February 25, 2022 - Isaiah 66 - Humble Yourself

:hawaiianshirt_1: Pastor JD talks about how God, through the prophet Isaiah always looks upon, and is moved by, those who are humble and tremble at His Word.

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JD, thank you for your great teaching on Isaiah. I pray that God blesses you and your ministry.
You have truly blessed my life, since being led into your ministry.
Warmly Doc :dove:


Oh I loved this Message. I watched it this morning on my Roku TV. I watched the Worship - I usually don’t, but this was the only Version available…what a Blessing I got from the Worship Service.


An answer to prayer. I know that Pastor JD is following the books in his sermons, but the timing of this one landed squarely on my heart.
I have been working on my father’s estate these past few months. My mother and oldest brother passed away in 2020, and Dad this past September.
Still living are two brothers. One older, the other younger than I. The older one calls himself the “black sheep of the family” for good reason.
When my mother passed away suddenly, I stayed with my father for four and a half months helping him any way that I could. During that time I took care of the business for my brother who had become gravely ill when learning of our mother’s condition. He lived with them at their request. True to form, the older brother did nothing to help Dad and I. Six weeks after I returned home, my brother and his wife descended on Dad. They moved him from Florida to Texas. They put their name on his new bank account and began verbally and emotionally abusing my 94 year old father. I live in Ohio. They stole enough of Dad’s things to fill a 26 foot Uhaul.
Dad’s youngest brother and I worked to get Dad out of Texas. By May 1st, my uncle and I had acquired an apartment and moved his things into it. I replaced many of the things that my brother had stolen to allow for Dad’s comfort. We (more family) enjoyed five wonderful months with him!
Now for why this teaching landed on my heart.
Mom and Dad were adamant that all things be shared equally. How do I do that when one brother has the Lion’s Share of the best things already? I have already assisted my brothers in acquiring benefits owed them. I have cash available to help even the score. Do I withhold the cash from the older brother and divide it between the younger brother and myself? Devil whisperers, Go ahead, do it. The Holy Spirit says not to, naturally.
Pastor JD’s words pricked my heart and I knew what I should do. All things to be divided equally as though no harm, no foul, had been done. I cannot be a good servant if I do not adhear to God’s words. Pride can masquerade as many different things.
Thank you❣



And God Smiled…


Pastor JD mentioned this song. Give Me Jesus.


I just love this family!


i love this song. :heart:


Me too. Didn’t they finally have a baby girl after 6 boys? All beautiful.


Oh I didn’t know that…I haven’t listened to them in a while but I used to watch their videos about their life style, etc.

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I love this family as well. I really enjoy the music where the kids sing with their parents. The new song “Behold our God” by Sounds like Reign is a new favorite of mine. I also like the song, “Is He Worthy” by Sounds like Reign.


They do make beautiful music. Softly and Tenderly is my favorite.