Feeling of foreboding tonight

I have a very strong sense of foreboding tonight. I’m wondering if anyone else is feeling that. I’m feeling like prayers are needed for many, but I’m not sure for what exactly. Is the spirit leading anyone else in what evil is afoot? I know there is a LOT of evil happening, but this feels ramped up.

Thank you!


Not sure if It’s the same feeling your having, but something has felt off to me for the last several days. Earlier for a moment I thought I could hear a horn blow off in the distance. Unfortunately it wasn’t the last trumpet sounding. Still… not sure what it was, and still just that weird feeling of something being off.


Did you hear the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that his Hawaii?


That is exactly how my friend described how she felt yesterday. Like everything was ‘off’.

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I didn’t hear about that! I watch Dutchsinse on YouTube and he says we are in for some big quakes worldwide this next few weeks. We’ll see.


Yeah just checked in on a friend in the Hilo area. She said gentle sway for a moment and her friend about 25 miles away said her car was jumping up and down like a jumping jack.

Side note, there are a couple other things happening right now that could blow up into somehting bad. Central US from Dallas up through Oklahoma, Kansas and into southern Nebraska are bracing for some severe weather that could produce a number of tornados. La Palma is still spewing lava like a blow torch and there is a black out in Lebanon due to economic crisis in the country. Power plants can’t pay for fuel to keep the generators running. That could blow up many ways being that close to Israel.

I don’t sense foreboding but if others do then yeah time to get into the prayer closet.


I have no sense of foreboding but I did watch a few videos about the HUGE group of estimated between 60K - 200K migrants streaming up toward the Texas border.

Night all and Lord Bless everyone.


Actually, I have felt a real heaviness cloak around our home. The skies have been cloudy, dank and humid. It left me in tears this morning. I identify with many of you.
Like in the waiting.


Well a 6.9 hit the Alaska peninsula during the night hours. Thankfully no ocean wide tsunami happened. Now this is not a sense of foreboding but an observation. For some reason quake activity seems to kick up both in numbers and intensity going from the New Moon to the first quarter and that is where we are now. I have no idea what might cause this but it is something I have observed over the past few years. So a sense of foreboding makes sense as we could see some more significant quake activity and it could trigger some more volcanic activity. Also noticed a bunch of new videos up on the possibility of the big Pacific Northwest Quake as in scientist are quietly behind the scenes giving out warnings. As I mentioned above I also suspect this to be a very bad winter and now we are hearing of energy shortages coming. Great when we need heat we have an energy shortage. Hang on folks it looks like we are in for a bumpy ride.


Oftentimes, I feel a foreboding, though not for the past couple of days in a row. Sometimes it just hits for a portion of the day.


It may be that you were given the gift of discernment. I don’t have a foreboding myself but pray as the spirit leads you. Daniel is a great example of this, where the Lord told him it is not for him to understand. If you are led to fast, reach out to me so I can join you. I have also had this gift of discernment in my life. Do not let confusion get in the way of your prayers…go with it. You will understand later when the Lord gathers us to himself in the air.


Psalm 91.


I am not sure it is relevant but I have felt sad for the past couple of days. Things feel different to me but I don’t know if it means anything. It seems different outside. More than just the changing season. I don’t want to sensationalize my own feelings. Like someone else here wrote. Time for prayer, Jesus is the answer. God bless everyone here.


Did hit Jds side if the island?

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I’m very sad but I’m working night waiting on religious exemption they replied today with a ton of questions…
Everyday there’s a headache or something spirituality attacked so much or erriness
I know it will pass soon but I just don’t want to be here anymore this world is not my home.heaven is


Equals bible


No it did not. It hit off the S/SE side of the Big Island. JD’s is on the north side opposite Honolulu on Oahu.


Thank you for that! Yes, I do believe that I have the gift of discernment. Sometimes it feels like a burden, but I am beyond grateful for it!! And thank you for the reminder about staying focused on prayer even when the exact direction isn’t clear!


Me too. When I am outside, I feel the world dying around me. I am concerned for those seeking religious exemptions from being jabbed. Because this is anti-Christ world now, I believe that ultimately they will cancel any that are granted. I am retired but there is mounting pressure around us with promised and hidden consequences in the offing for all non compliant. I say we all need to strengthen each other and pray Jesus returns soon. Home sounds wonderful! I love that Bible thing. I retreat to Psalm 91 when I get stressed and listen to JD for encouragement.



I agree. It’s just a matter of time until the exemptions will be invalidated. But when that happens, we are all in big trouble because it will no doubt lead to access being denied to grocery stores, etc. What’s happening in Australia and other countries is no doubt where we are all headed.

I think that is part of what I’m feeling- that more severe evil is in the works. :frowning: