Forum Announcement

Hi JD Farag Forum Community!

There are some changes happening around here and we are so thankful that the Lord is so gracious and always provides.

Myself (@Twi) and Jason (@jasonacts177) have now been given administrator status which allows us access to many tools that can further assist and shape this forum. In order to ensure there aren’t any misconceptions, I want to let you know that we are volunteers here, and although we claim no special ability or privilege, we trust that the Lord has put us here to serve this fellowship for a reason. We also accept that, for each of us, other things in life will take priority at times, so we ask that you remain in faith that God’s timing is perfect. In the end the community is what will make this forum what it is, but we know you need good space, tools, and support to do your thing. :wink:

There has been an update to our Forum Rules, now known as the Code of Conduct. Mostly edited to add clarity, although there are some additions and expansions on certain areas as well.

Please do be sure to read them carefully and in full. It is your responsibility to know and abide by these Code of Conduct as you agree to them by using the forum. It is our responsibility to remind users of these and enforce them when necessary, although we’d much prefer not to!

Related to that, I would like to explain our flagging system here. Flags are to be used when posts or topics appear to have breached the Code of Conduct or TOS. A flag is not an immediate indication that the poster has done something horribly wrong. A flag is not a warning, it is a reminder or gentle poke that there might be something to reconsider. We encourage the community to flag posts that they feel may need attention.

If your post is flagged we request that you take another look at the Code of Conduct and consider editing your post. If you feel you were wrongly flagged, message a moderator and we will look into it (do not complain about being flagged on the forum as that will likely also get flagged). Should your post fall outside of the Code of Conduct and you choose not to edit it, you will receive a message from staff (all staff see these messages) and your post will be edited or deleted. (again, we don’t like doing that part)

If you have questions about any of these things feel free to send us a message!

Thank you for being so patient and supportive over these few months.

I would ask you to join us in prayer, that we ALL might be used to fulfil the aim of this forum, which is to bring more people to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Oops, there was something left in the Code of Conduct that wasn’t meant to be there! Our sincere apologies for any confusion this may have caused!

As an explanation, we decided not to disallow false doctrine/teachings on the forum that we couldn’t expressly define in the Code of Conduct (the already long list would then become a novel! lol). Although this was initially a rule, added in November, there were a few reasons it just didn’t do what we wanted it to…

  • people assume that what they believe is true, so it was not obvious this would even be understood.
  • it may encourage members to confront false teachings in heated opposition, absolutely not what we want to see here.
  • stubborn and unloving behaviour and intent is really what has been disruptive here. Respectful and fruitful discussion is possible and there’s no reason to discourage iron sharpening iron in those cases. We’re still looking into how we can support that without things descending into chaos again.

The rule we ended up using to replace this was

Genuine questions and respectful discussions about the Bible and the specific teachings of this ministry are allowed, however polemics against this ministry’s sound biblical teachings are not.

So, in conjunction with the rest of the Code of Conduct, it doesn’t mean someone can come preach or promote falsehoods. It does mean that in some cases members will need to use their God given discretion and judgement. I understand the feeling of needing to protect those who just may not know better, but above that I trust that the Lord puts all things to work for His glory, even here. The more we add of our own inadequate laws, in this place that will never be anywhere near perfect this side of heaven anyway, the less we are trusting Him. It is a leap of faith… And of course if things need to be adjusted down the road I pray that will made clear to us.