God Provides for His Own

My latest post of encouragement. Keep looking up Child of God


Some have actually lost a few tail feathers. And yet they carry on trusting in the care of their Maker…
God in His infinite wisdom made sure this bird lady had seed that she could put out to care for His creatures

This reminded me of a time when my husband used to feed the birds near the harbor He noticed one which was basically one-legged (only the stump remained) that could not get quick access to the food, So he would deliberately toss the food in its direction.

I must remind my husband of that and what you said in this lovely post - just discovered -

Therefore, we too, do not have to worry and fret in these days in which we live. If we are followers and a child of the Most-High…

We can rest assured that God provides for His own.

Very important to remember in these times of threatened food shortages , 'no jab, no job 'and the ‘Great Reset’

Thanks so much for sharing. Bonnie.

Beautiful, thank you for sharing this.
Jesus loves us, just as God the Father loved him; in this truth we can rest secure and at peace. :yellow_heart:

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