Feeling like a failure

Hi brothers and sisters. First off, I want to say that I see all these prayer requests and my heart hurts for what you all are going through. I’ll be praying for you guys and the safety of the church.

I just wanted to ask for your prayers for my mental health. For the past few years now I’ve just been feeling like a failure. Right now in my life, it’s only gotten worse and I keep disappointing myself in everything I do. Today was a really difficult, emotional, and disappointing day. I know I’m being vague but it would be too much to describe. I’m worried I’m becoming depressed and I’m not going to finish my schooling. I’ve been praying and trying my best to run to the Lord but sometimes my anxious thoughts are so overwhelming. I know things could be worse and I’m grateful for all God has done for me but it’s hard to think that things will get better. I would appreciate your prayers thank you


Prayers for you that the Lord would refresh and renew your mind.


Well, you might get a little more prayer than just for that but it’s a good thing.

Well, I have to chuckle because as I’m reading this I thought, “Y’mean that’s not normal to think? I’m in bigger trouble than I thought!”

Time that gets course corrected, eh?

We’ll, you’re doing better than a majority of the world as they’ve all become depressed far back in time. It probably all started when Dunkin’ Donuts stopped just selling coffee and donuts.

Whatever you’re facing, don’t let it get you overwhelmed. Actually don’t let it whelm you either. Don’t know what kind of schooling you’re doing…I may venture a guess at something in medicine…or IT? I don’t know. It could be culinary arts for all I know and that in itself is a daunting industry even to learn how to do.

You know God has your back. You know He has you in His hands. Everything that is happening is for a reason and in the end, His good and His will are in what we are facing. Hard to see it at times, but we know the truth. If you didn’t, now you do.

Now look at yourself. Go look at a mirror, I’ll wait. Now when you looked at yourself all you saw was you…by the way, you may wanna remove that piece of mucus off your left nostril…yeah, good. What you won’t see is what is really there with ya all the time. Jesus. Pretty cool to know He is putting His hands on your shoulder and carrying you through your day. Don’t let those worries and problems stress ya out to the point you can’t look at the world and smile at the grandness of His plan. Take a step back and breathe, man. Breathe deep. No, deeper than that. Well not enough to make ya cough but you get the idea.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please place upon @cm today a renewed sense of peace and calm in their heart and mind. Please continue to transform their problems into solutions, questions into answers, worries and fears into Godly confidence and courage; please transform their weaknesses into strength and whatever trials into victories. Bless them with a continual Spiritual wisdom and knowledge to overcome their obstacles throughout the day (either today or tomorrow, whichever will help best for right now),

Help them to see things in not such a dire way but help them to take a step back, assess the environment and smile, knowing You have whatever situation they are facing, in Your hands. And remind them, give You their worries, woes, and something else that starts with ‘w’ that I can’t figure out to You daily (wackiness…let’s go with wackiness.)

Help them to laugh and realize in the end, there was nothing to be stressed or worry about. “Be still and know that I am God.
You have whatever problems they face under control, and whatever outcome appears, You have it ready for Your good and @cm will come out ahead in the end.

Please transform their trials into victories and rejuvenate the calm they once had through Your Holy Spirit speaking to them in order to be a walking, talking, living, breathing depiction of why having You in our life to trust in is the only way to go as they smile in the face of adversity from whatever point they read this until we go home. Please wrestle whatever burdens they face for them and give them peace and calm again.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Dear cm,thank you for your kind words to others suffering on here,you sound like a caring,sensitive soul.I understand how it is to feel a failure,and how anxious thoughts can overwhelm you.I pray that you will not get depressed.


I am praying for you this morning @cm .

Because of the days in which we live, there’s no guarantee that they won’t become even more difficult, emotional and disappointing…for all. As JD says…”But God…” :wink:

God can do anything! Perhaps you can’t and perhaps I can’t. But God can! Let His strength be your strength. Praise Him in the midst of the storms. Literally praise Him. It will change your focus.

I didn’t really come here to give advice. Just to give you added assurance with the others that I will continue to pray for you and let God do the rest. :dove:

You sound like you might be in college.

Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will also help you, I will also uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

Isaiah 41:10. This scripture helps me a great deal.


I’m praying for you along with all the others. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Amen! That is what I have learned. It has changed me. I still forget sometimes but am quicker to remember, so I count it a victory.

