February 23, 2023: Discussion w/ Pastor Bud Stonebraker -- What’s on the Prophetic Horizon

:bible2: What’s on the Prophetic Horizon Discussion

:hawaiianshirt_4: Pastor JD and special guest Pastor Bud Stonebraker discuss what’s on the prophetic horizon.

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Pastor JD is speaking the TRUTH about the Asbury Revival!
His thoughts around 47 min. mark.


Going to watch as soon as I am able!

Thank you JD for weighing in on this.


I think we’ve had this back and forth on the forum a few times? Hehe…

My rather simple reflection and take away for myself, but sharing anyway: Hope in the Lord, trust Him. Anything else will fall short. And yes, occupy, but be sure it’s in service to God and not vanity. It’s a narrow path, but the only right one.


My simple take away is that if Bud Stonebraker and J.D. were agreeing, then Bud sure has a strange way of saying it. Hee Hee.
In my thinking, he seems so confused and seems to still be attached to this world. But that is just my opinion.

@Twi, I fully agree with your statements.


This is what Ps Bud talking about Idaho’s new bill (pending):

If you read the comments in Youtube channel, quite a lot of negative comments there.


Thanks, Shirley!
I quickly zeroed in at that point to listen, and now I am excited for Sunday’s update. Well, I usually am excited for it, but…:hugs:

(This guest speaker would have had me stuttering.)


Yeah, gonna have my popcorn ready and take notes
for our prophetic update discussion here afterwards.


This was absolutely fascinating, if sometimes slightly uncomfortable, to watch.

The crux of divergence between Pastor JD and Bud seems to hinge on two fundamental points:

  • Buds “hope” for the revival of a nation (USA) - @8m 03s
  • Buds hopeful aspiration for a holistic spiritual “revival” (later relabelled as “reformation”) of some form - @41m 40s

Pastor JD was very gracious and loving in his approach to basically stand on the Scripturally solid ground that sadly does not support those viewpoints, at least not on a macro/mega scale pre-Tribulation.

Pastor JD also highlights the dangers of entertaining and hoping for these repetitious revivals vis-a-vis Asbury/Great Awakening - @47m 26s

Again Pastor JD is so gracious @52m 48s to offer that:

I think in some ways we might be saying the same thing in a different way …perhaps.

Pastor JD

To an extent I think that’s true and both Pastors share sincere Hope in the Lord, however the starting point (or ‘terminus a quo’ as Andy Woods would put it!) that frames such Hope is where they seem to part ways.

15 Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. 17 And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.

1 John 2

In the context of the above, as well as 1 Tim 4:1 etc. it is clear why Pastor JD does not wish to waste time or energy re-arranging furniture on a sinking ship; the eschatological events are scripted as well as Scriptural and there wont be a dry eye/seat in the house until Christ comes again to make all things new.

Other bits:

Lovely shout-out by JD to Andy Woods at @49m 55s for the Rapture of 2 Thess 2:3

Great point by Pastor Bud @44m 40s

If you sound alot like the world around the world that is curious about the truth, it is going to recognise that you sound exactly like the narrative …


Wow. This is great that Pastor JD has engaged in discussion like this. I’m blessed. But have not seen it yet…lol. I’ll check this out. Amazing (a Fallen Nation Channel reference). However based on Gigi’s kind reference of the 47 minute interjection, I, like most of us have been trying to make sense of Asbury. Amen

The best coverage i have seen is this video i think you guys would like to see. It covers the concerns we have in our forum. Very recent. This was the first time i heard that Asbury Seminary is Egalitarian. Woops. So the timing is very interesting in light of this. Rick Warren likely got wind ahead of time for being kicked out of the SBC for Egalitarian practice. As he and Francis Chan schedule a Feb 23 day of prayer at Asbury (based on a video of their revival history), it makes sense that Rick would want this marketing focus on an Egalitarian campus movement. This reminds of the Blair Witch Project approach to advertising. If you guys remember the hype that that movie was actual footage of witches in the wilderness as a means of laying an marketing interest in the movie soon appearing in theaters. Then Asbury closes on that day of prayer…lol. Come on. Noteworthy this also came along at the time of Greg Laurie’s movie release. The Jesus movement was what Macarthur’s church leveled at CC for not separating from. Likely what set the stage for NAR. Yet years later Macarthur joined a Hibbs conference along with NAR and not a peep out of Jmac on the ecumenical ties.

Although there are genuine believers that came to a saving knowledge during the Jesus Movement, as well as likely salvation coming out of this Asbury event, it is good to have a discerning eye. Asbury seems to be the latest in postmodern marketing. In general I’d add that the problem, as I would frame it, trends far beyond NAR. Even though there is a huge civil war in Big Eva over the egalitarian issue, the other side is protecting church discipline (a good thing) abuse such as the Roys Report and previous GCC Elder Cho highlighted as genuine concerns in potholes associated with nouthetic counseling perceptions and practices. In short, the church in general seems to already be in freefall and trending off the rails in multi-tiered direction. I believe this is good to keep in mind when considering one aspect like NAR trying to become an evangelical pope leading the nation in worship.

