Food shortages and sharing

People at my church know I’m a Christian Prepper. One of the elderly ladies that I minister to as her church deacon gave me this picture in appreciation. Sounds like good advice in these difficult times.


Amazing how much the times have changed since i was a little girl. I remember neighbors helping each other, families came together more. My parents always raised a big garden when i was little. My dad and brothers were hunters and deer meat helped get us thru the winters. My dad raised hogs also. Any time someone or my dad needed help dressing a deer or a hog there was always people willing to help and vice versa. Nowadays you can’t even get someone to help if you try to pay them.
It was rough back then, i remember drinking powdered milk and at times all we had were cornbread and peanut butter to eat. There were 7 of us. But we did have neighbors who brought us cows milk and helped as much as they could.
I also remember we never had to lock the doors at night and we slept with the windows raised. Never had to worry about somebody breaking in.


I love cornbread and peanut butter! We sleep with windows open every night, and many times have come down to find we have forgotten to lock the doors. Once we even left the door slightly open, but never on purpose. It’s as safe as can be where I am. We are 5 cottages spread out over about 6 fields and the farmer who owns them is 2 fields away from me. We have a narrow dirt track linking us all which leads to the main road. We are a sweet little community. If someones car gets stuck in mud or a field (amazon, I’m talking to you) the farmer comes and gets them out with his tractor. No blame, no shame, no cost. We all help each other when needed. I would miss it if we moved, it’s rare these days.


It is rare, i didn’t think places like that existed anymore, thats good to know there are people who care.
We got flooded about 10 years ago here and we have neighbors that live all around us. Our driveway and yard was covered with rocks and sand about 7 inches deep. I was shoveling it and watched as men drove by in their trucks slow and none offered to help. The lady across the road offered to help and she has a terroble back. So just men and my husband worked on it. One man finally brought a bobcat equipment and cleaned the rest up. Thank God for that man helping.


Proverbs 6:6-8 “Go to the ant, you lazybones!
Consider its ways, and be wise.
It has no chief, overseer or ruler;
yet it provides its food in summer
and gathers its supplies at harvest-time.”

(From the Complete Jewish Bible. Not a translation I use all the time but I did find it interesting how it says some things. After all, how many translations have the word, “lazybones”? LOL!)

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In my day, everyone watched out for everyone else. We lived in the city and all the parents in the neighborhood looked out for all the kids. Our doors were never locked. We were 8 in my family and yet we were always helping out others. When we would go to the country, we would come home loaded with all kinds of foods from people’s gardens out there.
Kids were out playing from first thing in the morning till the street lights came on. There would always be a neightbour looking out for all.
People could get rides from strangers and we never worried about something happening to them. Everyone looked out for everyone else and everyone helped everyone else.
It is really sad times we live in today where no one trusts or helps anyone. It seems to be a very ‘me’ centered generation.


Yep those were the days. I use to hitchhike home after soccer practice or simply make the 3 mile hike myself.

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