Forum Status - July 13, 2021

There was a discourse server issue earlier today which forced everyone off the forum. This has been the second unexpected downtime this week. We have been told that “Service may be slow for some sites.” Thank you for your patience and your prayers.


My regular link took me straight into Clear Linux developer mode! Very odd…:grimacing:


Thanks for the update…I thought I was going to have to break out my IT degree to discuss all the IT related forum stuff I was seeing instead.


With the enemy hard at work it’s so clear -to those of us that choose to believe the truth -what’s happening. Cyber polygon in full swing! We must Steele our minds against every form of evil my family! Break out and dust off those old bookshelf bibles! Ya neva know when things can go dark. Stay in the word, the faith, the love of our Lord Jesus Christ! But above all be charitable! Only the sick need a physician! And what medicine He has!