God told me to pray specifically I did this is what happened

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15
A bout 6 weeks ago my ex brother and sister in law were moving from Arizona to South Dakota. About 30 miles from my house their travel trailer broke down, they had to be in South Dakota and left the trailer on my property.Two weeks ago someone stole his travel trailer. God instructed me to pray for the trailer to be found intact and no damage. If you know about theifs, usually within a couple of hours cars, trailers trucks that are stolen are stripped down and sold off or moved out of town Friday night I got a call from the local police who followed a car where the trailer was NO Damage, it was intact and they arrested the man who actually was keeping it clean, mopping and sweeping duslting, etc. My ex brother in law will be coming tomorrow to claim the trailer. PTL.

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Glory to God…and how amazing that the thief was a tidy man! God does work in mysterious ways, doesn’t He? You were faithful in prayer and God came through. He is so good.


I pray, if it is God’s will, to meet this young man in the jail to share the gospel and the Lord’s forgiveness for him. Pray for God’s will in this matter to be done.


Amazing ! Yet not so amazing when we see how great a God we serve!