Forced Vaccines in Indiana Part II

Thank you for replying. Those theories made me lol :laughing:

A landbridge? lol You’re right about it all being some sort of theory to those who are not willing to accept Christ Jesus while writing the “history” books. I hope and pray they receive and accept their salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ one day… May it be today! Jesus died for all of us, may no one let this only chance to everlasting life pass by them. I guess everyone has their assignment but without Christ it’s meaningless.

That landbridge analogy just reminded me of a picture I saw lately.

Jesus is the bridge to everlasting life. Everything else is just meaningless really. We are called to be good and humble ambassadors of our Lord Jesus Christ, to pass on the gospel of Jesus Christ and to live by faith and example and to help those in need. God is in control of everything we just have to have faith in Him.


Our God Most High and Almighty is alive and well, that’s good enogh for me :raised_hands:t4::heart::latin_cross::pray:t4: Praise God, Praise Jesus, Praise the Holy Spirit

May we get to go Home soon. Maranatha


I’m not a legal expert, so I would recommend consulting a lawyer. However, I found this online;

“As states and localities lift COVID-19 restrictions, the business community continues to grapple with the interplay between the COVID-19 vaccine and workplace operations. To address this, some U.S. employers have elected to adopt mandatory vaccination policies. These policies, in essence, require that, subject to exceptions for sincerely-held religious beliefs and disabilities, all employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of continued employment.”

Praying for you … Dave


Hi there!

Continuing to pray for all lost souls, all freedom-loving people!!! Jesus Christ is coming soon. LET’S GO HOME.


Hello I am a nurse in Michigan who will likely lose my job September 21 for declining the jab despite my request for a medical/moral exemption. I am standing my ground and fully relying on God. If a job comes my way without a jab mandate I would probably take but I also have the luxury of being 63 and close enough to retirement that I could make it ok. Scary nonetheless as I’m also a prepped and still working on that. Praying for all of us in this situation!!


it is not the Mark of the Beast yet only leading up to it, we will not be here for that rest your mind, the rapture takes place before it can be in place, if you are forced because of your job, it is not the mark relax, we go home before that


I know it’s not the mark of the beast. I am not worried about that. I simply refuse to be forced to take something, especially something that may kill me or cause me serious physical harm. There is something evil behind this vaccine and I refuse to participate.


Stay strong. They will get the pressure up, to bow down to their satanic Agenda. But our Lord is above everything else! We will get out of here, when the time is right :heart:


Hello MDLange82… I will Pray… Father, …My Hope is that You will Come for those of Us that WAIT… Father, there is in your Hand , The KINGDOM, The POWER of that KINGDOM, and Your Glory Proceeds , from it!, I ask at this Time ,LORD, that You will Not only give MD a Peace that Passes ALL Understanding… ( About , getting another Job…Which is ultimately in your Hands!) but that You will Make Know to your Friends , Just How Very Close You are to Coming for us in the Rapture, to take us OUT OF HERE! ( Father < I Know that , there is No Problem , that you can not solve!) We wait , and Know that YOU , are about to send Your Son , Jesus, Our Lord, with a Trumpet Sound… and Knowing that , COMFORTS US, so Greatly!) So, Father I pray that There will be ( If there is More Time that we Have to Wait… A Job , already in place for MD… In Jesus Name !) But , I personally Believe that Our Day is so Near , Because of JUST SUCH a Senerio, That people all Over the World , are Being Forced to Take something that is NOT GOOD, for their Health, and even though many are Blind to this, YOU Father ARE NOT! Father, I Believe that We are Truly in The Season, of the ESCAPE, From all of what is Presently o n the World Stage… and as a Man that Watches , for that Great day, (who still falls Short , no matter what… ) I know that YOUR Grace and Mercy will Be Found in mD’s Life , ( and even Mine!) Till that Great Day… please Help us to be watchful, and Help , by the Holy Spirit guidance our steps in the Very Short days just ahead now… and In Jesus Name I Pray! AMEN! God Bless You MD… Love John B


AMEN ! MD, I believe that This is the SNARE that is UPON the Whole World! The Root of the Word in Strongs concordance for the word SNARE , which it’s Number, is ONLY used ONCE Through in the Whole Bible, and found in Luke 21:35 is the word Meaning …“To Set up” ( TENTS!!!) that is what happened pointing to Vaccine stations all over the World! Love John B


