Forum Status - Feb 20, 2022

Forum Status - Feb 20, 2022

Thanks to the work of the website team, and the grace of God, the forum appears to be Lazarused. Your continued patience and prayer is appreciated for…

12 …we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power outages, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosting services of wickedness in the heavenly places.

We don’t currently have an explanation as to the cause of the forum downtime however we will relay any further info if it becomes available. A personal theory is that there may have been a topic which went around in circles for exactly 7 days then there was some shouting, and we know from Joshua 6:1-21 what happened next.

Yours in Christ


@jasonacts177 I was actually starting to wonder if ya’ll was getting fed up with the back n forth on a certain thread and decided to shut it all down for awhile. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Glad to see it’s back up and running.


Me thinking we need to start having a contingency plan to connect should tptb pull the plug. (Please. Don’t anyone post their contact info publicly.) I’m ultra curious as to what happened. Consider this a drill. It was kinda like being blindfolded. Not funny.


This is a great idea, just please no FB.


I couldn’t agree more! It made me realize that all I know about what’s going on in the world is utterly useless if I can’t fellowship with my brothers and sisters here. It felt like the rug was pulled out from under me!! God bless our tech team and watch over and protect them and this forum!

It has become my lifeline!!

  • Makes me wonder if our adversary is pulling a givesendgo on us?!?

I dont know how many hearts I gave @Gigi till I realised, that when I came back, the last one was erased. I am really glad that the Forum is back alive.


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I made all this up.

Ty Jon! You make me laugh and smile! And remember not to take anything too seriously!! Gods got this!! Phew!! Lolol!:heart::blush::heart:


If I have but one thing to give to this forum, let it be humor. Glad I could help ya out today.


I saw a banner earlier that stated email notifications are disabled. Not seeing it now. What about private messages pm?


As far as I’m aware PM’s should be functioning as normal Tony.

In Christ


I missed you all - when it all went dark on my computer. My email accounts were snarky last night.
It feels like the beginning of no internet and forums like this one.
So grateful to Abba to see you all here today.
I don’t always posts - I can’t always keep up but I am here picking away at bits of conversation here and there.
Big hugs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Praise the Lord! I thought it was smoke-damaged from some of the posts about last week’s Prophecy Update!


The first hour or so (it was mid-morning here) I was convinced it was just maintenance since it’s pretty common for webhosts to do that while there’s a “bank holiday” weekend. We have Presidents Day here in the USA today. But by evening, I really felt concerned.

I’m afraid it’s just a taste as to what a blackout ….full blown communist style censorship……is going to be like. It’s just a matter of time. This forum is a hub for all kinds of information that provides a full scope of the convergence that’s happening before our eyes. While I’ll admit not all of it is vetted, you still have the opportunity to decipher what’s true. It’s not being pulled out of view before you get a chance to see it. Still, what I have realized as I’ve gleaned information from the posts is that ultimately it does in fact end up being the truth.

This forum is a target, as is JD’s ministry as a whole, because the truth will be told. He will not refrain for his own political gain and the regular contributors here are following their directives primarily through their own similar convictions to do the same. We should be ever so grateful and cherish these last hours of freedom and use them to glorify The Lord. He is worthy!

Maranatha is the word!
Come for us Lord Jesus!!!


Amen, well said.
We have these bits of bread crumbs and support across the miles but one day as All goes blank and dark around us we have but ONE whom we can call upon and He will be there - He is faithful and true to His word.
Looking Up with All of You!


I’m trying to quote earlier post of another and forgot how, plz ignore this post…


You know, of course I have my “book” bibles to give me all the light I need, but do so much of my study with resources on line, I may need to have a contingency plan if it does go dark. But God…


I have talked to Twi about this idea. Twi says there is no means at this time to set up a monitor/status on a separate server some place else. It was something that was done on an old now defunct forum I used to be on. It could be done but would take some work.

There is an option that some have kind of gone to and that is on the platform MeWe. I was in contact with Jon while this was happening over on MeWe. That would be the best and easiest way for now. I could set up a private group and call it Forum Status and when the forum should go down in a way that I can see somewhat what is happening then I could post there. Also if Twi and/or Jason would allow me to contact them outside the forum to ask what is up I could post a status report. That way if people try to get in and it is down then they can jump over to MeWe and look at the status group and see what is up there. I did that in a group that I set up from before but would be able to set up a second group just for status info. Yall let me know.

For me it was just an aggravation because I was kind of knowing what happened from the previous day’s problems. I think the two were related. But I was thinking also many of the less techno geeky types were probably scared out of their wits and that bothered me cause I had no way to get the word out like I wanted to.

Anyway Yall think about it and let me know. Setting up special and private MeWe group is easy, getting Jason and Twi to cough up some kind quick contact info meeehhhh not so easy. I even tried calling the Chapel in Hawaii but got sent to immediate voicemail so chose to hang up. They have more important matters to deal with.

Let me know.


You “techies” amaze me! Listen, if the Forum goes down, I’m going to cry! and Pray! I just want to ask you all to continue to pray for me if we lose this Forum to the “dark one”. I tried MeWe about a year and half ago. I joined a few Christian groups but they were all over the place - and, being on MeWe, I got emails and post requests from New-agers, Weirdo’s and who knows what…I used the “paid” subscription but I still got that stuff. It was a change over from Facebook - so, I got off MeWe, and I haven’t looked back. So, remember me in your Prayers if we lose all contact!