Few Prayer Requests

Please pray for me as I go into the hospital tomorrow again for infusions. Last time was pretty rough. I am so grateful God is moving in my life and His hand contiunes to lead and guide me. I am going to ask for the IV specialist to come in when I arrive for the infusions to save the painstaking process of 8 pokes!

Please pray also for God to heal my heart. My heart is heavy when Satan uses my brethren as a way of destroying peace and calm. I was recently extremely hurt by someone. I have since released them into His hands. The sensations of pain is still there. My typical day is cross stitching, praising God, listening to His Word, and having appointments along with my PSW daily care. I don’t seek out or invite drama into my life. Simplicity and keeping my eyes on Jesus.

Pray for Sully that he contiunes to have strength, that we can find more time to go to parks to allow off time and that the Lord would contiune to renew my canine helper (service dog). He is such a fabulous pup. God has blessed me so incredibly much with him.

Thank you all.
Love you all too.
Warmly Lya


I continue praying for your every need to be covered and filled.


Thank you Vicki.


I just prayed for you and Sully. Please let us know how things go today. Oh, Heavenly Father, please let this procedure go smoothly today!


Thank you again so much.

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Lord Jesus go with Lya today and be her strength and meet each need as they occur. May her infusions go smoothly and be effective in helping her. Lord we also ask that You will keep Sully strong and healthy. Please Lord may all glory be Yours and may Lya benefit from Your goodness and graciousness. It is only in Jesus name we ask these things, Amen.

Father, may all praise honor and glory be given to You for Your marvelous work in Lya’s situation


Thank you so much.

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Sweet @Lya , I missed this latest request, but I can pray early for your next treatment, starting right now. :revolving_hearts:



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Hey there Kate,
I too missed seeing this post in time to pray specifically for today; however you and Sully are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I hope today was an easier experience than last time. Hopefully the specialist was able to give you some relief.

Abba, we thank You so much for this daughter of Yours and her faithful companion! They have blessed so many of Your people. And just now are in need of Your comfort. Please hold them in Your loving arms Abba and bless them abundantly with every good thing. Please bless their health and circumstance, bless their state of mind and ability to serve You. Please bless Kate’s family, her caregivers, even her insurance adjusters. Bless her finances and her friends too. And bless Kate’s heart Abba; help her hurt be healed.
We ask You to work to make the rest of her treatments go as smoothly as possible and be successful. In the Name of Your blessed Son Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer we pray and praise You. Amen.