youtube some years back. There is a distinct famine of biblically sound and genuine Pastors in the churches in America. Most shy away from anything ‘controversial’ so as not to offend and to be seeker friendly. I liked Pastor J.D.'s parody of them.
Ultimately this world system is controlled by Satan because God has given it over to him. God could indeed change things in a flash, as only he is omnipotent, omniscient omnipresent and sovereign, outside of time, space and matter. Satan is a mere created being, though supernatural, unlike humans and thus we must not underestimate him. He can only operate under God’s permissive will, but within those boundaries his powers are beyond imagination. It always amuses me when people, especially those endowed with the worlds riches make bold statements about their potential and influence. As all of us in human flesh, they are only a breath away from eternity.
I think those of us who are eagerly awaiting the Lord’s return are very aware of Satan’s increasing attacks and influence even within the church, or more so there than anywhere else. What was once shunned as sin is now acceptable and common place. The day is coming quickly when we will be the outcasts and the lukewarm will rejoice when the Governments arrest us, as it is already happening in many parts of the world.



Thanks Bro. Keegan. Im bookmarking and printing this.


A man is coming and he is going to make the world great again and the world will follow him. There are a lot of different types happening right at this moment in the world and its all leading to antichrist. WE put our faith in God and not man.

Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (KJV)

I can absolutely understand that people want their county back and they want their lives back and so on, but it is over. THIS is it and it is over and now is the time for everyone and I mean everyone to get on team Jesus. There is only one way and His name is Jesus.

**John 14:6 King James Version **

6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

God bless you all and keep looking up as we are almost there.

And here is a presentation I am right in the midst of just watching right now from rock harbor church and the topic is the antichrist which some may find helpful.


Well said and I think many would say ditto
I think with what as gone on and what is to come god is exposing the church for there worldly ways
And foolish believes and the people in the church that can discern what is right and wrong
Are going to get persecuted by the so called Christian’s
Anyway keep doing what your doing JD
May got bless you keep you and make his face to shine up on you
Bless you all


and thank you again JD for saying it like it is :clap: :clap: :+1:



Beautiful and Perfect! Thank you! Isn’t it so wonderful that the Lord our God had His Living Word made available to us for all seasons and all reasons!!! Pastor JD has been a Blessing to me and my soul rejoices in the Truth of the Scriptures. One is never too old…:slight_smile: :smile:


Hi Cliff. Thanks for posting. It looks like you joined about a year ago. I wanted to check out Pastor JD’s update this week because it has been a while. I appreciate Pastor JD’s passion against the vaccine and warning the church and our age of the dangers in it and to come. Amen. But the vaccine is not really my focus in our days. The way I understand it, COVID is fading, and there are a lot of things going on too. I kind of missed the pre-COVID updates. So I checked in this week and was glad to see Pastor JD back on with Ezekiel 38. That is what got my attention a few years back. That Pastor JD was the only pastor really making weekly addresses concerning Ezekiel 38, and he did a great job.

When it comes to Zachariah 12-14, I need to do a bit more research and how those passages apply. It looks like a lot of weight is on Armageddon. I do see some similarities in those scriptures with Ezekiel 38. But chapter 12 IMHO seems somewhat counterintuitive to Ezekiel 38 timing. In any case, I need to do a bit more study there.

I wanted to reply to your post because it seems like last week and this week the concerns over Trump have escalated. I understand your concerns and I actually share them. In fact, it is my conviction that DT is Rev 6:2. But as with the bulk of theological history would have it, the 1st seal is not seen as evil or the AC. It seems some thought it to be Christ. But Christ is opening the seals. So it does not look like Christ at all. But my take is that Rev 6:2 is more likely about God demonstrating His justice to the world and perhaps to borrow our own colloquial vernacular provide a “booster” shot for Israel in what is about to befall the earth. There are concerns over this view because “if true” it would kind of place us already in the shade of the 1st, which pretribbers (of which I am one) would see us raptured before the 1st seal. In how I am understanding things though I believe the tribulation likely starts on seal 3. I believe the reason DT is such a polarizing figure is because he is Rev 6:2, not AC.

I don’t think the church leans this way at all. It seems like love DT or hate DT. To be honest, it does kind of blow my mind that if what my research might reflect as accurate that something of this weight would not be considered within the church at all. But it is not. It would seem that our views upon Trump (IMHO) weigh toward a great love or a great suspicion or hate perhaps in its place. IMHO that would seem to also serve perhaps as a Camouflage of the 1st seal. And perhaps make it rather difficult to see.

So I understand why Pastor JD would have concerns with Trump. And I also understand why people would like him. The difference for me is that DT is still hanging on politically. And to me, that could have HUGE prophetic implications. We have never seen this before in world history…something like a sideline guy holding rallies after losing a presidency (while increasing in political stature). It is my hope that what keeps us as a church on either side of the DT aisle is that this “polarizing” tension itself be perhaps considered also as that which God might use to call attention to the nature of “why.” Which to me goes way beyond politics.

