FIXING the bible prophecy updates and the forum

Prayer for the team to FINALLY fix the live prophecy update broadcasts which are either not in sinc or totally stop midway thru. It’s frustrating to try watching leaving many to just give up and simply walk away. Add THAT to the changes to this forum… at least in my opinion isn’t glorifying God.


You can contact them by private message

I have NEVER had an issue with any of their updates. They all play perfectly. Perhaps the fault may lie with your connection service or device.


Do you mirror the video to your TV ?

hotchiwawa and bunnyowl,
No…and I’m not the only one who has had these issues. I was one third of the way into the last video on THIS live update when it suddenly stopped then went busy and stayed that way even after trying over and over to refresh it. After quite sometime found it permanently stating that it would be begin shortly but never did. I could only access it on You tube.

BTW the weekly live updates here constantly hesitate, start and stop. I have no problems anywhere else or of any nature with my computer.
To those who are offended by this post perhaps it’s because you’ve had no issues on this site.

And as far as the length of time since the general topics were removed along with so many heartfelt posts that took hours to share without warning many members feel as I do. And now even the ABC’c of Salvation has been locked down. Tho I’m sure JD didn’t mean for his forum to come to this…it has and quite disappointingly I might add. Like so many other I poured myself into this forum…sharing, giving hope and support while finally connecting with those also devoted to HIS WORD. But in truth, this site has become a mess and should have been fixed some time ago.

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Personally I watched the videos after the live (post production).

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We are only able to hear the audio, video never works.

Wish JD would either go back to posting on YouTube or fix the video portion.

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Thank you Ed for adding your voice to this.

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Yet again…here we are on 4-18. I first attempted to watch the prophecy update LIVE right here but couldn’t as it began audibly with a black screen then stopped completely. So went to you tube which had a black screen as well saying no signal…then it FINALLY began. However, when it was time to go LIVE attempted to switch again to it here where it continued…but the visual kept hesitating so I can’t see Pastor speaking every word.
If I can view these prophecies perfectly on you tube I simply don’t understand why a continued LIVE STREAM is so flawed.

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We watch later after it is posted and we never have problems watching that way. Perhaps you could try that? Have you contacted them directly to explain the problems you are encountering?

I don’t think going back to youtube is an option unless you want JD to omit important topics that would get him kicked off again. I’d rather watch later and get the whole truth.


I noticed the video was buffering, and when I checked the settings it showed as playing at the highest quality (1080p). I turned it down to the lowest setting and it seemed to help; I’m mostly after the audio anyway, for the preaching of the Word of God and the wise insights from Pastor JD.

As for “fixing” the site, while I am disappointed with how things turned out, I don’t feel I (or any of us) are owed anything in terms of what is available for interaction through these pages. The forum was created, I’m certain, with the best of intentions, but as happens with just about anything connected to the Internet, it was corrupted through the seeping in of worldly influences. Not everyone is who they appear, nor is everything as it seems. The Bible speaks to this in many ways and many times, we have a need for Holy-Spirit directed discernment.

In this hour, and all the more as the final day draws near, it would most certainly be best to get to know more of our brothers and sisters in-person. We should not, must not, forsake assembling together; God’s Word admonishes us in this, and we know it to be true. Let us gather together with others in our local area, in the fellowship of our common faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let us grow together in loving community, forgiving and overlooking one another’s flaws and weaknesses, cherishing and honoring one another as beloved children of our God and Savior, each a blessed and indispensable member of the very Body of Christ to which we belong.

Should the Lord tarry just a bit longer, it may be that these relationships, in community with one another in whatever form that takes, will prove to be a very necessary bulwark in light against the dark tide of a growing “new normal”.

This is not to say that online forums and social media are without value, but please let us be realistic, which is to say, let us understand and perceive things to be as they really are and not as we would wish them to be. Just as in any gathering in-person there may come some into our meetings who do so with ulterior motives, there undoubtedly will be those who do so in any online setting. They do this thinking it is for one reason or another, but in truth, it is because they serve the very one who opposes our Lord Jesus whether they are aware of it or not.

This is the hour in which we live, and soon it may be much harder, and even dangerous, to find others of faith whether in-person or online. Now is the time to come together in the name of Jesus Christ, and establish ourselves firmly together in the name of Jesus Christ and in the power of his Holy Spirit as the Body of Jesus Christ.

May God bless, protect, and preserve us all, holy and blameless until the soon-coming day of the glorious return of Jesus Christ. And until that day, may God guide us and bless us and fulfill every resolve and action to serve him according to his leading to accomplish his purpose in the earth, the salvation of the elect of God and the destruction of the works of the evil one.


It works perfectly fine for me!! I always watch it on Monday (not live)

The video of prophecy update of April 18 was sometimes choppy. It was live with a delay and on the website in post production.
Note for the dev: maybe check the audio quality rate and settings

:+1: very well said.

hey there,
I tried watching it again in its entirety even applying ALL of the different settings but it remained choppy with hesitations and his lips never corresponded to what was being heard. So I give up…from here on will no longer complain about the way it is nor will I post another word regarding the updates as I feel as if I’ve been perceived an ungrateful troublemaker.

God be with us all!

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Well … I am thankful that I can listen and/or watch the updates and messages. Yes, I experience technical issues from time to time … but oh well. If that is the worst thing I have to deal with in a day, I am pretty stinkin’ blessed!

When the technical glitches come, try a little patience. It could be server side, software related, end user side provider issues, end user equipment … there are a myriad of sources that could cause issues. Take a breath, say a prayer and be patient.

I believe that JD’s tech team is doing the best that they can, running as fast as they are able to stay on top of all of this stuff. I am THANKFUL that they ARE working on it.

Once the issue has been communicated … why whine? Why complain? Be thankful that we still have access to uncensored material. Relax and try again later. Yeah, I wanna hear it live, see it live or on my own schedule … but sometimes that just ain’t in the plan. Relax … breathe and see if there isn’t something else productive you can do for the Lord.


WHY WHINE? How rude and self righteous! I’m not the only one who is experiencing difficulties with the updates which either can’t be seen at all…stop or constantly hesitate reminding me of some old Japanese movies where the speaker isn’t lined up with the words.

Haven’t you noticed under Prayer Requests many other are also having issues? Why haven’t you insulted them?


I understand your frustration and don’t see it as whining. our feedback, both negative and positive, are making the forum tech support aware of the diff issues, because it helps weigh in on what to either change or to advise to those whose settings/browser/etc could be the issue. perhaps you sounded emotional about it, but you just are excited to watch an update, and it is regularly failing you lol. at times, people can’t handle the complaints of others unless it is their own as well. I’ve been guilty of this. so not trying to shame anyone for their reactions to the complaints on here

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Well I’m back!

Praise Gods because as of this past prophecy update I’m sooooo thankful and that it was flawless on this forum site. What a blessing!

Thanks to the team who must have worked tirelessly to fix it…