I will pray for you. @cm


I’m sorry to hear how down you feel. I really feel for you. I’ve gone through, and still go through much the same. This is not an easy journey, huh? It’s such a cliche, I know. But I mean it. Remind yourself that you’re not alone, many sisters and brothers share the same kinds of difficulties right now. It’s not alarming, it’s not undesired either, as the Lord often uses these periods of times in our life to work up on some deep issues we have. So trust in His work that will not stop! Even when you feel like it. Remind yourself also about the words of God that tell us not to be surprised or frightened about the heat of the battle we’re facing. It’s common for us all here. And it will work much good if we persevere. And persevering is from the Lord too! Just ask. :slight_smile:

What I do when I feel utterly dismayed and discouraged, I just “throw myself in the hands of the Lord”. Metaphorically. I stop trying, pushing, struggling, wriggling… I just surrender. I tell Him, “Here I am, please receive me. I’m at the bottom, I’m nothing, and I am a failure, total failure. Please accept me Lord, please receive me, even as I am. When I’m nothing, when I’m empty, when it’s not my own working and my own “wonderfulness”, then it’s all You. Please pick me up, I’m falling, I cannot get up, and the light can’t shine into the depths of this pit, it’s too deep. Please be my Light in this darkness. Please drive away my fears and my dismay. Drive away the darkness. Please strengthen me again, I have no energy in my body, nor my spirit. But I trust myself in your good care, I am waiting, my Lord. Please have your way in me!”

And so on. And the above is my prayer for you, too, I prayed it in my heart as I was typing, meaning you. <3

Remember also that when we’re depressed, it’s normal not to be able to see that things can once again get better. It’s totally natural and normal. It just doesn’t feel good in the moment, does it?? But knowing this, if you remind yourself that in your current condition and situation you can’t see the probability of things getting better again, then it is easier to tolerate. You don’t need to try and push the feeling of hope and seeing into future better times. It’s enough if you can get through today, setting smaller goalposts, not yet into a better, bright future. But just today. Getting through today. Focusing on how to live through just today, throwing yourself in the arms of the Master who once, among other things, stilled the raging sea with His word. He can still the storms of your life, too. Easy for Him.

And very importantly, don’t guilt trip yourself about how you feel now. You don’t need to feel cheerful and happy-happy. This is a journey of many tears and much afflictions to most of us. So don’t fear to cry and feel down. It’s part of this journey, and often a very big part of it. So let it be. Cry to the Lord!

Don’t entertain the kind of self talk where you speak to yourself in a degrading, dismissive manner, like, “I should feel joyful. I should do this. I should do that. I shouldn’t be like this or that”. (of course excluding obvious sins! We should deal with it and not make excuses for it. But even for sins, the Lord will help us when we confess our sins! Beating ourselves up isn’t constructive.)

It’s only going to make you feel worse to beat yourself up mentally. Accept this moment the way it is and look up to the Lord to show you the next step. We’re all so undone and corrupted in many ways, and we carry many wounds that He needs to and He wants to heal. And it’s often quite painful when those old sores are opened and cleaned up, medicated and bound.

I’ve been a total failure all my life. I’m still basically nothing. I’ve been too ill physically and too wounded in my soul, my life kind of went past while I was struggling, and now I’m left with nothing, my health failing, and I’m still nothing.

I used to beat myself up for it, until I realized that I was only making things worse, and I also probably made the Lord sad. If He gave me just a tiny, single talent, no more, no less, then I should accept it and deal with it faithfully. Not complain that I wasn’t given more. It’s not much, to me it seems like nothing, and it used to make me feel like a complete failure, but this is all I have, so this is all I have to deal with. May the Lord bless the tiny talent that I was entrusted with. May I be faithful with it.

And if that’s what it is for you too, don’t worry, be faithful in the very little, very tiny. We aren’t all going to be “big and successful” and with many talents. Some are only given a single talent. As the good Lord Himself chooses, He distributes.

It’s not in those big skills, success and possessions. The way the world sees them. Even many Christians erroneously! For someone it can be the simple heart that thanks the Lord for the new morning. That is a tiny talent well used. And it may be all. So don’t set higher expectations for you or your life that can be met. Sometimes we “fail” and it’s precisely the purpose for our life in the Lord’s plans. Think Joseph. He “failed”; he was thrown in the well, sold to the Egyptians, became a slave for years and even was thrown in prison for no fault of his own. Yet it was all planned by the Lord. He used those circumstances and events to save the entire nation of Israel.

