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There is indeed a street definition of “nad” (which I won’t repeat here), so that is why it was probably in the language filter as a default at startup of these forums.

QUESTION For you- Should the powers that be ICANN AND IANNA take down this sites URL and users no longer be able to access the site through WWW,JDFARAG.ORG, Is there a usable IP address that we can use to still access the site. for instance, I know that is the ip address that i have found registered to the site, but when i type that into the browser it restricts my access to view the site. I was wondering in case of Overreach - what is a good IP address to use to access the site? I suspect it may not be long before we have to start worrying about these things, and I want to ease my worrying mind now! lol


@FIARSTIKX I will have to get back to you on this. I just want to make sure I pass along the correct information as I don’t have any involvement in myself right now.

Edit Jan 5: I haven’t forgotten about this, waiting for a meeting with the team and it’s been a busy month for everyone.


Thanks TWI. That is a great question. Blessings.


Above Jack said that Lvl 3 (Regular) members have to maintain a certain post count and participation quota to keep their status level.

Can you explain this more fully to me. How many posts are we required to make? How many posts are we required to comment on? Etc.

I would like to take a break from the forum for awhile and was wondering if I will lose my level 3 Status. What would be required to keep it. I would continue on the PM thread occasionally.

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@jasonacts177 had posted at some point the page about Level 3 maintenance quotas.

He may still remember his own link and be able to link it here.

I would say if you go silent for a while you’ll likely lose it barring any intercession from admins.

Me… I’m such a bucket mouth here that it must be a genetic thing to keep it. :smiley:


@DallasT User Level requirements are listed in the forum Guide. You have a 2 week grace period if you drop below the requirements (which are viewed on a 100 day calculation), so it sort of depends on how long you’re gone for too.

@JackN We manually bumped you last spring I believe and that has actually overridden the system’s “automatic” status. So be it genetics or whatever, yep, you’ve got permanent regular status. :heart:


Thank you.


Thanks for following through on this. Please keep me informed.


This is probably in the wrong category but I can’t post in what seems like the right one. (?)

I am wondering if there is any option to increase playback speed when I listen to prerecoreded messages?? On YouTube and numerous other platforms, I am able to speed things up such that I can fit more into the time I have. I am usually able to listen MUCH faster than people typically talk and having to listen either live or at actual speed comes









And yet I don’t see an option for playback speed. Is that an option on this website? Pretty please?? Or maybe there is a button I’ve missed? I’ve poked through the dropdown menus and haven’t found it. Can anyone help??



Hi @BrianT - as far as I’m aware playback speed is not a configuration option available on the vids hosted on

It’s a valid suggestion though brother so best thing I can propose is to issue your suggestion via the contact form so the JD Farag ministry is aware of this feedback.

In Christ


Thanks, Jason!!

Really appreciate it!

Hope my post wasn’t too dramatic. :wink: Hope it was read with a touch of humor, as it was intended. :slight_smile:

Blessings to you, bro! :slight_smile:


I am with you on wishing they could play faster. I hope you do write them about it.

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There is a way.
VLC video player (or similar I guess) can play videos at different speeds, so if you download the vids to your hard drive you can play them back faster with VLC.


Thanks! That would be an option. But it would definitely take some planning.

I went and looked, this last prophecy update video (without the worship part of it) was 2.1 GB. Normally, with my fiber optic connection, I can download large files without much of a problem. In this case, as I try to download it, it varies between 18 hours and 1 day in its estimation of how long it will take. Wow. Don’t know if that has something to do with where the servers are located or whether it’s something else. I did wonder if Hawaii being so distant and there being only so many ways for that data to get here (US mainland) may be the actual issue.

Anyway, thank you for the suggestion.

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