February 6, 2022 - James 1:1 – The Good That Trials Produce

:hawaiianshirt_1: Pastor JD talks about the good that trials produce in our lives, and why it is that we should actually welcome them and even consider them pure joy.

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I absolutely love the Book of James! I’m SO excited to be in this book now!! I love James’ approach. He’s too the point. The words he penned by the Holy Spirit come full force at me like beinv hit by a 2x4 between the eyes. But, I like that direct approach. Clear. Simple. Straightforward.


This was such a good sermon! I am going through Ezekiel since I wanted to understand it more (feels like it will be upon us soon) but I decided to read James as well to follow along with the studies. What a great start! I learned a few things and was able to pass those things along to a fellow brother in Christ. My favorite part of the sermon was to ask β€œwhat are you doing in me by allowing this trial?” versus β€œwhy are you allowing this?”