I agree with you Cliff that DT does love America. And I also understand Pastor JD’s concern for believers to focus on souls and what time it is and not on patriotic themes. I really see his pastoral heart in that. And it blesses me to know he cares for the body and for the lost in this way. But I wanted to share this with you brother because you came here looking for prophecy updates and align for the most part with Pastor JD’s concerns or doctrinal views. Amen. So I would just have a hope that it not be a pro or anti Pastor JD theme developing. I think what is going on these days and particularly with regards to DT transcends the concerns we generally view all that through. Pastor JD says, paraphrased, that if we have difficulty with the concern he has with Trump we don’t have a problem with him, but the word. And I would generally understand that kind of thing can be true. There is a lot of emotions over all that has happened and going on. And I honor that Pastor JD has his concerns as a pastor in this matter. But when I look to the word, I see Rev 6:2 in huge graffiti-like letters floating around everywhere…lol. What that does not mean though, in my humble estimation, is that Rev 6:2 = the AC. For scholars have differed on that point for centuries.

So yeah, I just wanted to perhaps leave you with something more to consider because you do have a heart for biblical prophecy and we are certainly in a hot election year. Things will likely get quite a bit hotter. And as they do I am sure further tensions on both sides of the aisle concerning DT will increase. Even though it would seem that you are leaving Pastor JD behind due in part to not seemingly having too much that is new lately, you are also taken back by his DT stance. And I understand brother. I differ with him there too. But this is an awesome community of believers here for the spirit is in this place. And even though you and I might see differently there, I would like to share with you in parting something that might have super incredible weight in the not too distant future, perhaps.



As I said in my previous post “it is meaningless, all meaningless” and this is from someone who is a recovering DT addict and woke up in God’s divine rehab. Thank you Jesus for Pastor JD who spoke boldly into my life the truth I needed to hear and freed me from my idol worship of a man who plans to save America and make this country great again. I literally had to get on my knees and repent! I can only speak for myself but I had a huge wake up call that I was following a false savior. How easy it is to be deceived when we take our eyes off Jesus.


Thank Jesus for rescuing this forum. I had internet issues yesterday and it worked now.

I listened to the elephant portion in this prophecy update twice abt DJT.

He challenged listeners search the scriptures to check on what he says.




This person mentioned about “community banks” which you can do research on it and consider.



Hi NCH. Blessings. No doubt there are huge concerns in our day and with plenty of political leaders. The thread asked us to keep our posts in respect to prophecy and less about politics. So I will do my best. The reason I am replying to your post is offering the body dynamic something also perhaps to consider. Because of where we are with things, there are of course are a lot of potential ramifications coming down the pike for us (lest we rapture early…amen).

Thanks for sharing your concerns and your situation is very noteworthy in also how Pastor JD helped you with your livelihood, amen. I think what draws a lot of folks to Pastor JD (beyond the obvious focus he has on the word) is how much of a genuine soul he is before the Lord and before us and in testimony from the flock itself too, amen.

In keeping with prophecy though I would like to offer something not really discussed all that much in the church. First I would like to say that I am 100% on board with Pastor JD’s concerns with the vax and all the time he took with those concerns. I think the church and the world needed to hear these things. And be warned. And I say that with not having much of a focus on COVID, myself, at all. As I would see it as something transient. But that of course does not at all lessen the impact and the needful importance Pastor JD has devoted concerning all the issues in relation to it. Amen.

We have become aware that our age is hyper strange. We see world leaders coming out of the woodwork where we can better see their faces now. As a testimony beyond the obvious as to what day it is, Pastor John Macarthur recently did an interview where he affirmed we are in the last days approaching the tribulation. And he affirmed this because of increased totalitarian stances taken these days. The writing is on all the walls. Macarthur would consider throughout his 50-year ministry siding with such a view as a bit too reactionary. But it seems these days he has joined those ranks in light of all that has happened. This is no small thing. For Macarthur to “give in” to the end-time view is bigger than an act of congress.

I mention all that upfront because I think in how I am looking at things too it is good to point out that keeping what age we are in and what time it is is helpful to hear or “approximate” hearing a particular view in relation to our age that I have. I differ from a general sense of the Hegelian dialectic view for example (that conservative and liberal politicians are gaming us together). Not that I don’t believe it happens. For sure conservative and liberal politicians share in globalists’ agendas and in that sense it is Hegelian (but this has been true for at least 60 years). But one thing we can know, however it pans out, we are in a totalitarian end-time age.

