Feel overwhelmed with grief, depression, anxiety and need encouragement and prayer

I have struggled with depression and anxiety all my life. I am currently disabled and in chronic pain needing hip and back surgery. I’m grieving the loss of my mom, my estranged son, my children rejecting Jesus, the loss of my dog of 13 years. I can’t drive or walk and am so very lonely. I’m have a really bad night and just need prayer and encouragement. I know and believe with my whole heart we are on the verge of being in the presence of Jesus and all the pain and sickness will be gone forever. Just need to know that tonight I have family I don’t know out there caring about my heart. Thank you and may God pour out his grace and mercy to us all :heart:


Prayers for you…that the Lord refresh and renew you.


Oh dear Kristin . . . May you find Jesus ever so close to comfort and ease your weary heart. May you find Jesus ever so close, and in His presence find relief from your pain and hope for all of your tomorrows. He is close to the broken-hearted, and gives rest to the weary, oh, may the heaviness lift and the pain lesson . . . Close your eyes and imagine . . . He is right there!


My prayer in a song for you dear sister. Hold on. Hold on to faith and hope and JESUS!


I’m just sitting here with you awhile. I think we know each other by heart. One day we’ll see each face to face. I’d recognize you anywhere! :two_hearts::pray:t3:


Well @krw, you are not alone. There are a number of members here in similar situations, loss of family, family rejecting them for various reasons, disabled, in pain. You do not suffer alone even if you are presently by yourself. Even our best prayer warrior @Jon is going through some of that now.

So first off remember nothing can separate you from the love of Jesus. That being said, He is also going with you through your troubles. Seek him first and foremost. As I told another member in pain, don’t ever give up on Jesus. He is with you. You may not sense His presence but He is most definitely there and He may choose to alleviate some of your suffering. Also remember what ever suffering happening now may seem harsh and hard to deal with but, in eternity it will be forever gone and likely forgotten. Kind of like what happens to a Mom giving birth, lots of pain to the point of birth but then quickly forgotten after. You should know that with having a son. If you can make it through his birth you can make it through this.

What I have often been told is that when I pray first seek in scripture promises of God and then when you pray remind God of those promises and ask him to be merciful and fulfill them for you in your given situation.

In the mean time and till Jon shows up with a better prayer here goes nothing.

Heavenly Father, I ask of you for your hurting child, that your peace be given to her, that your presence through Jesus be known, that you allow her to walk closely to you that your mercy shower her with relief. Grant her strength to endure, peace to deal with her suffering, and let her hope in you be fulfilled that she may live and serve you through her suffering and give you praise for your mercy. In Jesus’ name I ask these things. For you glory and praise.



touch Kristen with your healing touch and hold her in your loving arms, Holy Spirit comfort her and give her sweet rest in Jesus, surround her with your Holy angels in Jesus name! Amen!


Hey, Kristin-
I was going through some depression tonight as well. All I got was puffy eyes and a nose full of snot. Made it hard to breathe for awhile. You’re never alone as you know, because Jesus is with you always and that Holy Spirit with you is rocking you back and forth (not too hard though) and patting you on the head. The pain through emotional torment is probably overriding the physical pain you feel at times. At least it has me a lot.

Like you, I needed to know I wasn’t alone. Jesus kinda slapped me upside the head and asked, “What am I? Chopped liver?” Then we had a snicker ( not the candy bar) and I went about things.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please comfort Kristin with a blessing of peace and calm in her heart tonight as she battles with the loss of loved ones alive and gone. She reads like many of us; a country song which we know will be played backwards when we’re with You. Instead of losing everything, we get it back.

Please heal, mend, or take away the pain she feels, physically, mentally, and emotionally should it be Your will (which I really hope it is). Please galvanize her with protection from evil and those not of You but also, transform her despair into hope and depression into happiness and sorrow into rejoicing. Aide her as You see best through this night and should tomorrow come with a rising sun in her eyes, please refresh her heart with an over abundance of joy and replenish the Holy Spirit in her again.

Please help her feel Your control in her life, Father, as she sits and deals with the earthly troubles.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Little gas, nothing more lol. Seriously though, thanks for the prayers on that and with Kristin, I think you did another great prayer.

Oh yeah! Best prayer warrior? Eh, I’m probably sub par. Maybe just this side of adequate. :joy: Thank ya for the compliment.


