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*to be read in Pastor JD’s voice :wink:




I am trying to figure out how to reply to posts. I have vision issues related to brain injury and I don’t want to bother anyone. I am very happy to have found this forum.


Hi Debrah @IDoBelieve

I think you basically have it figured out, repeat anywhere you wish to reply! If you want to reply to someone specific I would recommend “tagging” them, which is just add an @ before their user name. You can also select some of the text in their post and it will automatically quote and notify them :slight_smile:


Hello wonderful moderator people! Quick question. Is there any thought to having replies to a particular post fall right beneath it? I see it elsewhere and it makes it so much easier to form a response…or maybe that’s a good thing. :shushing_face:


Hi Karyn! :grin: If a member clicks on the reply arrow directly below a message, and if that functions (at times it doesn’t), a little “replies” dropdown should appear showing the replies to that message. You can also click to reveal the message one has replied to on the top right hand corner of their message (again, when functioning correctly and if they chose reply to, instead of using the yellow reply all button). Outside of that, as far as I’ve seen, that’s just as far as this platform functions. I will also dig a little deeper into it though… Maybe there’s something I’ve missed.

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Hi. I am appreciating JD’s updates. Unfortunately because of slower connection speeds for my devices over internet, I have difficulty getting the stream without significant ‘breaks’ as the video buffer gets depleted. I would like to request for lower resolution video file options please

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Hi @RS

There is an option to choose a lower resolution in the top right hand corner of the video.

  1. Hover your mouse over the top right hand corner of the video and click on the “…”
  2. Click on “Quality” - it will be set as Auto as default
  3. Choose a lower resolution (lowest is 238p)

Hopefully that helps! If not I would recommend submitting a report through the Support Center.

Many thanks for that