Forgive me if I ask too much!

Last night after the wasp bite I realized I had a package from Amazon I was not expecting. I had not bought anything in a small box. It said battery inside. Odd, I did not order this. So I opened this box with caution. I was unsure.

Inside the box was a Q Link Scepter tablet the government is giving to the poor on services like snap and Medicaid. I get Medicaid. I use the sim card they sent me for free min, text and data. This tablet was suppose to come loaded with broadband for those not getting that from them. Which I am not.

I took it out looked at it. Plugged it in turned it on and it set up. Then it wanted my wifi password. I was like it was suppose to be loaded with broadband. So, I put the password in. Then it connected to my Wi-Fi. Then I smelled the most awful smell coming from this tablet. The longer it was on the worse it got.

It smelled like burning rubber. I recalled my days sitting in the risers at the local dirt tracks. Then the smell filled the room. My head started to hurt, I had trouble breathing and I unplugged the thing boxed it up and put it out my back door and shut the door. I came back and I still was having trouble breathing and now my stomach was upset and I felt like throwing up though I had not eaten

I turned my fan on and opened the window and tried to air out the room praying against whatever was in that tablet and had been let loose in my house.

It took about 2 hours for the smell to go away. In the meantime I looked up this tablet to see if anyone else reported these things and it was not even for sale on Amazon only a case for it was.

No one on Google or You Tube reported any issue like I had. I was hoping that if someone reads this can help me understand. When I googled the symptoms it came up as radiation poisoning. That is interesting considering Bill Gates does Microsoft and the chips in these devices. Yes maybe a conspiracy theory. But does anyone have another explanation? Please pray that I have no side effects of what happened as I was cramping today. The women will know what that means. Ty all.

Our God is bigger then this attempt on me but why is no one else reporting it? Surely I am not the only one out of all these given out through their Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. Hoping their are some detectives on here that can help me dig into this mystery.

God bless you all. Love in Christ Jesus

We are His


That’s shocking!!! I’m from South Africa, so can’t give any clarity, but will definitely be praying Psalm 91 over you!*** So glad you put it outside, I’m so very sorry to hear all of this!!!


James Bond villain version: Once you plugged in the device, gave access, it received confirmation for whatever site it was meant to be activated from and released some sort of nasty toxin that you were smart enough to rid yourself of before it took full effect.

Practical version: Could be the battery started to overheat (not a factory-based battery that comes in a device but a refurbished or clone battery) and started to melt the rubber seals in the device letting off that smell and the toxic reaction it was having.

It’s interesting how things like that happen just out of the blue and is a mystery to us how this happens. Not to mention, no one having this same activity posted anywhere…kinda interesting too.


Ok first things first. If this was provided by the government, Don’t ever use it. Since you gave your Wifi password go in and change that password immediately. It is a tracking spying device.

Now for the fact that it started making a smell it sounds like it may have been damaged in transit and shorted out or there was some kind of coating on some of the components that when heated up from juice running through the circuits it melted off. The smell like burning rubber is most likely some kind of coating on some components. Any kind of burning material that is manmade will release toxic gases with the smoke. You most likely got a mild form of poisoning from that. I can assure you that a simple device like a tablet has not ability to give you radiation poisoning.

So now that the device is boxed up and outside the house, leave it there and never bring it back in again. As I said above change your wifi password. Do not use something you can remember but use as many characters as they say you can. If it says 12 to 28 characters then use the full 28. Mix them up and use any kinds of characters that they allow on you router. Make it as random as possible. Then write down you password and keep it in a safe place for the next time you have to get into your router.

I am reasonably sure without seeing your free device that it is loaded with probably several malicious softwares that record your key strokes, collect information form places you might visit, as well as seeking to access files for other personal information. This is simple cyber security you can do for yourself. Along with that do not for any reason sync any devices together. That opens a door for privilege escalation and the government or other hackers can gain access to everything given enough time. It may be a royal pain but when you are not using your router to access the internet, turn it off. That is your front door to your devices. While it may have a firewall, firewalls are not the end all to hackers as they can easily bypass them if they really want to. That does not mean you can use your router to access the internet but the more often it is off the less likely hackers or the government will have back door access to your devices.

