Girland, anyone?

wondering if any females remember that girland website. I am not putting a .com at the end (or was it it was a big hit around… 1999, 2000… but I don’t know if it’s around anymore, and I don’t want to accidentally link you to a bad site.

it was based on a computer game they sold in the UK. I could have ordered it any time but back then I was 11 or 12 and thought $20 was wayy too expensive for a game. so I just had fun on the website. it was a forum type.

my username was AdviceGoddess. yeah that was a dumb one. but in the forums, where id answer people’s questions for hours… giving advice… I felt like the username gave me more clout as an advice-giver, as I gained badges etc. who knows if it really did make me look like I knew what I was talking about.

one time I earned so many points in the forums, they mailed me a free demo version of the Girland game. I waited months for it to arrive and I was so excited. but I was highly disappointed when that demo version didn’t really let you do much of anything at all. still 20 dollars was too high in my mind. I never got to play the full version of the game. but I miss using HTML in the forums, building pretty-looking “tables” (html tables I guess?) that I’d paste into each comment so each one was personalized the same way. beyond girland, I never dove into html again.

@Twi this memory of mine was sparked when I told you I have forgotten most of the HTML I knew. it was this girland website that got me familiar with it lol.)

so anyway, anyone else remember this site??? I miss the friends made there, though I absolutely forget everything about every single one of them!!! <3 praying for you all out there wherever you are


I honestly don’t recall girland but it’s possible I wandered past it. I was pretty curious about the internet as it grew. I had my pre-internet childhood, but 80s and 90s tech all grew up with me so I guess it was an easy transition. I even transitioned to a “virtual high school” in 2000. Big difference from 2020 online classes in zoom, it was just a text based chat room and email, and we still had to physically meet up for some things.

I was on Neopets then (still have my original account :rofl:), angelfire (there was another one like that that I don’t recall the name of atm), icq, and wandered about in those webrings, forums, and even the odd irc chat. Self-taught html/css back then too. lol…

I’m still in touch with some people that I met online years ago, but most are long lost. The odd time I even find out that someone has passed away that I used to know, which is a strange thing to process because it’s like you never really knew their physical self anyway.

Well that took a serious detour down memory lane. :joy:


For hopefully obvious reasons I was never on girland - the closest I got was garland dot com where I ended up purchasing an oversized novelty autumnal wreath that never arrived.

I do remember irc (internet relay chat) and icq (er…internet corrodes IQ?) with a mixture of nostalgic fondness and tinge of cringe.

Back then I would frequent various channels and sporadically chime in with irreverent comments whilst also changing my username/profile pic for cheap laughs.

My how times have …stayed…exactly …the…sa…

/slumps in chair

/hides behind Hebrews 13:8