@krw hi Kristen,

i’m not much of a text typing person unlike the others who loves to type long and long beautiful prayers… i’m so introvert that i just don’t talk much… yes i get lonely too but Jesus comforts me every day and every night i talk to him about what’s on my mind and heart, i know He listens because i feel His love and i feel His peace. i don’t have pets, i don’t have kids, i have been single and protected by my Heavenly Father since i invited Jesus into my heart in 1991. i don’t want to get married, i don’t want a boyfriend, i just wanna go home with Jesus just like you. We are almost home i can feel it! Soon we will wake up from a bad dream and be in a happy place with Jesus for eternity. :yellow_heart:


Kristen i am glad you posted tonight. I was thinking about you the other day and prayed for you and wondered how you were.
Please try joining us daily in the cafe so we can check in with you and pray with you and for you and you can hopefully get some encouragement from all the sweet people who stop in there daily.



When a member of the family of God is hurting, we hurt :disappointed: :pray:.

If you’d like to speak to someone, here is a number you can call 24/7 for prayer. It is from In Touch Ministries (Dr. Charles Stanley) -


God Bless & Maranatha :revolving_hearts:


Achingly so dear Kristin.


Amen! Yes Lord amen!


Kristin- you are definitely not alone in your struggles… and there is no better group to walk along side you in these times of difficulty than the good people on this Forum, and especially this thread. Many on this thread have known the kinds of physical and/or emotional pain you are dealing with, and for some of us it continues almost unrelenting.
I won’t bore you with all the details, but the last 3-4 years have changed my life completely- I used to be very active physically and socially. This all came to a screeching stop about 3 years ago, when I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease that causes pain as well as stumbling and falling almost every day, and has severely compromised my ability to speak- or to share the gospel. I am essentially house bound and have had to throw out my entire Bucket List. I also underwent two spinal surgeries for degenerative disc disease, and within the past 3 months I have developed chronic bursitis in both hips. So the chronic pain continues, and I truly understand what you are going through.

I do not like sharing the extent of my problems with others because we all have our afflictions, and I am only doing this with you so that you know you have fellow believers who genuinely care for each other and to tell you without a doubt that it is ONLY God who enables me to get up each day and rinse, lather and repeat. If He is doing for me He will do it for you too.
I must honor God’s sovereign will in all areas of my life. I know He does not afflict His children with out a good reason, and I trust Him to tend the fire heating the crucible of my suffering so that only the impurities are burned away, and whatever value there is remains. This is a process of purification, of sanctifying me, and whatever His reasons are for what I am going through, it must continue up until the moment of Jesus’ return. And I have experienced His great mercy and compassion in ways I never had in all my 38 years since He saved me.
So, of course I will pray for you, the same prayer I have prayed for myself for the past 3 years (like the persistent widow) and for others in need. He has not answered it yet but He can, any day now:
“Abba Father, I have known you in the past as Yahweh Rapha, the Lord who Heals… You know my prayers are to be healed completely, and I trust that if You are willing You can heal me, so I will keep asking in faith for You to heal my speech, to order my steps aright, and to remove this disease from me. But if it is not your will to heal me for whatever reasons, I will still follow You, love and worship You, and serve Your kingdom as much I am able for all my remaining days. You have mercifully granted me a measure of relief from my pain on my worst days, and for this I thank You and Praise you. You have shown me that your grace is indeed sufficient for me, and I trust that you have a purpose for these afflictions. But Lord, despite my faith in You and Your perfect will, I confess that there are still days when I do not bear my condition well and complain about how difficult my life is- so please forgive me for my complaining and give me extra measures of grace for those bad days because You know Father, that the true desires of my heart remain unchanged:
• I want to somehow honor and glorify You in my affliction; and I don’t see how I am doing this, so open my eyes Lord.
• I desire to know all that You desire to teach me in this affliction.
You are the King of the universe and of my life so it is to You alone, Lord that I lift up my heart in this valley of tears. When I need it, remind me that I walk by faith, not sight and that I still abide in You no matter how broken my body becomes. Help me to look ahead to the day that I finally see you-freed from sin, temptation, and disease by Your precious blood. Keep my mind fixed on the unimaginable peace and joy that await me after the trials of this life are over and You bring me home. Father- let that day come soon. Lord let Your will be done not mine, for Your ways are perfect, and I understand so little.”

Kristin, if there is anything you want me to change or add, let me know. Sorry for the long post, and I will end it by saying keep the faith and endure until it is over!


I could not agree more with you, Jack… @Jon is one of the most committed people on this Forum in praying for others; it seems like his name shows up in every thread requesting prayer. And you are no slouch either!
So thank you both- your faithfulness puts me to shame…


I am praying for you


Don’t get down!!! Jesus is coming very soon!!! Do you live close to Portland?? I’d love to find a buddy here…I make amazing food and would be happy to bring a meal and hangout. For now, I’m praying :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


I will absolutely pray @krw.
Just a little while longer…:revolving_hearts:


@krw hey Kristen :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you watched this?