Forced Vaccines in Indiana Part II

Hello all, I just wanted to ask for prayer as well as give an update, it’s been a while since I last asked prayer for direction since my company started talking about forcing vaccines. Looks like they’re finally going to pull the trigger. I now have till August 31st to find a new job. I already let my boss know that will be my last day of work. I know God will provide but extra prayer always helps.


Praying for you. Hopefully your (and ours) “last day” comes before then.


:pray: :pray: :pray:


:pray: Praise God you said no!


I pray you find an even better position with zero forced :syringe::syringe: I also pray the Lord gives you such peace in knowing you did the right thing. :pray::level_slider:


Thank you, I definitely need some peace, I can already feel the anxiety building in my gut. But I know this is the right move, I won’t be forced into anything, especially this “vaccine”.


@MDLange82 If you need help revising your resume, PM me and I’ll be glad to assist. Not sure what you do for a living, but I have helped several veterans network to get jobs. God will provide, Matthew. Praying for you…


Thank you, I appreciate the offer.



I’m praying for you. Same thing is coming our way here. We know that soon everybody will be forced to get the vaccine. July 31, 2021 is the deadline for the local govt here to submit the names of all people in their respective areas that have been vaccinated to the national government.

The national govt will then be issuing the Vaccine Pass/Certificate/Card or Vaccine Passport. The technology is already here. They got the machines to make this last year.



Lord, I pray that you will provide MDLange with a new job that is better and more fulfilling than the last one. I pray that it will be with an employer who respects employee privacy and personal rights. I pray that you will take care of MDLange’s family and finances during this time of transition, and give them your perfect peace. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Praying for you! :pray:


Hello, just wanted to say thank you all who was praying for me, I could feel the anxiety and fear trying to well up in my gut after I received the work email yesterday stating the August 31st dead line. But by the time I got off work I was feeling at peace about it. Thank you all for your prayers. I also wanted to update my situation with you all. Rather or not the higher ups at my company got a sudden burst of backlash from other employees I don’t know. But they sent out a “clarification” email today which I am sharing a portion of down below.

At this time, we do not know what percentage of our staff have received a COVID-19 vaccine or have developed antibodies to the disease as a result of having contracted the virus. A recent voluntary (was not really voluntary) survey did not produce enough responses to determine the level of protection within Franciscan Alliance. By August 31 st , all coworkers and medical staff members will be required to submit a copy of their State-issued proof of vaccination or a Franciscan laboratory test result for a test performed in August affirming that they have a sufficient level of immunity to the COVID-19 virus.

So it looks like the 31st deadline is basically for everyone who has been vaccinated to submit proof of vaccination only. They say they are waiting for FDA approval before they mandate the vaccine for all staff. So my job is safe for a little while longer, however this is a case of them trying to sperate who is and who is not vaccinated. I still appreciate any prayers for Gods guidance in this, while I have a little breathing room now, at some point I will have to find a new job. Still praying the Lord will come back before this craziness gets any worse, but only God knows when that will be. Thank you all again.


Thank you for sharing brother.

It’s the scenario which we have been foretold to come.

As the body of Christ we stand strong in Him our Good Shepherd. Spiritually we can feel it getting a bit tight but our God Most High will provide. Say it be the rapture, Hallelujah Amen.

I got a vision yesterday from our Lord showing me how he carried His cross all for us up to Calvary. He showed me how he thought of our salvation while baring all the pain and carrying the cross in silence. He was thinking of us :sob::raised_hands:t4::latin_cross::heart::pray:t4: That is what is being asked of us in Christ right now. The climb has begun. Focus on Him our Lord, King an Savior Jesus Christ. He already won. We win in Him. The Kingdom of Heaven awaits us. Glory to God and Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! What a savior we have in Him!

Stay strong brother Matthew, we get to go Home soon.

Just to share that I also have resigned out of my job. I’m trying to focus only on our Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That is what I received and share with you all.

In Christ with love, encouragement and peace. Praise you Jesus :pray:t4::heart::latin_cross::raised_hands:t4::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It is only a matter of time when we as true born again bible believing Christians will be in the same boat.
As you rightly say you know God will provide :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Let us taken confidence in His word that He will do as He has said - He is our heavenly Father and has loved us with an everlasting love
Luke 12:7
The hairs on our head - how menial & insignificant is that!! but God…

Trusting the Lord for you and my brothers & sisters in Christ at such a time as this in my prayers @MDLange82 x


My company also just mandated to have the vaccine by September 15. I will not do it. They will have to fire me though. I will not quit! God’s got this!!!



Just found this today. Saudi Arabia and France (as well as in my country), starting August 1, 2021 unvaccinated people can not do normal things, can’t travel, can’t enter buildings, can’t join activities etc… anymore… LET’S GO HOME! Come Lord Jesus come!


I’m glad for the good news. continuing to pray for you. whatever happens, it’s wonderful to know God has this in control <3

I have 4 nephews that are all 11 and under. I am so thankful that they aren’t 12 or up, because I know their parents would have already taken them for the shot. the oldest will turn 12 in January. I’m praying that something will happen before then to prevent him from being injected with this. I have no control. only God.


that anxiety is satan who is attacking you. he wants you in a spot of anxiety and than fear. God WILL provide. You are being faithful to Him by NOT getting that jab! And the Lord WILL be with you and take care of you!!
We will pray for you


You’re right, God’s got this!

I actually didn’t resign because of any jab mandate. I resigned cause the Holy Spirit told me to. The place I work at is blaspheming God by calling his Word a theory amongst other things. They are actively pushing all the anti-christian agendas into the next generation of teachers. I just can’t be in such an environment.

I believe God is also not happy about them pushing him out of classrooms and I do not want have anything to do with or support their agendas.

I put my full trust in the Lord, I know he’s guiding me.

God bless you and he protect and you always.


everything to them is “theory” unless they believe it themselves. science community keeps changing its “facts” yet we are expected to just believe what they say moment by moment.

all my life I was told humans first made it to America via a land bridge that used to exist between it and another continent. it was believable because I was a kid, understood the idea of pangea, and didn’t question what I was told, when it came to history etc.

then I went to an Omnimax movie last week with family (not my choice lol) and it was called Into America’s Wild. toward the beginning, they said, “it used to be believed that humans first made it to America via a land bridge [etc], X-amount of years ago. but new evidence shows that they actually came here a lot sooner, thousands of years sooner!, via reed boats…”

I was like, okay, why should we believe you now? maybe you’re wrong now, too.

so over blind trust. even my own mother I’ve learned to question everythingggg she says.

instead of being encouraged to think for ourselves, and investigate things, we are being told just what to think.

so. over. it.

lastly I am so encouraged to hear that you made such a bold choice to leave without having to be pressured first. that takes great faith and courage. I appreciate you sharing!! I’m praying for your next steps and knowing you will use whatever happens to glorify God. hallelujah!