🥧 FREE FOR ALL, (Food Fight) Love and laughter

I won’t be here for the next Fantastic Food Fight because I am incredibly busy trying to get moved back to Tennessee and will be for the next month or so…

But I will be here at this funtime thread in the spirit of fellowship and laughter. One day we really will dine together and if something happens to fly off the fork in good fun…oh well….oops! :joy:

Love you all :kissing_heart:


@Romans1013.Tony so happy for you Tony that you are getting back to Tennessee…tell my brother hello if you pass by his place :smiley:



Well, all i know this, we wont be throwing food at the wedding feast
We will enjoy our food with our Lord and Savior



(Responding to your original unedited post)

Just to be clear I wasn’t specifically suggesting that we should have a food fight at the Wedding Feast.

The people that I have met on here, though at one point I questioned the depths of the relationships that could be propagated online, I have suggested many times that I couldn’t wait to embrace with them, hike with them…have ice cream with them, whatever God orchestrates in eternity. For we will be joyful and the sky is the limit as to what thats going to be like. I don’t know that what we want to do is actually anyone’s business but God’s.

This thread, in fact this entire section of the Social Well, is for light heartedness. It belongs here as opposed to more serious discussions in which case it could be deemed inappropriate.

If someone considers themselves too spiritually mature to fellowship in these threads, they simply don’t have to participate. My apologies for tagging @hotchiwawa to join in. We were simply not wanting anyone to feel left out.


May i ask why hotchiwawa’s post was flagged than? I am confused
Was that not a opinion?
Why flag someone’s opinion?
I guess no freedom of opinions/speech than… ?

I can’t answer that question because I haven’t been on since last Saturday.

Joy and peace to you.


I know this doesn’t have to do with food… but I did see something that caused some laughter.
I was behind a little Prius that had a sticker that said " I identify as a F-250!
For a Texan, that’s HILARIOUS!


One for the road?

Three Stooges Pie In The Face GIFfrom Three Stooges GIFs

Well, we ‘might’ throw food if Jesus starts it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think Jesus has a great sense of humour. He made all of us didn’t he? And he gave us a sense of humour. We are made in his likeness or image.

I truly believe he is the one that gave me the idea for this thread to begin with. He wanted us to have some fun while we wait. He knows how depressed and down in the dumps some people have been and he wanted to relieve our stress.
I personally thank him for this thread.

1Th 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


Hmmm. Could be! :grin:

He may very well be looking at all us stiff necks shaking his head and can’t wait to loosen us up a bit…or a lot! :joy:


Good grief Folks, lighten up…this isn’t a life or death hill to die on. It’s a light hearted RELEASE for us to share some laughs with fellow believers. God Himself Laughed!

Pssssst…it’s not real food :speak_no_evil::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

All this doom and gloom on the other threads just make me tired. I sometimes feel like I reading MSM instead of a Christian forum. :weary:

I’m thankful to my sweet Sister @DallasT for starting it :purple_heart:


Do you really think that a food fight has its place in heaven or in a church!

“Be holy because I’m holy”

What Pastor JD thinks about this topic? Just ask him.


I am saying this in Love. I hope you understand that.
This is NOT Heaven. This is NOT a church. And the Food is NOT real.
You ask J.D.
We are Holy because Jesus made us Holy. There is nothing we can do to become Holier.

If one can’t handle people laughing and having fun, one should avoid this thread altogether.


Oh my, just oh my


Hmmmm, from what little I actually know about him, I’d say he’d get a laugh out of us having fun! He’s a funny man with a great sense of humor in his messages :wink:
One of the reasons I listen to him :raised_hands:t3:

Just putting this out there :innocent:

Legalism: The pressure of personal preferences that we impose upon other people as moral mandates from God


Actually, I do recall JD laughing and cracking a joke here and there in the BPU’s…

More concerning would be if we let this transition from lighthearted into a real fight and lose sight of unity.



Yes! Great definition of legalism. I dealt with that in church for many years.


I did, as well! Took me several years to figure out that’s not what church is supposed to be like.


Hi @hotchiwawa - sent you a PM.