I look forward to checking out this video and pastor JD’s update on Sunday, Lord willing. My initial concern on the “great awakening” label I would beg to differ with, as it is a term the New Age coins that the church does not have to take definition from. Not that i necessarily see a true revival approaching the tribulation. I would see something else that might be helpful for the church not to be caught in the lingo the world defines terms by. On an up note example, for example, is that if we confirm any But God moment has to be NAR deception i would not see as holistic (but rather niche or thesis driven a bit more perhaps). Jmac sees no grace for America (as pastor JD may well concur). Yet the Wall Street Journal has coined a 2022 and increasing phenomenon occurring in our country as term: The School-Choice Election Wave. Since COVID lockdowns, parents saw what kids were learning. Since then there has been a huge wave movement toward school choice in the country, undermining the problematic influences of the teachers union. A phenomenon that is real. And increasing. Some might see Asbury as emblematic of such. Where this goes we don’t know. But it would seem a But God smack back against the pandemic overreach. And in like fashion, I would just caution not subjecting too many things under banners of God’s lack of grace toward our age…while we are still in His age of grace. Yeah…me again…lol…blessings.


Asbury “Revival” Examined, Rick Warren’s Church Ousted From SBC - YouTube


I was a little uncomfortable watching the discussion last night. Everyone is right about JD being very gracious. I have never heard of this gentleman before and am sure he loves the Lord. I think he does have a very different view of the Hope we have in Jesus’ return, but as Dallas mentioned, he seems to be hanging on the to hope that this world will get better. I guess I would too if I still had children at home and was looking at it through their eyes, but I agree with JD in being up front and honest with our children about the age we live in. I lived through the “Rapture Craze” of the 70’s when the movie “A Thief in The Night” was playing in all the churches. It was truly a wake-up call to young people that we are not promised any length of time on earth. We should be mindful of our heavenly future more than our earthly future.
I also think Bud has a true heart for the lost and getting the Gospel out there at all costs. JD believes he is doing what God has called him to and that is most important to him and not getting over involved in political agendas. Thank you, Pastor JD for caring about your flock and being faithful to teaching the Word of God in its entirety.


As I listen…

I feel that this guest doth protest too much in his felt need (?) to explain and rationalize—also scripturize—his family’s move off the island.

Less is more in some things.


As for the Asbury gathering, I do not see it as a revival. Where is the repentance? Where are those who are being saved and “Revived”? Time will tell if any go out from the place and spread the gospel which is one sign of true revival. Also, watch and listen to the worship. Who is leading worship? You might be surprised, and the music is from popular cult worship. Not a good representation of the gospel and what the Word of God says. It has other godly worship written all over it. That in of itself should be a definite sign, IMO.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14


@21m 24s - 22m-43

[speaking of adhering to plandemic restrictions etc…] We didn’t do it under the banner of resistance, we did it under the banner of obedience [to God]…is that fair?

Pastor JD

Possibly the respective positions of Pastor JD and Pastor Bud are highlighted by reversing this:

[speaking of adhering to plandemic restrictions etc…] We didn’t do it under the banner of obedience to God, we did it under the banner of resistance [to Government]…as Activated Christians?


Nope, this was no discussion at all.

It was more like a rude solo monologue that was like a jackhammer sounding off to overwhelm the sidekick and the audience…

…sounded like a “stonebreaker“ jackhammer to me.

After 20 minutes of this rudeness towards Pastor JD, I stopped watching….which is the first time I’ve ever not watched an entire Pastor JD Presentation.


Let me start with great to see you back in the driver’s seat Jason. You were sorely missed in your abscence and I pray that all that was needed taken care of was done with great success.

I did a long piece over on the MeWe group for wayward forum fellowshippers. I will not repeat it here.

Basically I was saddened that what every arose prior to the filming spilled over and stopped the actual intended discussion. It is my prayer that they attempt it again and soon but this time stay on topic.

That being said for what actually transpired, there was a definite problem for which Pastor Bud could not overcome as he drug it out in front of the cameras. Now for what he did discuss I can understand his view point. By the same token for what little Pastor JD was allowed to interject I also understand his view point. What I think both may be missing is they are pretty much talking about the same subject but where they differ is how to put it into practice.

Ultimately and very sadly I think we watched the hand of Satan at work here keeping them both off topic. Yet I am anxiously awaiting to see how God uses this for good because I am pretty sure He will.

Lastly I did have to chuckle at the resemblance of things in recent times as they have played out on the forum, two people who love the Lord but have different backgronds and as such different viewpoints. Both arguing their viewpoint on the same agreed concept and never realizing they agree to the underlying concept just differ on how the put it into practice.

But ultimately and I don’t mean this to be derogatory Pastor Bud was a less than spectacular guest and Pastor JD was an excellent and gracious host. From that style interaction there was much to learn about listening to various pastors. Many times they agree and never realize that they do.

Sunday is going to be interesting because I have seen brothers and sisters on both sides of the fence with the Asbury event. All of them well meaning and devoted Christians but, not agreeing on what happened or how it happened. Looking forward to Pastor JDs viewpoint on that one. It will likely be a doozy. Can I get a Yee-Haw ride em cowboy for this coming Sunday?


I did feel it was a one sided discussion. JD was very quiet.

Thanks I heard him say activated Christian but missed this somehow.

yee-haw ride em cowboy. I agree Sunday is likely to be a doozy.


Yes. My thoughts exactly. I dont know Bud so I was giving him a little grace. He may be just gruff in his demeanor and JD did invite him, so clearly there is a friendship there, but he was a little anxious (feet were dancin’).


This makes me really want to watch this video now. Thanks brother. :slight_smile:


This was a difficult watch to get all the way through it.

With all due respect to them both and their friendship, I found it disheartening the way it went.

I commend Pastor JD for his patience and his discernment in what he did chose to engage on.

There is a lot to be learned here not just in information, but in how to deal with this kind of situation as well, in our encounters in real life.

All I need to really say.

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