Free Bible Tract Website

Hello everyone,

I just received some tracts from this site and they were free. They have plenty to choose from and I plan on placing them inside of old books I am donating as I have noticed people are picking them up fast.

I have also changed my zoom profile pic (in an online class) to an text pic with instructions on how to get saved :smiley:


Thank you Chrissy and I can’t wait to see how God continues to use you. As a side note: I looked at your age and thought, “isn’t amazing that she is here to see bible prophecy unfold.” What a time to be alive. God bless you :pray:


That’s wonderful Chrissy! I am glad they arrived and prayerfully the cold weather eases up soon. Thank you and I love the last line of this post. God can and will use us where we are. Any ideas I have, I thank the Holy Spirit for because it definitely wasn’t from me. We could be comment evangelists Chrissy :smiley: Leave comments on posts on the internet sharing the gospel :pray:

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