We may not all rise to the spectacular heights and success of Joseph’s latter years, but whatever happens in our lives, it’s well mental health preserving to remind ourselves about Joseph. No beating up ourselves! We don’t know where this will lead us. And along the way, the Lord will train us and cleanse us and heal us. He equips us for the future, and He walks with us along that chosen path. Just like He did with Joseph, and so many others.

I’m sorry this was long and windy! But it was from my heart to yours. I am praying for you dear! May the Lord comfort you and strengthen you. May He give you His peace, peace above all understanding.

Cry! Cry to the Lord! Let the tears flow! Don’t fear feeling down and blue. Allow it to be. It’s OK. It will work it’s function. Read and sing the Psalms, those where the psalmist cries out to the Lord in the agony and despair of his soul. They are lamentations written for our benefit, too. For our days. For our life where we need to cry out and lament. Sometimes without a single positive note, such as in Psalm 88.

I love you! I am praying for you! <3


Thank you so much for your reply Jon. I’m grateful for your humor and wonderful prayer! God bless you :smile:


Thank you Rebecca you’re too kind. I appreciate your prayer!


Thank you so much for your reply and for praying for me. Being encouraged by other believers is such a blessing :relieved:


Thank you, God bless you! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much I really appreciate it!!


Hi Ruth, thank you so much for taking the time to write this for me. Your words are so moving and this has comforted me so much already. I really love your perspective on how we need to be grateful for the small success and talents God gives us. You give great advice! Thank you for the prayers and your kindness, God bless you!!! Hope to see you in the clouds someday soon.


Thank you @Ruth! You have blessed me as well by your encouragement from one who has been there. God bless you for your well spoken words that come from a Spirit-filled heart. :heart:


What @Ruth said :smiley::+1:t4:
Considering copy paste into my notes for quick reference. It’s so applicable that I am also blessed by it. That’s from the Holy Spirit. It brings hope and joy to my heart and I am grateful to The Lord and grateful that she followed in obedience to say it.


@Ruth, count me as another one to whom you encouraged with your message. Thank you, and God bless your gift, right here.


Dear CM,
I can see the Lord is doing a work in you…not a quick fix but a solid pillar type building there…something fine and good and strong because it is causing you to know you have to do everything WITH JESUS. That is what you know now that He is doing the work. I see a humility that shines out through all the hard times and circumstance and His strength is replacing yours His peace is with you and the breaking of our strong wills is what we all need…It makes us of great use to the Lord. he will make your Spiritual Man strong. When good things begin to happen in your life you will know it is Jesus and not you and you will give God Glory for taking you out of the fog and into the place He is guiding you to daily…minute by minute hour by hour we need Jesus… in this life, every second sometimes …You will look back on this time later on and see how the Lord used every failure as a stepping stone to make you into the man that He is making you to be …You will be more forgiving and more kind and when you see the pain you have known in the eyes of others you will feel Gods love and grace. for them … I pray that you will just believe God anyway no matter what the circumstances and trust that He is able to hold you together … Open a way where there is no way. Life is very hard sometimes but it does not mean God loves us any less. He loves us we are His kids…and
that is not based on our performance. God loves us because God IS LOVE. He will never love you any more or any less …He loves YOU… He has a plan with a future and a hope. You are a child of God …This is who you are in Christ Jesus and nothing can change it.
Years back I found a gold necklace in a parking lot with a pendant that had 50 little diamonds in the shape of a heart…it was dirty and it had been run over a couple times too which had smashed the clasp a bit but none of the things that happened to it changed it’s worth …it was still solid gold and diamonds…just like you are dear brother…you are a one of a kind original made by God creation and He will help you through to the other side of what you are going through. I pray for you to let go of all condemnation in the name of Jesus. I pray you will take courage every morning and depressed or not go through the motions of getting cleaned up and dressed to the shoes, take out the trash and do all the mundane meaningless tasks that need to be done, and just take care of what is on your plate each day as best you can. I pray God will supply all your needs through his riches in Christ Jesus. I pray He will give you a blessing bigger than you can hold in Jesus name :heart:


Hi, I’m sorry I’m late to reply. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond with such kindness. Your prayers are wonderful and I’m so grateful. I’m still feeling anxious and overwhelmed every day but I’m praying and begging God to help me. I do trust that only he can help fix my problems at this point


Thank you Ruth… I needed this wisdom today

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