Hi Matthew,

We live in such fearful times . . . As I’ve been reading these posts and prayers for you I lift up my own. I’m singing in my heart. . . “In the eye of the storm, You remain in control. In the middle of the war, You calm my soul. You alone are the anchor when my sails are torn. Your love surrounds me in the eye of the storm.” (Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson)

I don’t know how to post videos here yet, and hope I’ll figure that out soon! But hope the words of the chorus encourage you today. Pastor JDs sermon yesterday focused on Hebrews 6 and God’s promises bringing us hope. . . another of my favorite verses, Hebrews 6:17-19 . . . “We who have fled to Him for refuge can have great confidence as we hold to the hope that lies before us (the rapture and eternity with our Lord in the place where all is made right!) This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.”

Hold on tight, Matthew. Trust. God will provide that you might serve him with gladness until we are rescued! Encouraging myself as I encourage you as I know that what you are facing now will come to us all before long.



Things are winding down for this world. Don’t hold on to material things. As long as you and your loved ones are in Christ, we will be gone soon. Look up, our redemption draws nigh.
I too had a dream for my future, but now I wait patiently as the rapture draws near.


I understand brother, that is a personal decision, you must make choice, just keep in mind, nothing can harm you, unless the Lord alows it, we go home soon


Thank you, I believe the Rapture of the church is close as well. I just wish we could know exactly when. A month? Six Months? A year? It would would make the uncertenty of loosing a job easier. But again, I know this is another opportunity to trust God. A couple of years ago I was reminded of the fact that He is on the throne and that’s still true. He is in complete control.


I am an IT Manager who has supported clinical trial research my entire career, including for a big pharma company. I have a masters in public health MPH, as well as a masters in experimental psychology. I currently work in a major health system in MIchigan and our institution is now requiring a survey that asks if you have been ‘vaccinated.’ If we don’t respond, it will be marked as a ‘No’ on our record and if ‘Yes’ we will be required to upload the ‘vaccine’ certificate. Managers will monitor their direct-reports for compliance with the recommended taking of the ‘vaccine.’ I sence that life will get very restricted for the unvaccinated and may result in eventual termination, though that has NOT YET been explicitly articulated. The specific IT organization I work for is fully remote and it’s unclear why remotely-working colleagues should need take the ‘vaccine.’

This strong ‘vaccine’ campaign is doubly puzzling because the Emergency Use Authorization official documents for each vaccine disclose the following quote (using PFE as an example): The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine is an UNapproved vaccine that MAY prevent COVID-19. There is NO FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

Therefore, these agents are classified as experimental drugs.

Later in these standard documents are the following quote: WHAT IF I DECIDE NOT TO GET THE PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE?
It is your choice to receive or not receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.
Should you decide not to receive it, it will not change your standard medical care.

I wonder…If you lose your job becaue you chose not to take the vaccine, should the employer be required to maintain your medical insurance because the document says it will not change your standard medical care?

Further, it is entirely unethical and unlawful to mandate the taking of an experimental drug, and from my perspective can only be viewed as a crime against humanity.

I will hold you and all the others who are struggling with this in my prayers.


That’s what I say. Fire me and I’ll collect unemployment. Don’t make it easy for them.


I’m in Michigan too. I have to complete a daily survey and wear a mask. The vaccinated don’t have to do the survey or cover their faces.
Lord ,please deliver us from this wickedness.


And they hide behind that protection of no responsibility for adverse side effects. It’s just not right!
Lord, please protect your flock from this poison.


Hello, I would like to share a personal story of GOD’S FAITHFULLNESS!
34 years ago, as I was tending to my brand new baby boy, my husband came home and announced that he was let go from his work. It was a shock, of course, but a huge lesson in faith in GOD’s provision. My husband pointed to our BIBLE and simply said, either we believe it or we don’t !
We prayed and trusted, within 3 weeks he had another job, with better pay and benefits. The amazing FAITHFULLNESS OF GOD happened many more times in our life. Our Lord wants us to believe HIM, to TRUST HIM…sometimes HE takes us to the edge, but we still TRUST HIM ! Be encouraged…remember what Jesus said to Jairus : “don’t be afraid, just believe”. The LORD WILL NEVER LEAVE US, NOR FORSAKE US !


I am also 63. Being retired isn’t a bad thing. It may give you more time to witness and spend time with our Lord, Jesus. May God richly bless you in your endeavors.