So as that is true we know that what the NWO wants is more power, more grab, more take, and a global reset. And we are willing to see that. But if we are “there” at that place where “a global reset is on the living dock TODAY,” then it might have also been time for something else too. I think the COVID vaccines are bad and dangerous. Amen. I support Pastor JD there, amen. But can we imagine if:

a) we are in a totalitarian age
b) an age hungry for global reset
c) an age where evil is unprecedented
d) a time where the church itself has become Laodcian

…there did not come along a COVID vax?

Perhaps a grand-scale global reset power grab was also in true view for the NWO before COVID. It does seem though that COVID brought out the evil in leadership in our age perhaps to greater effect. 5 years ago, then, likely we were “still here.” In this happy hour of NWO plans to global reset us. If we consider that, then i think it also might be considered worthy to consider what would have happened if there were no vaccines for COVID?

There are numerous peer-reviewed studies online that regardless of how COVID will kill or not, the devastations of social shutdown killed and has killed far more people than worked up COVID numbers. Suicide and all the negative effects (including not going to the doctor for needed things because COVID shut us all down) increased greatly. Prior to a COVID vax there was no real interest to have a vaccine or something out for another 5 to 11 years. What would 5 to 11 years of social shutdown have looked like? What would 2 years of it had looked like if we kept shutting things down? Would this not seem PERFECT for a global reset? That is a far greater “vantaged” approach than the keystone cops routine we have seen over the past two years–perhaps.

I am not saying the vax is good. I am not saying we should be grateful for the vax. I see it as problematic as you all and am not vaxed myself. But having no vax is a much more aggressive path to global reset (at least on paper), which is clearly what globalists want. That being the case, would there have been a way to retard this social erosion agenda? Would there have been a way to send shocks waves through the globalists system while steering right into their own agenda? I think it is reasonable to consider.

I don’t believe it is of the realm of impossibility to consider that Trump might have been aware of this global reset, maybe? And if so, perhaps another way of understanding project warp speed is how it could also serve as a fast-track “something” to the effect of throwing blood in the water to the sharks of big pharma. An irresistible cash cow to divest and alter focus. This is not necessarily an attractive option to capture and consider. But if humanity is on the brink of grand theft slavery, the lesser of two evils might be the vax to gum up and retard all the social shutdown momentum clearly desired by the globalists. In that sense, we have jobs available today to save by a letter from a pastor. Had there been no vax, do we know there would be jobs to write letters for? Keeping in mind what time it is? And it would make sense to me that Trump will still praise the vax because apparently, it worked. Maybe not in the way we liked. But today we are having arguments over whether America should be saved or not. Instead of the focus the global reset could have provided us to have. Engaging in arguments held under social collapse. If it is that time now, it was likely that time then too.

My focus is not on love or hate Trump. My focus is not on Save America or focus on souls (although that is a much more beautiful focus Pastor JD has come forth to affirm in our day). Our dearly loved Pastor JD brought up a good point that we should not be voting for evil, lesser or greater. This was a great point he brought up, amen. And even though I paint a picture of a lesser of two evils scenario, what if its not exactly up for vote?

I realize this is kind of extremely tragic to consider. But look at Canada, look at Australia, look at the Phillipines, look at France. If this is how it is with a vaccine, just consider those countries under lockdown with no vaccine and scarred away from Ivermectin and HCQ. That would have been the world over only because there would be nothing on the table to negotiate keeping economies open beyond the limited crushing measures a global reset would desire.

This may sound too alien to consider. But the conjecture does greatly fit the days we are in. My hope in posting is not in favor of DT or patriotism. But in a potential to also consider in possible consistent concert with the nature of our days as well. And the sober nature of them. Hope that might make sense in a way. And i am very blessed in how things have worked out well for you and family in His grace. :slight_smile: Amen.



Oh.my,word. :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

Please, please tell me the whole DT debacle has not been brought over here to ruin this BPU, as well? :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:
I just can’t.

THE HORSE IS DEAD, BURIED, BEEN DUG UP 200 times already…Let.It.Go (said in my most nice voice :blush::innocent:)


Who of course was quoting our LORD =]

[Mat 12:25 NASB95] 25 And knowing their thoughts Jesus said to them, "Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and any city or house divided against itself will not stand.


I don’t see a debacle here

I am also in Australia, and the way that ScoMo peddles his ‘piousness’ and ‘Christianity’ is sickening. he is so deceptive, a liar and a manipulator. he has already stated that either of the two major parties will be in power in May election- and hasn’t even blinked at that.


DT put ‘Operation Warp Speed’ - I think he went the way of the popular voice because it was the easier route.


All I can say is AMEN AND AMEN. To know the truth of what you say, people need to read comments on various alternative news sites to see the absolute worship of Trump. I do have hope, though, because there are more and more who voted for him twice who are speaking up and voicing their concerns, especially when it comes to the vaccines and his refusal to recognize the deaths associated with them.

Great post. May we have ears to hear. Blessings.