Giving a praise report

So for a long time I’ve been hoping that my husband would find his way back to Jesus and want to go to church. Every church I’d go to he didn’t want to go so i asked Jesus to find me a church to attend that my husband will want to go to. I gave it over to Jesus. I remembered a small little, country church I’d attended years ago and thought my husband would like it there. When i told him about it, he agreed to go. First visit and my husband loved it! And he went up front at the alter call! We’ve been twice now and the people are so nice, the pastor takes time to talk with us before church service to. My husband even “friended” him on facebook lol. AND last night my husband said to me “lets read some of the bible”. I asked him what book was he interested in, he said James. I had posted before about my husbands temper and cussing, so guess what lol. He said “umm thats me” while i was reading it outloud. Praise to God, Hallelujah.


That’s so wonderful! Thanks for sharing! It blessed me to hear that.


Now that’s some good news we can all use!

Thanks be to God for His infinite mercy and boundless grace!!