Forum Announcement: New Categories Opening

Dear Forum Family,

With an emphatic exclamation of ‘honour and glory to God forever and ever’ (1 Timothy 1:17) we would like to announce the opening of two new Forum Categories:

1) Discussion Tent

Discuss the Word of God, Biblical events and themes as well as the world, current events and schemes.

  • Currently open to members who are Trust Level 2 and above (please see here for more on User Trust Levels) this category serves as a canopy for conversations and observations on all that is occurring in our world which is ultimately fulfilling God’s Word.

2) Social Well

Socialise and enjoy fellowship with one another celebrating God’s gifts (and GIFs) of love, laughter and levity!

  • With all that is occurring in the world it has never been more crucial to lean on the companionship afforded here by God’s grace and this category is for social chat (and cat pictures) and is the place to draw (and post drawings) on fellowship in Christ by the bucket load.

Thank you all for your perpetual patience and prayers for this forum and fellowship, for the ministry of Pastor JD Farag and his team, and all who labour and serve for Christ.