Now back to the smell of burning rubber. One of the worst problems for fire fighters and the reason they carry air bottles is not the smoke but the toxic gases released when man made materials burn. That will kill you faster than the fire will if you inhale enough of it. There is an old remedy that used to be put out by health officials as what to do in the case of household poisoning. It consist of milk of magnesia, the black part of burnt toast, and strong tea. These days many are saying it is ineffective but there is a lot of study to show it does work. The primary ingredient here is the burnt part of toast. It is just pure carbon which is highly reactive and is used in many filter devices like water purifiers. Carbon will bind with the toxins as they are also reactive and the milk of magnesia is a mild laxative and will help the body flush out the bound toxins that the carbon connects too. I don’t recommend it for serious poisonings such as ingesting some household chemicals as it will be insufficient. In such cases call 911 for help instead. But for minor problems like inhaling toxic gases from things burning it will be sufficient enough to prevent serious damage.

So as for the device you received it sounds like it was not a good quality manufacture job and you just got some cheap things sold to the government which is what they often end up getting from those under contract to provide generic equipment. We had and old saying in the military, always remember your weapon was made by the lowest bidder. That meaning that the government in their attempt to save money will always buy the cheapest stuff to give its people to do their work. I say you have two options, one is throw it in the garbage or repackage it and leave it on your doorstep in hopes a thief comes along and takes it.

What ever you do never connect an unknown device to your home network. Chances are it is rigged to gain access to your network and ultimately your devices or smart devices in your home.


I have activated charcoal capsules. Will those work?


Yes they can. I hope it has been crushed into powder form. The smaller the particle the better it works. Activated charcoal is the prime ingredient in many forms of water and air filters.


And this is one of the multitude of reasons we love having @BayouBushi around this forum. The level of knowledge and insight he has is beyond compare in value.


Hey thank God for that. He put me where I could learn it and now where I can pass it on. Me I am just a conduit.


I like that.

Does that mean if you were a believer from Artic North America you’d be an inuit conduit?..

…i’ll get my caribou coat.


Thank you all. I am still a bit sick. I am not sure which incident is to blame but God is having me rest and spent time in the book of Psalm. It has been very reassuring.


A year or two ago and I would have considered nefarious activity highly improbable. Today, I am far more wary, not fearful but definitely suspicious. Is it still on your back porch? I don’t know anything about the services near you but the whole thing is very peculiar. Was there a return address on it? Take care.


Best answer by far!! We all thank you for your knowledge and wisdom.


Being a semi hacker, at least having a strong interest in cyber security helps. As for the other stuff I have a little knowledge of a lot of things. I like to read and play with things and take them apart. I was into electronics as a teenager even had a Tandy Radio Shack electronics kit learning to build various types of circuits. Got back into elestronics more when I got my Ham license. The rest of the stuff is because I am a long time prepper as we now called these day. I guess I just like the old ways of living when doctors were few and far between and you had to learn to take care of yourself. God has blessed me that way and I am thankful because there are times when I can be of help and I enjoy doing that for people when I am not all peopled out.


I use those also a lot but more for food issues. However, when I was young and foolish I took too many panadols (24!) and the GP gave me a whole bottle of charcoal to swallow. I always remembered that and knew therefore how good charcoal is. Glutathione is also a VERY strong anti-oxidant and might be useful to get rid of things in your body.


Yes good explanation
And maybe God doesn’t intend for you to have one either :wink:


That is all really interesting. I am fascinated by cyber security. I don’t know if the internet ever was a safe place but it sure doesn’t seem to be now. I am not in the least mechanically inclined. In fact, I am pretty dismal with anything that requires assembly. I am always researching. I asked God to show me his truth and with his help, I have learned a lot about our current situation that I hope I can use to help someone. I haven’t seen a HAM radio in years. Could be useful particularly as things evolve. Never heard anyone referred to as a prepper. I miss the old ways of living too. Things are changing very rapidly, which makes me more nostalgic. As I won’t be taking the vax, I likely won’t be seeing any doctors and that is alright with me. It certainly is easy to get peopled out at times. Nice chatting with you.



When I get unexpected packages or things I did not order or packages from people who have not informed me they are sending me things I immediately return to sender. I’ve been scammed too often to believe ANYTHING in this life is free. There’s always a price. I’m sorry yours has been your ability to breathe. I will be praying for you that God helps you through this and restores your health.

I stopped accepting unexpected packages during the Anthrax scare. Funny how people forget what doesn’t stay in the news long.


I got an email the QLink wants me to pay $10.01 for the tablet they sent me that made me so sick. Um no. You can have it back… But I am afraid they would just send it to someone else!

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I do not know what a conduit is. Could you please explain?

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Personally, I would return it. But that’s me.
You didn’t ask for it. It made you sick! And now they want payment?? Umm return to sender.

That’s just my take on it though.