Feeling A Strong Anticipation

When I was a child the anticipation for Christmas started a whole month early, the closer to Christmas it got the stronger that anticipation grew.

That being said… I have been in a constant state of anticipation and tonight the feeling is still strong as ever if not stronger. Not for Christmas though, but for the Rapture, to go home. Like everyone else on this forum, I am ready to go, I can’t wait. I actually feel a little disappointed when the day comes to an end and we are still here.

Paul the Apostle spoke of seeing heaven, but he wasn’t permitted to say what exactly he saw or heard. But based on the way he speaks of it, you know it had to of been a mind blowing experience for him.

1 Corinthians 2:9 “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

To me I read this as basically saying man has not even conceived what is in Heaven. So as incredible as the art work, the movies and such that man has used to create places of incredible beauty, nothing in the human imagination can compare with what God has in store for us.

Reading in Revelation where it describes the New Jerusalem and details the twelve foundations made of all these precious stones. The streets of pure gold, clear as glass. The color of this city from the light shining through out of it will be amazing, mind blowing. The Bible only gives small glimpses of what awaits us and as incredible as those small glimpses are, how much more incredible will it be to finally see it all with our own glorified eyes? I can’t wait. The anticipation I feel on a daily basis, sometimes i can’t describe it, I am so ready to go.



This is beautiful and gives me such a good feeling of warmth and peace. Thank you :blush:


So beautifully stated!!:heart: I feel the same… longing for home and to see, face to face, our Lord and King, Jesus.


Yaaaaass!!! Lets GOOOOOOOO!!!:innocent::pray:


Hey MD,
I feel the same way! Your post made me want to share what comes to mind when I hear the song, “I Can Only Imagine.” I think it’s by Third Day. When I sing along I sing, “I can’t even imagine.” I only know that my LORD will be there and I want to sit at His feet and learn and bask in His love. I understand that God is omnipresent but my most fervent desire is to be in His immediate presence.
I’m pretty sure (lol) we won’t be forever sitting and adoring Him. I’ve been praying lately that I’m faithful in whatever He has planned for my future, but I cry sometimes thinking about the ability to be “near” Him in a better way. And I’m not prone to tears.
I pray for those who have not yet believed because our future is so, so unbelievably amazing… and an unbeliever’s is so dreadful. Still, my sense of excitement and strong desire is unlike anything I’ve ever known. I want to go home now! I’m encouraged by others who feel the same way. Thanks for sharing!


Funny . . . Last Christmas I had this sense/thought that I wouldn’t have another. I’ve always loved the Christmas season and have kept Christ at the center of it. . . It’s always been a time when I felt most able to share my faith with family and friends who seemed to embrace the secular celebration. This year, perhaps prompted by concerns about rising inflation and supply chain interruptions, Ive already shipped some gifts and have other packages ready to send this week. The thought has kept slipping into my mind, though, “Will I see another Christmas?”

I wish that I could say that I’m as excited at the thought of the rapture as I’ve always been about celebrating Christmas . . . But, to be truthful with you, I’m finding it hard not to feel anxious . . . My heart is just so broken, especially for the ones I love whose feet are firmly planted and who give me no assurance that they have come to believe in Jesus. I pray that God would give me some word to let me know that He has heard my prayers and that they will all be ok. . . Somehow I just feel such a weight of responsibility . . . Such a longing to know that they will fill the places at our table at the wedding feast. I’m kinda tired. . . Tired of wrestling with this . . . Pray for me . . . And the ones I love so dearly . . .


I’ll pray for them as I pray for mine, maybe we will celebrate Christmas in heaven this year, I can’t think of a better way to do it.


I am so blessed when I listen to this group. Their music helped me thru chemo.


When I hear them, I will never forget that you told me that. That’s amazing.


It’s by MercyMe :slight_smile:


Same… actually I had forgotten about it until now. Too much drama in my life with my kids Christmas hasn’t been really a fun thing for a very long time. And then of course there’s always leads to talk about it being a paganism holiday and so on and so on. It really only met one thing to me. I kind of lost that years ago though.

But yes last year I have the same feeling but that was it… now as every day drags on and on and on and we see more horror before our eyes I have began to wonder the significance of that thought. Every day I say it why are we still here.


Sad that, @December_Mist . . . Like Narnia . . . “Always winter but never Christmas” . . . I always loved the wonder of it . . . Always loved to create a time when I could try to steer hearts heavenward, whilst rekindling the peace and promise in my own, oft times tired soul. . . Now, in this ever thickening cloud of evil surrounding the world entire I feel such a sense of urgency, but I don’t know what to DO with it. I’m sorrowing greatly because I now SEE just how this evil has been advancing all of my life, and I didn’t recognize the real depth of it I guess. It brings to mind the scene at the end of Schindler’s list where Oscar Schindler broke down and said something like, “I might have saved one more!” . . . I wonder, was my witness too shallow? Why didn’t I follow more closely, Lord? Why didn’t I see more clearly?

And now, I feel as though I’ve become a broken record here! Longing for more of Jesus! Longing for rescue!! But so longing to make up for lost time while there is still time, and not having a clue how to do it! And then I hear old Ebenezer Scrooge in my mind, “God forgive me for the time I’ve wasted.”

Sorry to just go on and on! Just feeling so out of sorts and so wishing I could shout “Maranatha,” with great excitement and enthusiasm . . . And wondering again how one is filled with Joyful anticipation while weeping . . .


Song sparrow- how poetic your thoughts - ……… MARANATHA


My sentiments exactly. I am almost afraid to get too excited about the rapture and how soon it could be (a gnat’s eyebrow away), because I keep getting disappointed when He doesn’t return. Then, when I watch Tom Horn of SkywatchTV and he talks about 2025 is possibly the year, I get mad, sad, discouraged, and then disappointed. Oh well…we just have to keep encouraging each other in Christ.


speaking of Xmas, feeling there wouldn’t be another, I also had felt this way about Thanksgiving. but it looks like we’re getting another one of those. who knows. hopefully it’ll be tastier than last year’s. I don’t celebrate “the holidays” when it comes to Xmas or anything else but still I really thought things would be so much worse in a year, and while they are indeed worse now, I’m surprised I’m still thriving. what about next year? don’t know but I’ll see i guess. I feel a strong anticipation too. so far covid culture is still the big thing 2 years in. but more and more people are going maskless around where I live. it’s good to see. I imagine possible war soon around me but again I’m surprised we haven’t already seen it.


That is a lovely reminder. It will be amazing just to be in the presence of the Lord. No more worries, sickness pain or tears. In my heart, I have let go of the things on earth I used to think of as my possessions. I tell the Lord every day I want to go home. I want everyone to come with me. I don’t want anyone to be lost. I used to to think the scenery around me was beautiful but it all seems to have shrunk and is not as impressive to me any more. The once clean air seems to have something in it that makes it harder to breathe. I feel quite strongly that this time next year we won’t recognize the world if we are still here and I hope we are not.


Oh my, you said all that so beautifully. I believe you truly do have joy, because your heart is full of the Lord and anguish for the lost. The gospel has grown in you over time just as it should have. God’s time is not our time and He is telling you that what is in you is Him. His love, his longing for His bride, His knowledge of good and evil, His broken heart for those who reject Him. Old Ebenezer is a perfect example of what the church is like today. Hopefully it will harken to His warnings and turn it’s heart toward Home! Cheer up dear one; it’s almost shoutin’ time.